Kodak Black Wearing High Dread Hairstyle

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Regarding controversies, Kodak Black seems to have many of those going on.

Born in Pompano Beach, Florida, he is best known for his hit singles Tunnel Vision’, ‘No Flockin’, and ‘Roll in Peace.’

Since he was a teenager, Kodak Black has always wanted to be a rapper, so he worked hard toward that.

His shady locality, however, caught up with him, dragging him into all kinds of petty crimes.

He has had ongoing controversies and legal troubles throughout his rapping career.

His thick dreadlocks make him stand out more than his other hip-hop peers. Here is a look at all his looks.

Kodak Black Hair Through the Years

Kodak became a household name for most people in 2015 with his song no flocking, and the following year we saw his XXL freshman freestyle with new starter wicks. We saw Kodak’s wicks cut off in 2017, very early in his journey, due to court proceedings and jail time.

Certain prisons and states have mandatory requirements that inmates shave their hair. While shaved, it was not a complete low buzz cut because he kept some afro on top that would later be used to reattach his dreads to his hair.

We saw Kodak perform at his sold-out show with wick dreads after his release after he reattached his locks. His wicks began to mature and grow in length as time passed.

Because wicks are very thick, their weight causes them to fall towards a person’s shoulders, which is what we began to see Kodak doing in 2018.

They soon topped the list of dreadlocks styles for men. We also saw him experiment with his hair, dyeing it blonde and other colors during this time.

Kodak Black New Haircut

Kodak Black, known for his thick dreadlocks, has a new haircut, and fans have a lot to say about it. The rapper took to Instagram to show off his new hairstyle, and many people believe it suits him.

Kodak wore his signature locks for a long time, and fans loved his wicks because they gave him an edge. However, the rapper is now sporting a new look devoid of dreads and wicks.

Kodak Black With a New Haircut

Photo @kodakblack

Kodak is seen chatting with KTB Rico in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, while both artists wave bundles of dollar bills on camera.

Kodak wore no jewelry with his new hairstyle and was dressed casually. The latest look is a surprise, given the rapper’s previous fashion choices.

How to Style and Maintain Kodak Black Hairstyle

Kodak Black’s new haircut isn’t as hard to maintain as his dreadlocks.

Here are a few tips to help you style and maintain it:

Step 1 – Choose the right hairstyle

Trim your hair to your desired length and volume. Understand hair clipper sizes to get the right haircut.

Step 2 – Style 

Make sure your barber understands the style you want to achieve. You also need to grow out your hair so the stylist can trim it to Black’s hairstyle. You can also go for his former high-top dreads style.

Step 3 – Maintain 

To maintain your hair, clean it with natural shampoo and detangle it with conditioner. You can also use quality hair pomades and oils to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Step 4 – Products to use

You can use products such as:

  • Pomade
  • Hair oil
  • Wax
  • Gel
  • Natural shampoo
  • Conditioner

You can also look up other incredible haircuts for black men to interchange with. If you have curly hair, look up curly hairstyles for black men.


What is Kodak’s black hairstyle called?

It’s a low-top fade hairstyle.

Did Kodak Black cut his hair?

Yes, Kodak Black cut his hair.

When did Kodak cut his dreads?

Kodak Black cut his dreads in February 2022.

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