Blonde Woman With a Short Curly Bob

You should try the curly bob, one of the most striking short hairstyles. Many are impressed with it because, besides its nice and bouncy texture, it has a wide range of structures and angles that can make even your short hair beautiful.

The curly bob, therefore, allows you to customize the style based on how you prefer it.

25 Most Popular Curly Bob Ideas

Curly Rounded Caramel Brown Look

This allows you to give life to your curly bob. The reason is that the style’s natural twists and curls can do their own thing. You can even do a lot of things if you wear this style.

Many find the golden locks long enough that you can pull them back into an updo or ponytail.

Short Stacked Bob

This style is perfect for those who have curly hair. It comes with a short-stacked cut capable of giving your full-bodied curls some balance. This version of the curly bob also looks naturally attractive due to its excellent volume.

In other words, you will surely love its layering built into the back that makes the overall style look more flattering.

Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob

Do you want a sexier and more feminine vibe? Then go for the voluminous curly brunette lob, mainly characterized by a combover lob featuring a side part capable of setting off your chin and cheekbones nicely.

It is perfect for hair types that are coarse and thick, as the style also makes use of an angular cut. This can lessen the hair volume in your desired place, making it look more toned.

Tousled Angled Curly Bob

The tousled angled curly bob is a fantastic choice if you prefer your hairstyle to be a bit messy. Just like when balayage compared to foil highlights look nicer, you will also find the combination of colors in this style nice and impressive.

It combines the great colors of dark brown and light brown. This curly bob will also work for you if you have blue, green or gray eyes and are fond of brownish hair.

Up-Turned Waves

The up-turned waves or bob can be seen sported beautifully by Charlize Theron in the past. You can also achieve this gorgeous style with the aid of your round brush. Use it in brushing your curls following a backward motion.

You also have to spritz a bit of hairspray into your strands. Put in a few dark highlights to integrate texture into this style.

Perm Bob With Tousled Curls

If your hair is naturally straight, styling it with curls is always possible with the aid of a perm. Add nourishing oils and hair lotions to your curls to hydrate and moisturize them. One example is coconut oil.

Also, you can make your coils more defined by preventing frizzy and dehydrated hair. This is possible if you regularly use a shampoo and conditioner containing no sulfate.

Woman Wit Perm Bob With Tousled Curls Hairstyle


Vintage Curled Hairstyle

This hairstyle is intended for those who are looking for low-maintenance medium hairstyles. It is also an elegant style that will let you showcase the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood; this is all thanks to the curls integrated into this style.

Make your curls as big as possible, which means they work better. You will also be fond of this style’s cascading spirals as they can evenly provide elegance and drama to your overall look.

The good thing about this vintage curled hairstyle is that it tends to work on special events. In that case, retain the shine of your locks by applying light hair oil.

Side Swept Bob

One advantage of the side-swept bob is that it tends to be compatible with almost all facial shapes. Many even say it looks great on those who sport it.

This is also an excellent style if you are still not convinced you must chop off your locks. Make this style more interesting by giving it a deep pink shade.

You can make this style even bolder and edgier by putting the color on just one side of your locks.

Choppy Comb-Over Bob

This is meant for those who have curly hair, specifically loose curls. Combining your choppy locks with one of the best types of bangs, the combover bangs would significantly help frame your eyes and cheekbones.

It also features chin-length blunt ends, giving your jawline and neck some edge.

Side Parted Asymmetrical Curly Bob

This hairstyle can show off the uniqueness of your curly bob. You have to get the asymmetrical curly bob, then find its longer side so you can comb it over. By doing that, you can sport a flirty yet exciting peek-a-boo vibe.

Curly Bob With Caramel Highlights

This variation of the curly bob can be classified as the classy type featuring some bangs. It makes a fantastic choice if you wish to make your curls showcase a combination of a neat trim at the bottom and a messy style throughout your entire hair length.

