Woman Wearing Blue Bob With Bangs

When it comes to flattering short haircuts, nothing does it better than a bob with bangs – no wonder it continues to be a celebrity favorite for years.

A bob with bangs is the perfect haircut if you are bored with your current hairstyle or want to balance out a few less-than-perfect facial features.

While this may sound intriguing, like with many hairstyles, you first need to be sure that you can pull off a bob with a bangs haircut.

Factors to consider include your face shape, hair type, age and lifestyle.

The truth is that almost anyone can pull off the iconic haircut.

A bob with bangs comb is one of the most versatile hairstyles, especially when you are working to show off your natural hair texture, master the art of the flat-iron wave, or when want to play with up-dos.

It has more versatility than most people expect and is also an easy hairstyle.

We will look at the different types of bangs and bob hairstyles to inspire your next iconic look.

22 Most Popular Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Whether you are just joining the bob bandwagon or are looking for a new way to style this classic cut, these fresh ways to style your bob with bangs will give you the inspiration you need.

Short bobs with bangs are chic, trendy, and one of the best short hairstyles for women who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones and try something a little flattering.

Here are 22 of the most popular bob haircuts with bangs:

Bold Bob Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

Are you looking for a hairstyle that helps you stand out? Try the bold bob hairstyle with blunt bangs. A platinum blonde hue and blunt bangs give this haircut an edgy look that you can tame down during the day and wear up during evening events.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it suits almost all face shapes. It is best recreated with straight hair that is medium to thick in texture. It looks great with any color, so you don’t have to dye it platinum blonde.

Inverted Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Are you looking for a bob hairstyle that offers dimension from the front to the back? The inverted bob with side-swept bangs will do that.
You can even add babylights to emphasize the layered cuts.

Copper Layered Bob With Bangs

Copper is also the best hair color for hazel eyes. Hazel eyes have flecks of green, gold and brown, best complemented with warm-toned blondes, browns and reds if you want your eye color to stand out.

This copper-layered bob with bangs is the best way to showcase your sharp angular facial structures. Consider a choppy haircut if you have thin hair, as it adds texture and fullness without curls. The thin highlights add a glimmer of color instead of heavy, streaky highlights.

Chin-Length Choppy Bob

To make a bob with side bangs feel messier, ask for razor-cut choppy layers scattered throughout the head. Have the bangs also sit on the head in an unkempt manner. This messy look works for chin-length hairstyles since too much length can weigh it down.

Hot Long Bob With Parted Bangs

The hot long bob with parted bangs is one of the best layered long bobs with side bangs haircuts. It is sleek and light and has added movement. The haircut is also very versatile if you are looking for a hairstyle that gives you multiple options when it comes to styling.

What we like about this bob haircut with bangs is how it accentuates the cheeks and jaw and elongates the neck making for a slim and flattering chic look.

Hot Long Bob With Parted Bangs

Shoulder-Length Bob With Bangs

This shoulder-length bob with bangs will do if you consider medium haircuts with layers. The subtle texture and layers alongside the blunt bangs complete the look. It is suitable for all face shapes.

To ensure you stand out, go for copper highlights or balayage but ensure you have what it takes to maintain the luscious mane.

Sharp A-Line Bob With Bangs

All bob haircuts don’t need to be super short. The long-layered bob with bangs is the best option for women who want to rock a bob but still maintain some length, so they can sometimes pull the hair into a short ponytail or bun.

With this hairstyle, you can also sport cute half updo styles like a braid or topknot. The classic A-line bob with bangs is as pretty as it is versatile. Add subtle light or dark blonde balayage hues to add a multi-dimensional look for depth and texture.

The A-line cut is a stunning layered bob cut for thin hair since the long layers add volume. To style it, blow-dry the hair with a round brush but leave it slightly askew at the top for a messy and casual feel.

Lob With Face Framing Bangs

A long bob haircut with bangs is the best way to upgrade your medium-length hairstyle. Long bobs never go out of style. Nothing is better than a lob with face-framing bangs for a fresh and stylish look. This is an excellent haircut for women of all face shapes and ages.

