Two Girls With Ginger and Purple Pink Braids Hairstyles

You can try a peekaboo hairstyle if it’s time to rock a new hairstyle and feel all bold.

Peekaboo hair has all shades of bold and daring and is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. If you need some inspiration, you can check out some ideas for hair color.

Here are the 40 most popular peekaboo braid hairstyles of all time:

40 Most Popular Peekaboo Braids

Here are some of the most popular peekaboo braid hairstyles you can try:

Cool Toned Vivid Berry Peekaboo

Cool Toned Vivid Berry Peekaboo

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Play with contrasts if you want to combine two distinct colors to create your individual dark hair peekaboo highlights. For instance, the top might be saturated and vivid, while the bottom might be vibrant.

Discrete Pearl Essence Peekaboo Braids

Discrete Pearl Essence Hairstyle

Photo @braidedroots

You can’t go wrong with this blonde peekaboo hair idea if you combine your gorgeous platinum blonde with a striking red copper base.

Opposite Color Wheel Combo Peekaboo

Opposite Color Wheel Combo

Photo @g1ftedhands

One of the most peculiar advantages of peekaboo highlights is the ability to stack various tones one after another. Even the “seen it alls” among you will be impressed by the results. It’s breathtaking how two opposing color schemes work together!

Peekaboo Braids With Hidden Fuchsia Strands

Hidden Fuchsia Strands

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Is there a more flattering addition to your blonde waves than vibrant fuchsia hues? Peekaboo pink hair is most charming when worn with light manes.

Hidden Blue Neon Locks Peekaboo 

Hidden Blue Neon Locks

Photo @braidedroots

No matter how striking or understated, every outfit needs a focal point to convey its personality. You’ll find the highlight once you consider what makes the appearance dynamic and unique.

For instance, the bold violet hairstyle with neon blue strands and slightly peachy tips in this instance is already elegant.

But the extraordinary neon ends demonstrate no boundaries to perfection, adding a final flourish to the distinctive appearance. This is a perfect hair color for blue eyes.

Unicorn Pink and Blue Layers

Unicorn Pink and Blue Layers

Photo @braidedroots

Despite the seemingly endless array of pastel-pink color schemes, it appears to be more dimensional than ever. If you examine this color combination closely, you will see that the blue area underneath the alluring pink isn’t wholly merged with the background.

However, in some places where the two come together, they create a natural whole. True, there is beauty in the details.

Hidden Ocean Blue Peekaboo

Hidden Ocean Blue Peekaboo

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Why don’t you use the blue hair mode in the hot and cold game? As they move to the back of the head, deep and dark shades of blue may hit the ends before becoming lighter and more transparent.

The effect of transparency will be improved by adding a few neon streaks beneath the soft blue areas.

Beige and Rose Layers Peekaboo Braids

Beige and Rose Layers

Photo @braidedroots

When you want to maintain your glam look while fusing it with a hint of the rebellious attitude that characterizes the vibrant ‘dos that are all the rage, there is a way!

Keep your favorite blonde’s roots toned and add some color to the end with a vibrant beige and rose mixture. It seems like many people will associate your hair with a dreamy sunrise!

Bright Highlights In Dark Hair

Bright Highlights In Dark Hair

Photo @g1ftedhands

You can choose an excellent, bright highlight to spruce up your look if you have naturally dark hair. Choose colors such as purple, pink, fuchsia or even orange. It all depends on how daring you are. You can also look up other alt hairstyles.

Hidden Midnight Purple Peekaboo Braids

Hidden Midnight Purple

Photo @g1ftedhands

You should conceal some pleasant purple shade under your brownie rather than your creative side. Purple peekaboo hair is a thing!

Peekaboo Braids Various Shades of Violet

Various Shades of Violet

Photo @braidedroots

Would you be willing to match the unmatchable with grace and style? For you, we have something special in store. Layer violets, pinks and green with a hint of violet to create the look of a blooming lilac branch embedded in your hair!