Make it a point to condition your hair often and use a mousse to scrunch your strands. Give this style nice touches of color by adding caramel highlights.

Layered Curly Bob With Highlights

With the help of this layered curly bob hairstyle, you get the chance to increase your hair volume. It can, therefore, help provide volume to your hair, making it appear healthier than ever.

You can add some exciting highlights to your layered curly bob to make it look better on you. Ensure that this style is compatible with your hair texture and facial features.

Inverted Jaw-length Bob

This is one of those inverted bob hairstyles that fit anyone who has curly hair. It is also a fantastic option if you are looking for a gorgeous summer haircut. In this bob haircut, you can sense the warmth of the look.

This warmth is sometimes enough for you to think about campfires and the beach. This bob, also called a graduated bob, features two layers.

Shaggy Curly Bronde Bob

Do you have naturally curly hair but are now suddenly sporting minimal curls? Then add some spice to your bob with the help of this style. This style usually features a beautifully feminine and soft vibe thanks to the periwinkle shade.

You can even bring out the periwinkle shade by putting in deep purple lowlights. Moreover, some mild curls are guaranteed to provide your whole look with an attractive and gorgeous volume.

Woman With Shaggy Curly Bronde Bob Haircut

Medium Curly Scrunched Style

Do you have hair problems because your curls seem unruly and wild? Then try the layered and scrunched style, which can help tame them. This also belongs to those nice bob haircuts with bangs.

The reason is that you can see it featuring curly bangs and tendrils in copper tones that tumble gorgeously over your ears. Even better about this style is that it effectively frames your neck and face gently and softly.

Soft Wavy Bob Cut

In this soft and wavy bob cut, you will be able to enjoy sporting a curly bob that also has bangs. This is a good choice if your curls are loose, as they are compatible with bangs.

The reason is that they come with a natural bend, preventing the fringe from having to flair out. The good thing about this style is that it is not only meant for those with curls. It also works for those who have straight hair.

If you have that hair type, what you have to do would be to wrap the remaining part of your strands in rollers. This means it involves styling the hair during the night since the rollers have to be wrapped at night.

It may be the key to maintaining your feminine spirals.

Chin Length Side-Parted Bob

This is another exciting take on the curly bob. In most cases, it features a cropped voluminous bob that can make your long neck and jawline stand out. You are also allowed to tuck some curly strands behind your ear.

This can give you an edgy and modern bright hairstyle. Just ensure that you learn about your average monthly hair growth so you can have it trimmed regularly and maintain the style.

Short Flared Bob

Are you fond of the bohemian style? Then give this curly bob that is at chin length and comes with some bangs a try. It is a good choice because of its slightly bohemian look, feel, and artistic appearance.

Note that it can be classified as a modern and trendy hairstyle that embodies the looks derived from the past, including the 60s and 80s. You can blow your loose wavy curls straight if you want to sport this hairstyle on special occasions.

Rounded Copper Brown Perm Bob

This is a good choice if you are sporting textured hair capable of holding a curl. You should use medium-sized rollers for your curls to get this curly bob hairstyle. This will give you curls that appear natural.

You may also want to sprinkle some copper highlights into your strands subtly. The reason is that they are effective in defining your curly loops. They also give your hair strands the look of fullness.

Spiraled Diva Haircut

The spiraled diva cut aims to give your hairstyle more charm and appeal. Note that curly hair needs layers as they can structure your mane. It also prevents your entire style from having an unexpectedly shapeless and bulbous look.

You can also add a side part to this style, which is good if you have a round face. The reason is that this style is known for being slim, especially for those with round cheeks.

Honey-Dipped Curly Haircut

Your curly haircut will also look more impressive by giving it a nice shade. In this honey-dipped curly hairstyle, you can surely give your hair hints of honey, which is very interesting and pleasant to look at.

Woman With Honey Dipped Curly Haircut

A-line Bob

Of course, this particular style is intended for those with hair strands that are thick and curly. What’s great about this curly bob variation is that it can flatter your face the most.