Side Parted Jagged Bob With Bangs

A deep side part is ideal if you want those dramatic, in-your-face side-swept bangs. At first, the bangs may not stay in place, but you can fix them with a bobby pin to help them maintain their swoop.

Pair the bangs with messy long layers and finish the look with dry shampoo for that grungy touch.

Blunt Lob With Shattered Fringe

This is simply a blunt lob with a soft, shattered fringe. What we like most about this hairstyle is the contrast of soft and wispy next to angular and blunt. It is an ideal haircut for all heart and oval face shapes.

As for the hair, it is best achieved with straight or slightly wavy hair. The bangs require a lot of maintenance, making them look ideal for a woman who is okay with going to the stylist every two to three weeks for a bang trim.

Classic French Bob With Bangs

This is a modern take on the French bob with bangs. It has a solid perimeter that’s gently broken up with point cutting. What we like about this hairstyle is that it is low maintenance, and you can customize the bangs to suit your style and personality.

The classic French bob with bangs looks better when it’s blow-dried but with a slight bend on the ends. It works for almost all face shapes. However, if you have a round face, ensure that they leave more length towards the face.

This is not an ideal hairstyle for women who like styling their hair in an updo.

Mature Swing Bob With Bangs

If you have naturally straight hair, the swing bob gives you more versatility in styling. The hair is best achieved with straight hair with a medium to the thick texture. It works best for heart, round and square face shapes. Use clip-in hair extensions to diversify the styles.

To style the swing bob, apply a straightening cream to damp hair. Use a flat brush to blow-dry the hair in sections smoothing your hair down and towards the face.

Use the lowest heat setting for your specific hair type, and then smooth the hair and bangs with a flat iron. Finish off with a shine spray but ensure you don’t hold it too close to your hair when spraying.

Mature Swing Bob With Bangs

Polished Sleek Bob With Full Bangs

The polished, sleek bob is an easy-to-style bob cut that looks even more amazing with the full bangs. It is ideal for heart and oval face shapes and works best with naturally straight and medium-dense hair.

Blonde Shaggy Bob With Curtain Bangs

A shaggy bob with curtain bangs is chic and on-trend. The truth is bobs are flattering for all women, especially when customized to suit an individual’s facial structures.

Curtain bangs help frame the face for an instant lift. The hairstyle requires some maintenance and must be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Straight Peek-a-Boo Bangs

If you are looking for a hairstyle with heads turning wherever you go, you can’t do better than peek-a-boo bangs. With the cut-out fringe, blunt edges and warm coppery hue, the haircut is bound to boost your confidence every time you step out.

It is suitable for oval and round face shapes. Any hair type can work with this hairstyle. For instance, it can add weight to thin and fine hair while minimizing the weight of thick and coarse hair.

Pastel Pink Bob With Fringe

If you are looking for a funny and flirty bob haircut that brings out your boldness, try this pastel pink bob with a fringe. The haircut is trendy and has a chic vibe that’s hard to replicate with other styles.

You only need to ensure that you get the right products to maintain the vibrant pink hue.

Naturally Curly Bob With Bangs

The naturally curly bob with bangs is one of the women’s most versatile curly haircuts. If you have natural hair and looking to rock a short curly bob, try this graduated bob with a fringe look.

It has the perfect length, and the long layers help add volume and bring new life to the gorgeous curls. Ask your hair stylist for a heavy fringe, so some curls hang down over your face for a flirty and fun vibe.

This super easy short curly bob is hip and has a wash-and-go hairstyle.

Bob With Bangs for Thick Hair

Try the bob with tousle side bangs if you have naturally thick hair and want to keep that fullness. It’s a great hairstyle to rock for oval and heart face shapes.

Beach Wavy Bob With Curtain Bangs

A bob with curtain bangs combines a bob and a fringe that parts in the middle for a side-swept look. Parting your bangs this way helps the haircut frame the face making it one of the ideal haircuts for all face shapes.

Ask for a beach-wavy bob and pair that with curtain bangs to help enhance your facial features.