Hidden Neon Sunset Peekaboo Braids

Hidden Neon Sunset

Peekaboo hair is a glamorous idea that blonde and brunette bases can make come to life. Any natural shade will quickly adapt to the neon red vibe that dances beneath the mane.

Teal in Black Peekaboo

Teal in Black Peekaboo

Photo @braids_by_christy

You won’t ever come across a better combination than this black hair with peekaboo highlights. In actuality, black and teal go well together. This is a perfect way to wear highlighted black hair.

Black Peekaboo Braids for Dark Blue Hair

Dark Blue Black Hair With Braid

These mysterious black strands don’t need to be hidden! These enigmatic streaks of black and purple were intended to be provocative.

Peekaboo Rainbow Braids Behind Grey Hair

Peekaboo Rainbow Behind Grey Locks

Peekaboo rainbow hair only appears harmonious and elegant when paired with a gentle, neutral color. Well, the gray hair trend has just revealed a new benefit.

Neon Rainbow Peekaboo Layers 

Neon Rainbow Layers Haircut

Photo @braidedroots

Do you know how many packs of peekaboo hair dye are needed to create this molten rainbow? Of course, such an idea requires commitment compared to the above ideas. Still, it’s worthwhile!

Multiple Peekaboo Braids With Rainbow Layers

Multiple Rainbow Layers

Photo @braidedroots

Why settle for one peekaboo layer when you can have the whole rainbow?

Delicate Tone Combo Peekaboo Braids

Delicate Tone Combo

If you don’t want your highlights to stand out too much on your long, luscious blond locks, there is a way. All you have to do to score a deal worth a million dollars is request pink peekaboo stripes and dusty blue peekaboo stripes.

Peekaboo Pastel Prism Braids

Pastel Prism Hairstyle

Photo @braidedroots

Who could ask for more than colorful, pastel peek-a-boo hair highlights on a platinum base that appear to be holographic? Use them all if you can’t decide which color to use with your white base.

Peekaboo Braids With Hidden Green Layers

Hidden Green Layers

Photo @braidenvy_

Green looks awesome, especially in a peekaboo hairdo. Layer your hair for the best results.

Red Strands Peekaboo

Red Strands Peeking on the Side

Photo @braidedroots

Instead of dyeing your hair all red or in patches, how about dyeing a few strands red? This will create a beautiful peekaboo effect.

Modern Peekaboo Bob Braids

Modern Colorful Bob

Photo @braidedroots

If you’ve trimmed your air into a bob cut, give it more life with a colorful peekaboo hairstyle. Experiment with as many colors as you fancy.

Single Color Streak Hidden

Single Color Streak Hidden

Photo @g1ftedhands

One fantastic way to hack a peekaboo hairstyle is by dyeing a streak of one color to a portion of your hair. Sometimes, less is more; in this case, use a bright color such as green or red.

Subtle Color in Textured Hair

Subtle Color in Textured Hair

Photo @g1ftedhands

Sometimes you don’t have to go all out with color to get a nice peekaboo hairstyle. You can also go for a less bright color and still look good with your textured hair.

Chunky Highlighted Braids in Thin Hair

Chunky Highlights in Thin Hair

Photo @g1ftedhands

Are you struggling when styling your thin hair? Here’s a tip. Create chunky highlights. Your hair will look fuller and bolder.

Festive Golden Layers

Festive Golden Layers

Photo @braids_by_christy

You can never go wrong with gold. You can try this option if you’re more conservative and still like to rock a peekaboo hairstyle.

