Man Wearing a Bandana

If Axl Rose can wear a bandana and look cool why can’t you?

A bandana hairstyle is an underappreciated look.

You rarely see people sporting it, but the ones that do look really awesome.

Tieing a bandana in a completely wrong way is pretty easy, particularly if you never tried it before and don’t know what you are doing.

If done correctly the style will reinvent your look, but if you do it in the wrong manner, you might get the laughs you don’t want.

To help you learn all about tieing a bandana in the right way and styling your hair, we’ve written this step-by-step guide.

We also have some fabulous examples and we assure you that one of them is going to look good on you.

You just need to discover which one.

65 Most Popular Ways to Wear a Bandana

Around the Neck

Around the Neck

The simplest way of wearing a bandana is around the neck. Take a small bandana, twist it, make a knot at the front, and wear it around your neck.

You can also use your bandana as a scarf.

Around the Head

Around the Head

Tying a bandana around the head is the perfect rock-and-roll style that goes perfectly with 90s hairstyles for men, which you can style using premium hair wax or some of the world’s best hairspray for men.

This style works perfectly for men with long hair too. If you have long hair, choose the right shampoo and conditioner for men to keep it damage-free.

Around the Wrist

Bandana on the Wrist

If you want to achieve a casual look, then wrapping the bandana over your wrist will give you the instant badass rockstar vibe you want to achieve.

Around the Ankle or Leg

Tying a bandana to your leg or ankle is a cool option if you want to look unique and stand apart in a crowd. This looks especially good with shorts, shorter jeans, or rolled-up pants paired with ankle boots.

Around the Waist

Around the Waist

Photo: Luca Ponti/

A bandana makes an excellent accessory to wear around the waist. When tucked into your belt, waistband, or pocket or tied to your belt loop, a bandana helps to add color to your outfit.

As a Pocket Square

As a Pocket Square

You can fold up your colorful bandana and use it as a pocket square in your jacket pocket for a smart-casual event. Ensure that the remainder of your look and your hairstyle match a well-groomed, dapper look.

Some unprofessional hairstyles for men you want to avoid in a formal setting include a dyed mohawk, asymmetrical hairstyles, cornrows, etc.

In Front of Your Face

In Front of Your Face

Nowadays, with wearing masks becoming mandatory because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can combine fashion with functionality and use your bandana as an accessory and protect yourself.

On Your Hat

On Your Hat

Use a colorful bandana to add color to a staid and boring hat. Tie the bandana around the hat to elevate it and your outfit.

Classy Bandana

The Headband

The Tupac Style

Cowboys Style

Karate Kid Style

Twisted Headband

Photo @lululucas

The Hairband

Photo @sir_chris_hudson

The Bow

Bandana Arms Folded

As Beanie

Pirate And Bow Tie

Pirate Style

Forehead Headband

Tupac Headband

Sweat Headband

Under The Hat

Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/

Classic Pirate

Wind And Dusk Mask


Arabian Gutrah

Hippie Headband

In The Jeans Back Pocket

A Short History of Bandana Hairstyles

A bandana is a big triangular or square piece of fabric worn over the neck or head. A functional accessory used by people roleplaying pirates and cowboys and travelers across the globe, the bandana offers cover from the sun, wind, dust, etc.

Nowadays, it is used as a fashion accessory. Worn both by men and women, the bandana is super versatile and can be used as an accessory around the waist, wrist, or even as a pocket square.

The word “bandana” is derived from “badhnati,” meaning “to tie” in Sanskrit, which essentially refers to the process of the tie and dye process used to create bandana patterns.

Initially, bandanas were influenced by Indian and Persian culture and featured paisley designs in white. Today, bandanas are available in various fabrics, patterns, colors and sizes.


The best thing about using a bandana is that it is functional and protects you from the dust, sun and wind, but it also works well as an accessory, perfect for various occasions.

A bandana covering the head may be an excellent way to complement hairstyles for balding men.

How to Choose

The type of bandana you choose depends on your personal preference and the occasion you plan to wear it.

A bandana is an excellent accessory for casual occasions like an evening out with friends, a rock festival, music gigs, etc., but it may not suit formal or work wear.

If you want to sport a bandana for a smart-casual event, choose one with a rich fabric like silk or satin, but a patterned or plain cotton bandana should work perfectly fine for daily wear.

How to Tie

Covering Entire Head 

Step 1 – Fold in a triangle

To wear a bandana covering your entire head, first, fold the bandana in a triangular shape.

Step 2 – Tie the two ends

Hold the triangular piece over the temple and tie the two ends of the bandana at the back of the head, above the neck.

Step 3 – Flip

Flip the bandana’s other end over your head.

Across Forehead 

Man Wearing a Bandana With a Black Vinyl Record in His Hand

Step 1 – Fold repeatedly

Fold the bandana repeatedly so that it forms a thin rectangle.

Step 2 – Tie across the forehead

Tie the bandana across your forehead.

Step 3 – Knot at the back of the head

You can knot the bandana at the back of the head, in the center of your forehead, or at the sides.

Bandana Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Bandanas are great accessories for casual occasions and can be paired with various outfits. Choose a cotton bandana in a primary color with a simple design and wear it around your head, neck, waist, or wrist.

A bandana can be worn on smart-casual occasions, with chinos and a white shirt or a T-shirt and a suit. You can use the bandana as a pocket square or tie it neatly around your neck. Choose a silk or satin bandana to match your sleek, dapper look.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Wear a neutral-colored bandana with a flashy outfit and a bright bandana with a neutral outfit.
  • If you don’t want to style your head or neck with a bandana, wear it like a scarf.
  • Don’t wear a bandana for a formal or smart event like your workplace, wedding, or funeral.
  • Avoid accessorizing your suit with a bandana.
  • Don’t use a cotton bandana as a pocket square.


How should a man wear a bandana in his hair?

A man can either cover his entire head with a bandana or tie it around the forehead.

Is it wrong to wear a bandana in your hair?

No, it’s not wrong to wear a bandana in your hair.

Which socks should you wear with a bandana?

You can choose socks that complement or contrast with your bandana.

How do you make a bandana for men?

You can easily make a bandana by taking a large cloth, cutting a square piece and hemming the sides.

How do men wear bandanas with long hair?

Men with long hair can either wear a bandana covering the entire head or tie the bandana around the forehead with the knot placed in the back, front, or sides.

What do bandanas symbolize?

Bandanas can symbolize many things, including gang culture and the current fashion trends.

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