Young Woman With Beach Wavy Bob and Curtain Bangs

Soft Wispy Fringe With Highlights

A soft wispy fringe is perfect for taking the edge off a bob haircut. It best suits heart face shapes and work better on naturally straight and fine-textured hair.

However, even with coarse hair, you can still rock this bob haircut with bangs. Just replace your thickening cream with straightening cream and ensure you flat iron the hair after blow-drying it.

Cute Textured Bob With Fringe

If you are looking for a fun bob with bangs haircut, try the cute textured bob with fringe. The haircut has a strong perimeter cut for weight and is paired with surface layers that add movement to the hairstyle.

It is a fun and low-maintenance hairstyle that’s easy to style for a woman looking for a wash-and-go hairstyle. Use a dry texturizing spray to create a messy look with minimal hold for an effortlessly tousled look.

Pixie Bob With Layered Bangs

A pixie bob haircut is a short haircut for women whose length ranges between a pixie and a bob. This haircut will work for edgy women who don’t mind a crop. Though short, it is one of the most versatile short haircuts.

You can easily go from one-length to choppy, angled to slick with a full front fringe or beautifully layered bangs for a timeless look. Pair it with a chic fashion color like blonde or balayage and you’ve got a classic look that will make you feel confident whenever you step outside.

How to Style and Maintain Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

If you are convinced about giving a bob haircut with bangs a try, here is how to choose a style, maintain it and the products will work for your chosen haircut:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

The good thing about bob haircuts with bangs is that they can suit different face shapes as long as you customize the style to fit your facial structures.

Also, consider your age and personality when choosing an ideal bob with bangs hairstyle. If you are going for a bold look, add pink hues and curtain bangs.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

To style bob haircuts, blow-dry the hair and then flat iron it down and towards the face for short straight bob cuts. If you have curly hair, use a dry texturizing shampoo and volumizing spray if you have thin hair to add volume and movement.

It’s always best to go to a professional stylist with a picture of the bob haircut with bangs that you want.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen style

Bob cuts are easy hairstyles to maintain. To maintain your bob haircut with bangs, comb your hair less frequently and when you do, use your fingers since your hair is short.

Short hair is less likely to get tangles than long hair. Brushing it with your fingers is enough to shape and style it. If you want to run a brush through your hair, use a bristle brush except when you want to add volume.

When it comes to styling, reduce the use of flat irons, curling irons and blow driers since heat can easily damage the hair shaft. Lastly, find ways of dealing with flyaways; a cotton bud will do an excellent job removing flyaway strands for a clean look.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Shorter haircuts usually maximize natural volume, so find products to add texture and hold. It’s also essential for your bob haircut to have structure, so getting the right product to style it is vital.

Texturizing products like texturizing spray serve this purpose perfectly. Maintaining your look through styling is also important. In such a case, dry matte paste products made specifically for short hair will add texture and give you the hold your hair needs.

A mousse or soft paste will give you a flexible hold for slightly longer air. Lastly, ensure you pass your scalp the same attention you give your hair to minimize dryness and irritation caused by product and debris buildup.

An exfoliating scalp treatment can serve that purpose. Coconut oil might not be a good choice because while it is considered safe for use on hair and the scalp, too much of it could cause a buildup of oil on your hair and scalp.


Which celebrities had famous bob haircuts with bangs?

Chrissy Teigen, Halle Berry, Kylie Minogue, Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Penélope Cruz, Serena Williams, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Eva Mendes, Bella Hadid, Lucy Liu and Kerry Washington have all rocked bob haircuts with bangs at some point.

Where should bangs begin?

Your bangs should naturally begin at the area where your crown starts curving down towards your forehead.

Do bob haircuts make you look older?

On the contrary, a bob haircut is one of those flattering hairstyles that make you look younger. However, it can make you look older when done incorrectly or on the wrong face shape.

Which face shapes look best in bangs?

Heart, round, oval, and square face shapes look best in bangs.

Who should avoid wearing bangs?

Bangs can look flattering on any face shape. However, stay away from wide and blunt bangs if you have a square face shape, as these will emphasize the sharpness of the corners of your face.

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