In this style, your front tresses slowly get shorter at the back. This is a huge help as it helps form a smart and gorgeous body capable of establishing balance depending on how it contrasts with everything on your hair.

Classy Nape-Length Bob

This classy and elegant curly bob hairstyle is a fantastic choice if your hair type falls under the thick and curly side. In this style, you will enjoy a short and straight-across cut, which gives your hair a much better and more flattering shape.

Emphasize your nice curls by giving them a copper or solid light brown shade. This color also gives your hair great volume and additional shine.

Bob With Baby Bangs

The good thing about this style is that it does not put a lot of emphasis on your chosen curly bob haircut and the means of styling. You only have to ensure that it comes with baby bangs. This is also one of those styles that need proper care.

If you decide to sport this particular contrastive curly bob with your straight bangs, you can make it even more on point by moisturizing it regularly. Skipping this important routine may only cause your style, especially your curls, to become very unruly.

Curly Messy Bob Featuring Elongated Pieces

To make your curly and short bob haircut look even better, you should let some extra-long tendrils drop down, precisely down to your collarbone. After that, the remaining curls should help frame your neck and face densely.

How to Style and Maintain Curly Bobs

Step 1 – Find a hairstyle that fits you the most

Pick a style guaranteed to flatter your facial shape and emphasize your best features. Choose shapely styles that keep your curls defined and well-kept if you have naturally curly hair.

Step 2 – Style it

Style your curly bob to twist your hair into sections after you apply a bit of curl cream. You can decide on the size of each section depending on your preferred size of waves or curls.

It is also possible to style your curly bob by adding a mix of highlights, giving you a cool and youthful look.

Step 3 – Maintain

After getting your desired curly bob style, you should work on maintaining it by regularly visiting your hairstylist, preferably every six to eight weeks. This should help you maintain your desired length.

However, if your hair grows longer, you can let your bob grow slightly before returning to your hairstylist to discuss lengths.

Step 4 – Use a curl-taming cream before you twist your hair into parts or sections

This will give your curls and twists more prominence. You must also apply some leave-in conditioner on your damp hair to keep the style in place. The leave-in conditioner can also help moisturize your hair and define your curls.


How can you avoid having a triangle bob?

You can integrate some layers into your present bob to ensure that you do not get a triangle bob. You also have to avoid thinning shears as you get your haircut. Also, diffusing hair upside down or clipping your roots can help prevent a flat crown.

What is a French bob?

If you are still unsure of what a French bob is, it refers to a shorter style than the typical bob. You can usually make the cut at chin-length and pair it up with some nicely styled bangs.

Which curly bob will suit me best?

Different factors will help you choose the curly bob that suits you perfectly. If you have naturally curly hair, then you are probably aware that they are capable of having its shape.

With the aid of bobs, you can give your curls an excellent shape they can easily conform to. This style can emphasize how bouncy your curls are while keeping them as short as possible to prevent the need for higher maintenance levels.

The curly bob may look great on you with a round face. Your facial shape can significantly benefit from a curly bob that’s well-defined.

Also, if you have a round face and you want to know whether the curly bob will suit you, it is advisable to make sure that you put on some layers designed to form angles guaranteed to highlight your features instead of blending them in.

How can you protect your curly bob during the night?

One way to keep your curly bob protected every night is to sleep on silk material. This means that if you use a cotton pillowcase, you should use a silk material to replace it.

The good thing about silk is that it can hydrate your hair while minimizing the risk of frizz and preventing breakage. Another choice is a hair bonnet, which can resolve a few of your sleep dilemmas with curly hair.

With the help of your bonnet, you can securely put your curls in place. This will ensure they continue looking sharp and avoid dehydration and possible breakage.

Is it hard to transition from a curly bob to another hairstyle?

No. The curly bob is a low-maintenance and hassle-free hairstyle that lets you switch to another style anytime.
It is also flexible, so you have an assurance that you can easily change or update it depending on your preference.

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