Black Woman Wearing Wick Dreads Hairstyle

Wearing dreads has always been considered as cool.

However, more variants of dreadlocks are taking over, some of which you might not even know about.

Wick dreads are a new thing that more and more people wear these days.

You have probably seen a bunch of celebrities rocking one and are thinking that you might be able to pull it off.

If you want to explore more about these alt hairstyles to try, we suggest you keep reading onward.

What Are Wick Dreads

Wick dreads are the thickest type of dreads that you’ve ever seen. You might be accustomed to seeing those smaller and thinner ones, but if you see those that are really thick, well, now you know that you should refer to them as wick dreads.

These types of dreads are so thick that they comprise out of four to 10 wicks of dreads. The name is taken from the everyday candle wick that people use. Instead of standing still like a candle wick, the dreads hang downward at the side of your head.

The wick dreads originated in South Florida, but the style draws inspiration from the Afro-Caribbeans and is predominantly worn by African Americans.

Probably the first person to bring the wick dreads to the mainstream is Kodak Black, who was one of the first to start wearing them.

10 Most Popular Wick Dreads Haircuts

As with any hairstyle, a few variations of wick dreads exist. You don’t have to end up with one and can easily make changes from one to another if it is suitable for you.

The rubber band method is sometimes everything you need to create wick locs, but the process of making sections of hair and the hair care of dreadlocs, scalp and roots is another thing entirely.

Wick Bangs Hairstyle

If you can grow dreads at least six inches long, you can style some wick bangs. Take a rubber band and tie all your wicks on top, but leave a few wicks hanging on your forehead. You will get a very casual style that can be worn every day.

Bee Hive Wick Dreads

Make things very interesting by creating a bee hive look. You need wick dreads that are at least 10 inches long and what you need to do is create a high ponytail. Then take the ends and start coiling them around the ponytail until you make a beehive-like set of hair.

Side Swept Wick Dreads

If you are a girl that takes care of her dreads and can grow them nice and long, a casual side sweep is the style to rock. Shorter ones are rigid and are simply not going to do, but with the longer ones, you can move from one side to the other whenever you wish. The size of the loc and the thickness of the dreadlock will make your appearance even better and get you all the attention you need.

Young Woman With a Side Swept Dreads Style

Wick Dreads Pineapple Top

Get a band hairstyle by choosing the pineapple top. You don’t have to like pineapples for this one, but you do need to have a rubber band. Gather your dreads, put them up, and tie them off with a rubber band. Allow them to fall around your head and simply splash around.

Laid Back Wicks

Sometimes you don’t have to style the wicks so much and can simply go with the flow. Just get out of bed and let them fall as they may. The dreads are perfectly fine to style themselves.

However, this only works for shorter ones, as things get messy if you have long dreads that you are not styling.

Space Buns Wick Dreads

Spice buns sometimes referred to as Pussy Cats, are a way to tie your dreads on the top of your head. Weave two on both sides of your head and secure them with a scrunchy. Allow the rest to fall to your shoulders and back to get a cute style for girls.

Wick Dreads Half Up

Wick dreads are significantly thicker than regular ones, but you can still make a half up with them. Tie a few of them and allow them to drop back. Leave the rest of them alone and make them hang around.

Side Fade Wicks

Here we have an elegant wicks style. It is mainly aimed at boys and those with shorter dreads. As your hair grows, you have the option to wax the remainder.

Except, you can not do that and allow them to hang loose on the side while also shortening and fading the sides of your head.

Slicked Back Wick Dreads

Once your wick dreads become too long to handle, you can push them back with the help of a band. You can tie it up around the hairline or use a scarf which can also act as an excellent accessory.

It is best to tie it an inch or two from the hairline, but you should determine where it feels most comfortable. It generates a clean-cut image that can be displayed in formal situations.

Wick Dread Ponytail

The simplest way to style wicks is by tying them up in a ponytail. The standard ponytail might not be suitable, so we propose creating a high pony that sits in the middle of the head or a bit lower in the back.

The top hair will splatter all over and you can put it on the sides or allow it to cover your forehead.

Dredlocks Ponytail Hair

Methods of Creating Wick Locs

There are a few moves that you can take to start making your wick locks. It takes a bit more practice than putting highlights in black hair; anyone can do it without any particular skill. Here are the most standard ones.

Crochet Method

The crochet method is the most popular one. You need to start with a bigger chunk of your hair and weaving it with a needle. It is also a method used to create other types of dreads and works instantly, as you don’t have to wait for a period for them to form.

Freeform Method

This one basically requires you to do nothing. With the freeform method, you just sit back, relax, and wait for the locks to form independently.

You can oil up and wash your hair, so it does not get dirty. Don’t forget to section out your hair from the root of the wick, so it starts forming a big old nice dread.

Rubberband Method

Here you start by sectioning out your hair; then, you need to place a rubber band on the lock from its root to the top. The rubber band should stay like that for three to four weeks. Then you take the bands off and see whether the locks started to form yet.

How to Style and Maintain Wick Dreadlocks

There is no specific magic to creating wick dreads. What it takes is a considerable amount of time-based on how long your hair is.

Step 1 – Section your hair with rubber bands

You will get a basic idea about how many wicks you want. Be sure to put the rubber bands at the root of each section.

Step 2 – Get a crochet needle

Create an internal structure and an external shape of the wicks.

Step 3 – Start crocheting your hair

Start from the root and continue by putting the needle in and out constantly.

Step 4 – Continue crocheting, so you get a rounded shape

The hair will soon start to fuse and you will get a cylinder shape. Continue the same for the entire hair length, so you get a whole wick.


How long must my hair be to get wick dreads?

You will need at least six inches of hair to start creating a wick dread. Hair growth might take a long so you can apply some products for added help.

How long do wick dreads last?

Wick dreads can last for as long as you like or until you cut them off.

Are wick dreads damaging to the hair?

No, they do not damage your hair. In fact, they preserve it as wick dreads are a protective hairstyle. If you preserve the hair and take care of it regularly, it will last you quite a while.

Are wick dreads hard to maintain?

They are not hard to maintain, but you must wash them regularly. You don’t want to get dirty or have unhygienic dreads.

Can wick dreads be removed?

If you can care for your hair correctly, the wick dreads can be removed by combing them out. If not, you can basically cut them off.

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