Easy Updo Hairstyle

You have probably seen a lot of easy updos on Instagram or Pinterest and have saved them to try out. None of them seems to be working for you. Even though updos are considered easy hairstyles to wear daily, there is still a trick about how to wear them.

To avoid making mistakes and all the hassle of creating a suitable updo, we propose you consider the help of experts, namely us.

We have gathered a bunch of styles that you can try and included a variety of hair care tips and tricks on how to create them for each one.

30 Most Popular Easy Updo Hairstyles

If girly medium-layered haircuts are not a thing for you anymore, it is best to look for an alternative in easy updos. You can get the most for your hair with one of these styles.

Low Bohemian Bun Hairstyle

A Bohemian style is a simple yet elegant solution for medium and long hair. Add some extensions, twist the hair into a low bun, and pull out a few strands to make things messier.

Chunky Headband Twist

The chunky bits are excellent for girls with thick hair. The twists can hold the strands in place and alongside the scalp. You can also use this style on long hair with highlights and lowlights, as it will create an added dimension.

Braided Bun With Bangs

You can combine your braids with some cute types of bangs. It will bring your eyes into focus and is a relatively easy style to create for any occasion.

Low Ponytail With a Twist

Use this updo for short or medium hair. It is sweet and chic and easy to make. Pull some of your hair into a ponytail at the nape, use the tail, and twist it securely into a loop while hiding the ends.

Girl With a Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Quick Fishtail Bun

The best way to create an easy updo is not to try too hard to get one. This style looks striking thanks to an elegant caramel balayage color as it combines with some chignon pulls that pair everything together beautifully.

Double Bun Easy Updo

The double, the better, and relatively simple to boot. Divide the hair into two parts and claret a bun with each section. Use your ponytail to wrap both buns into a base.

Low Bun With Different Braids

A low-hanging bun will not create any added tension on your scalp. Set it loose and create braids secured with a pin alongside the bun.

Low Inverted Braided Bun

Those who dislike buns squeezing their heads should look for this loose and falling braided bun. The middle and end strands need to be braided and tucked into a loose knot. This style is difficult to create but pays dividends once done correctly.

Low Twisted Ballerina Bun

This is an excellent, classy look that feels natural for your hair. You need a texture for this style to work, as you will need to start with some day-old curls before you section the side strands.

The only thing to do is to make a loose ponytail and wrap it around into a bun.

Space Bun Look

Space buns are making a comeback. They are pretty easy to set as you only need to divide your hair into two, braid both sides and then twist them into a bun. Don’t forget to leave some strands of hair so they frame your face.

Dutch Updo With Loose Strands

The Dutch-style updo is something that a lot of girls underestimate. Pair it with loose strands that fall on your face and you will get a killer look that no one can pass by.

Swirling French Braid in a High Bun

A French braid is a classic, so adding a particular twist will make it a bit contemporary. For instance, swirl it up and create a high bun using it. Something completely unexpected.

French Braid In a High Bun

Mohawk Twist With Micro-Braids

Create a modern mohawk twist braid on the middle of the head. Then expand on the look by throwing in some micro braids to embellish things.

Simple Curly Natural Updo

You can set your curly hair by taming it with a natural updo. The style fits any occasion and will help you hold the pesky curly strands in place.

Double Crown Braid and Bun Updo

This style will help you achieve a feminine look while pulling the hair back for comfort. It might look challenging to style, but it can be done quickly and without fuss. It helps when getting rid of flyaways and looks magnificent.

Quick Updo With Side Ponytail

A knotted side ponytail adds a whimsical twist to a traditional and already familiar ponytail style. You need to make a loose side ponytail and then divide the strands above the band. Use the pony to put it through the opening and you are done.

S Roll Updo

You can add curves to your usual French updo with the S roll. Divide the hair horizontally into two sections. Twist the top section and palace a bobby pin.

Allow the ends of your twists to run down and melt into the lower section. Create a light twist and allow the hair to curl into an S-letter shape.

Undone Updo

The undone updo may be a bit 2002, but it can still be worn in the 2020s. You should use a flat iron to add some waves before pulling it up and allowing two face-framing strands to fall on both sides of your face.

Single Braid Chignon

A very good alternative for a full braid is creating this style. You must make a single skinny braid and lead it into a chignon. The style is suitable for any occasion.

Romantic French Twist Updo

This updo comes with a poof on the top of the head, with other pieces falling at the sides, accounting for a very elegant look. Pull the hair to the back, twist and secure it with bobby pins, and apply hair spray if needed.

Pouf Bun With Accessories

A pouf bun may seem hard to set, but it can look lavish once you get the hang of it. What makes things immensely fashionable here are the added accessories that you can throw in per your liking.

Quick Messy Twisted Bun

This hairstyle can be created very fast, and yet it looks like you have spent hours working on it. The messy twisted bun is perfect for occasions like a wedding or a prom and makes things very fashionable.

Girl Quick Messy Twisted Bun

Inverted Braid Updo

If you are good at braiding hair, this one will be very easy for you to do. Flip the head upside down and begin braiding at the nape. Work in reverse until you get to the top of the head and pin the strands to secure them. An easy updo that takes things to a whole new level.

Sock Bun

The sock bun can be a strange choice, but you notice how good it looks when you see it in action. It works slightly better on longer hair and can even be implemented on thinner hair.

Feminine Messy Hairdo

The style that makes you feel right in your skin. This easy hairdo is not only effortless to make but also elegant and will help you go through your day with a smile.

Stylized Rope Braid Bun

A rope braid bun is a bit difficult to style, mainly if you go for the one that goes all the way around your head. It works best for thicker hair and girls that have darker hair hues.

Quick Formal Braided Twist

If your long hair needs a makeover, this type of hair will help. It appears very romantic and feminine. A single messy braid needs to be twisted and connected into a low bun, as simple as that.

Zigzag Messy Pigtail Buns

One of the very pretty pigtail hairstyles is the one with zigzag pigtails. Split the hair into two sections and zigzag them. Add messy pigtails on the top by allowing whisps of hair to fall on the sides.

Modern Curly French Roll

We have a modern version of the French roll in front of us. For starters, you need some wavy hair. Section it into three chunks and then separate each into two parts so you can twist them around each other until the end. Tuck the twist underneath and you are done.

How to Style and Maintain Sasy Updos

You can style your updo reasonably quickly, depending on your hair growth in one month. You might need to add more length to your hair if some are required, but you are going to essentially do the following:

Step 1 – Start by washing your hair

Keep it clean and conditioned before you start doing anything.

Step 2 – Pick a type

Pick a suitable type based on the length of your hair and its type.

Step 3 – Divide the hair

Divide it into sections and start braiding it.

Step 4 – Set up your hair in an updo

Secure it with a pin, or tie the hair up so it holds itself.

Step 5 – Use hairspray

Use some hair spray if necessary, so the hairstyle stands together.


What is the fastest way to put your hair in an updo?

You can get a band, twist your hair in a simple bun, and secure it.

What are the most important things to consider when doing an updo?

You should consider the type of your hair, its length, and the occasion you create an updo.

What are some professional updos to wear?

French Rolls and Braided bun styles usually require a professional, so they can be considered harder styles you might need help with.

Does sleeping with your hair down help it grow?

It does not necessarily help it grow, but it allows you to avoid any tension on your scalp and prevents your hair from breaking.

What are some easy updos for shorter hair?

A low ponytail twist is the most suitable updo style for girls with short hair.

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