Don Draper from Mad Men

The legendary Don Draper from Mad Man comes off as sophisticated and swabbed always.

He is a modern man with a unique personality and the style to boot.

Much of it is owed to his hair.

Believe it or not, the Don Draper hairstyle is what most real businessmen are looking for.

However, none of them seems to be able to match the charisma that the haircut brings.

Those guys seem to be putting in too much effort while the way Don does it looks almost effortless.

We put an effort into our research and found out some very interesting stuff about how to create a Don Draper look.

To tell you the truth, it is not easy at all, but it is doable.

We’ve added all the details right here and designed a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish it fast.

What Is Don Draper Haircut

A Don Draper haircut is a classic short haircut — ideally, the hair length should be 1 inch on the sides and back and slowly transition into 3-4 inches on top. The cut needs to be down with scissors and not clippers, so make sure your barber knows that.

It is one of those side part haircuts that never goes out of style. If your hair is rough or unmanageable, try using powerful hair oil for men or a gentle hair tonic to tame your locks.

Classic Short Haircut

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Messy Brush Back

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Brush Back

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Slick On Side

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Fingered Brushed Back

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Casual Mid Hairstyle

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Blowout Top

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Casual Side Bangs

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Textured Quiff

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Messy Hairstyle

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How to Do and Style 

Step 1 – Prepare

Get your hair cut to the proper length. Prepare to style it by washing your hair well. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair and make sure to move in the direction you want your hair to fall.

Step 2 – Comb

Take a comb and use it to apply pomade to your hair. Styling with hair pomades is easier because it has excellent hold and doesn’t look wet or slick. Next, comb the sides and back of your hair towards the nape of your neck.

Step 3 – Part

You need to create a side part for this look. Don’t try to force an unnatural part; part your hair to whichever side it falls naturally.

Step 4 – Finishing touches

Now for the last part — push the hair on top slightly backward using your comb or fingers. This creates the effect of having more volume on top.

If you are going somewhere special and need a dressier hairstyle, create a pompadour in the front. Use some premium hair wax for better hold.

Actor Jon Hamm Don Draper from Mad Men on Emmy Event


What is the Don Draper haircut called?

It is more famous as the Don Draper haircut but was initially called a slicked side part combover.

What kind of a pomade does Don Draper use?

Jon Hamm plays Don Draper and his hairstylist has reportedly said that she uses Redken for Men grip tight holding hair gel for men to style his hair for the show. However, you don’t need to use the same product; any pomade that works well for your hair will do.

How to get the Don Draper look?

You need to get a haircut, keeping the hair on the sides and back shorter than the hair on top. Blow-dry and use some pomade to style it the same way.

It can be hard to achieve if you have curly hair. Using a hair relaxer for men can help. If you are experiencing hair fall or have a receding hairline, hair supplements or effective natural DHT blockers will help restore volume.


The Don Draper haircut is a classic and professional look made famous by the success of the TV series Mad Men. Achieving this look is easy and it is low maintenance too.

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