Pink Purple Bun

Photo @braids_by_christy

Hidden Shades Of Blue

Peekaboo Rainbow

Photo @braids_by_christy

Hidden Blue In Black Curls

Photo @g1ftedhands

Three Colors Braided Curls

Photo @g1ftedhands

Neon Blue Ponytail

Photo @g1ftedhands

Hidden Maroon Peekaboo

Photo @g1ftedhands

Combined With Curls

Photo @g1ftedhands

Sleek Long Braids

Photo @g1ftedhands

Black And Blue Hidden

Photo @g1ftedhands

Braided Black And Red

Photo @g1ftedhands

Boxed Style

Photo @g1ftedhands

Light Pink Bounded

Photo @allanbraids_

Half Golden Layers

Photo @braidedroots

How to Create a Peekaboo Hairstyle at Home

When experimenting with your hair, it’s best to leave it to a professional. However, many girls either can’t afford to visit a salon or prefer to color their hair. Because of this, we created this How-to section with a successful color tutorial.

Make sure to heed all the advice if you want to keep your hair incredibly healthy and, most importantly, secure.

Here are some essential tips to consider:

Pick a color

Of course, choosing the color that will peek through your locks is where it all begins. Make sure the color you choose will complement the tone of your skin. It’s essential to consider your complexion when selecting accents, even if they are incredibly bright.

Consider your base

Whether you need to bleach your hair depends on its natural color. You can skip pre-lightening if your hair is light. Additionally, brunettes will undoubtedly need to lighten their manes for the new color to show.

Consider how highlights are placed

Once you’ve chosen the color, you need to consider where it will be applied. Before bleaching and/or coloring, pin or section the inner layers and the number of streaks you want to make bright. The consistency of your streaks is also crucial because uneven highlights are the worst.

How to Create a Peekaboo Haircut

Now, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your peekaboo hairdo:

Bleach your hair

Apply vaseline to the hair that won’t be colored to shield it from damaging chemicals. Then, proceed as directed on the bleach package, adjusting the bleach concentration to the length of your hair.

Using a brush, apply the dye, going from top to bottom and covering the entire length of each section. When applying the bleach, always start with at least a one-inch space between your roots and the bleach!

Once the bleach is prepared, let it sit for the allotted time while folding each section in foil. If you prefer not to bleach your hair, you can check out natural methods for lightening without bleach.

Apply the color

Before applying the dye, wash your hair to remove the bleach. Spread the color to the bleached strands after carefully reading the instructions. Wait a few minutes for the color to take shape.

When the color appears, divide the area you will be painting by keeping the color on the foil. Give it at least 15 minutes before folding the section you’ve highlighted.

You can start washing and drying the item when you’re happy with the color. If not, wait for an additional 10 to 15 minutes.

How to Style and Maintain Peekaboo Hair

Here are some actionable tips to help you style and maintain your peekaboo hair:

Step 1 – Choose the right hairstyle for you

Make sure you pick the most appropriate colors and styles depending on your preference and lifestyle.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

While coloring your hair at home may sound easy, we don’t recommend trying this look at home. However, if you have the skills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t color your hair at home. Before booking your appointment with a hairstylist, decide on the color.

You must discuss your aspirations with your hairstylist before they dye your hair.

Step 3 – Maintain it

Peekaboo highlights are cool and easy to maintain. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make any hairdo stand out.

The only thing you need to remember is to use color-safe shampoo to keep the color as vibrant as possible, plus a rich, hydrating conditioner.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Maintaining peekaboo hair means investing in the right products. Two of the must-have products are a hydrating conditioner and a color-safe shampoo. You don’t want to use regular shampoo as it can leave your hair dry, dull, and brittle leading to breakages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peekaboo Hair

Who is peekaboo hair for?

Peekaboo hair is for anyone who feels daring enough to wear bright colors on their hair.

Is this hairstyle unprofessional?

It depends on your line of work. Most informal workplaces won’t mind it if you wear a peekaboo hairstyle.

What are the most common problems with peekaboo hair?

One of the most common problems is getting the colors right, especially if you opt for a multicolored hairdo.

How often does peekaboo hair need to be styled?

You should style your peekaboo hairstyle at least once every day.

How often does peekaboo hair need to be colored?

At least every 4-5 weeks.

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