Bearded Man in a Suit Wearing a Cowboy Hat Have you ever stopped and considered a cowboy haircut? You are probably thinking: they wore hats; what kind of styles could they have?

But the fact is that many cowboy-inspired haircuts can even work for a variety of different occasions. Country singers and artists are the ones that wear them the most and are also the ones who popularize them. No matter where they come from, they can look fantastic if styled correctly.

So to help you get a glimpse of properly styling a cowboy hairstyle and how to pair them with cowboy mustache styles properly, we are here to help.

18 Most Popular Cowboy Haircuts

Not all cowboy haircuts are good. We have listed only the most popular ones you want to try.

Hipster Hairstyle

Hipster haircuts for men have been popular for ages now. The cowboy version produces an elegant and versatile haircut that can be worn on any occasion. It does require more maintenance than others, though.

Antiquated Haircut

This particular style draws its origins from the 20s. It is a bit punk-rock, but it is all cowboy and masculine. You will need some grease or hair pomade to keep it still.

Semi-Bald Cowboy’s Hairstyle

To get an excellent semi-bald haircut, you need some hair clippers. As the name suggests, you must keep the hair short, almost bald at the sides. Guys are going for this one because it is super easy to create and care for.

Short Messy Haircut

This kind of haircut is meant for some pretty boys. The short hair, which is styled to be messy on top, will accentuate a person’s facial features. You can even go with a stubble beard to pair with this haircut.

Spiky Hair

One of the 90’s hairstyles for men, spikey hair has always been around and has never left us. It is a short haircut with some spikes up top. You don’t have to take care of it too much as long as you maintain the top. Young Man With Glasess Wearing an Ombre Spiky Hairstyle

Cowboy Mullet

A list of cowboy haircuts wouldn’t be complete without a mullet. In this case, we are going for a modern mullet. It is a bit subdued compared to the original, as you will keep the back and top shorter.


The pompadour is a classic hairstyle, popular by Elvis Presley and originating in the 50s. A lot of rockabilly artists wear one and so can you. The sides and the back are kept short while the top goes long, starting shorter in the back and going upwards as you move to the front of the hair.

Razored Shag

A lot of country singers have started wearing a shag. The one that has revolutionized it is probably Keith Urban, who has a near-perfect one. The back should be tapper toward your collar, while the bangs are made to frame your face and accentuate it.

Hat Hairstyles

We already said that cowboys have an affinity for hats. Sometimes you can set your hair, so it accommodates a great hat. In this case, you should concentrate more on the type of hat you decide to wear than the hair.

Cowboy’s Long Hairstyles

Looking at it more closely, many country singers have made long hairstyles popular. We can’t pinpoint when the trend started, but a lot has taken a liking to it. Growing your hair requires time and patience, but you can do it with enough dedication.

Shaggy Blonde Haircut

Hot guys should go for this style. Young blonde guys must style their hair by making it shaggy. It requires medium length and some hair spray to keep it still.

Cowboy’s Medium With Center Part

Yet another classic style. Grow your hair to mid-length and part it in the middle. It goes well with a hat and the headwear will make the hair sit still.

Styled Up Short Cowboy’s Hair

This one is difficult to create, but it pays dividends when done correctly. You need some pomade to style the hair and you will also need to do the back. Pair the look with a nice tuxedo and a classy shirt and you are done. Man With a Short Beard and a Styled-Up Cowboy Hairstyle

Long Wavy Cowboy Hairstyle

Girls love a guy with long and textured hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, all you need to do is grow it out. You will want to part it and comb it to the sides while curving the ends.

Long Dread Half Updo

Guys with dreads can also create a unique cowboy look. Just tie the dreads in an updo and tie it up. Instead of a traditional cowboy hat, pair it with a fedora and see how it looks.

Pushed Up Front

If you already have a little length to work with, you can push up the front part of your hair and style it. The sides and the back are to remain short; it is only the top that requires a bit of length and some styling products.

Low Half Updo

Another style features dreads, but in this case, you can create a low half updo and let them hang. You can tie it up with a band and even add feathers as accessories.

Classic Cowboy Straight Hair

You can go for a textured look if you have naturally straight hair. This is the classic cowboy hairstyle. Short hair is more than enough here and you only need to comb it in the opposite direction.

How to Style and Maintain Cowboy Hairstyles

Before you go ahead and ask for barber advice for creating cowboy styles, we have a few of our own that you can try:

Step 1 – Choose the hairstyle

Making your initial pick is stubbornly tricky. You can do it by basing your look on your hair type or overall style. Look to our list for inspiration.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

You are going to have to grow the hair to the required length. Trim the sides and style the top. Also, pick beard styles without sideburns if you want to add facial hair.

Step 3 – Maintain

Cowboy hairstyles are usually low-maintenance ones, especially the short-hair versions. If you decide to go for a longer one, you will need to shampoo and condition it 2-3 times a week.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Depending on your style, you are going to need a bit of help with some products. Hair pomades and gel is something that you are going to need for short hairstyles. Hair spray is also a good idea to help hold the look through the day.


What is the cowboy haircut called?

It is usually referred to as the classic cowboy straight-hair look.

Where did the cowboy haircut originate?

The cowboy haircuts originated in the country culture as well as with some 20s and 50s styles.

How is a cowboy haircut different from other haircuts?

You can wear a hat with almost any cowboy hairstyle you create.

How do you choose the right cowboy haircut for your face shape?

You need a haircut that will not add volume to your face if you have a round one. Also, you might need to decrease the hair length if you have a triangle face shape.