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15 Most Popular 2A Men’s Hairstyles

Are you wondering what 2A hair means? Then note that it refers to hair with a kind of conformity and texture that is not that straight while slightly curly. Many people, both men and women, have this type of hair.

In most cases, it features willows slightly shaped like S if you grow them long enough. If you are a man with this hair type, you may wonder how to style it.

To give you some ideas, here are 15 of the most popular 2A hairstyles for men that you can sport:

Textured Crop

You may want to give textured hairstyles, like this textured crop, a try if you are searching for the best 2A hairstyle for men. It is a basic style, which is good for you if you are not an expert in giving your wavy hair the proper style.

Highlight this textured crop style by incorporating a low fade into it.

Messy Waves

You can also easily have great-looking messy hair if your hair type is wavy. Sporting these messy waves can make you feel good as the style is carefree and uplifting.

Side Part and Mid Fade

Finding the right style for 2A hair is similar to styling 4A hair because partings can make both hair types more interesting. You can take your 2A hair to the side to make it look more flattering.

A side part on your 2A hair also helps in adding more volume to it. Complete the look with a mid-fade.

Slicked Back Waves

You will also fall in love with the slicked-back waves hairstyle, which can make your 2Aa hair more unique. The reason is that your hair’s definition and texture will become even more pronounced through it.

Just like 3C hair for men, you can also pair this slicked-back waves style with a fade. If possible, incorporate the fade into the back and sides to promote ease in maintaining it.

Man in a Checkered Shirt Wearing Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Long Hair With Volume

You can also choose to keep your 2A hair long. The fact that it has natural waves gives it the necessary volume. This long hair with volume style is definitely one way to leave a good impression through proper hairstyling with the least effort. It is also easy to wear and maintain.

Fringe and Fade

Do you want to hide your prominent forehead? Then this 2A hairstyle is for you. The wavy fringe in this style will have more dimension and texture, which is good for disguising your forehead.

You can also keep your messy and wavy hair organized by giving the back and sides a low fade.

Side Part Comb-Over

You can also have an elegant hairstyle through this side-part comb-over that allows you to keep your hair short. This classic comb-over for short hair should have a side part that you can shave in.

Taper Fade

If you are searching for a wearable hairstyle in casual and professional settings, then the low-key taper fade for 2A wavy hair is perfect. It is characterized by a gradual or slow reduction of hair length on all sides.

This is good because the top will not experience harsh contrast. This hairstyle’s different lengths also make it look cool and edgy.

Medium Wavy

You can show off your wavy, mid-length hair by highlighting its cool and nice pattern. You can do that with the help of a texturizing hair product. Cut your hair at the sides and back short, so people will be able to notice the structured top even more.

Mullet Fade

Wavy hair can also be made more interesting with the help of a mullet hairstyle. It makes your cut look more modern. Make your mullet style more unique by adding a fade. The fade should be on all sides.

The level of edginess you want your hairstyle to show should determine how high the fade will be. For instance, the mullet fade will showcase its bold and edgy look by giving it a high undercut skin fade.

Natural Short

You can also keep your 2A hair naturally short. It already has some slight waves that add appeal and edge to it, so it is okay to keep it short.

Wavy Surfer

This is one of those surfer hairstyles you can easily and quickly get. This haircut does not require much time for styling and on the beach. The only thing that you need is a salt spray.

Bearded Man With a Long Wavy Hair

High and Tight

The high and tight hairstyle is perfect for those who have wavy hair. It was first recognized as a military cut but became famous among civilians. It continues to showcase its primary feature, a longer top than the back and sides.

Bro Flow

Go for the bro flow if you want your 2A hairstyle to be more carefree and relaxed. For you to get this style, use a blow dryer. Applying a hair product mainly designed to give your hair volume is also advisable.

What’s great about this hairstyle is that it gives you the option of how long you want it to be. If you prefer a more defined and pronounced texture, you should go for at least the mid-length.

Side Swept Fringe

Get this side-swept fringe, which is versatile enough that it is compatible with almost every wavy and 2A haircut. The fact that it appears polished and outlined means you can accentuate or highlight it with the least effort.

You also have several options when it comes to styling – one is making the fringe side-swept to make your entire look chic and edgy.

Types of Wavy Hair

Here are the most common types of wavy hair:

Type 2A

This wavy hair has almost the same silky look and feels like straight hair. However, looking at it closely will let you notice the light S curls it tends to form. It also features fine hair, straight roots, a bit of volume, and subtle waves.

Type 2B

There is also Type 2A, which features more defined curls compared to the 2A. Note, though, that it still has straight roots. This type of wavy hair may require the use of curl activators as a means of making the curls more defined and increasing their volume. You may also notice some frizz on top.

Type 2C

This is a thicker hair type with an S wave that creates almost tight curls. Among the three types of wavy hair, type 2C also has the highest volume. In some cases, you will have to trim it in the same way as you are trimming 4C hair to give it more structure and tame the curls and volume.

Challenges of 2A Hair Type

Despite having many benefits, like the fact that it is versatile and can be styled in various ways, 2A hair is also very challenging. One downside of this hair type is that it is prone to becoming oily and greasy. The reason is that its waves are not that prominent.

You are also at risk of having frizzy hair if it is classified as 2A. Moreover, you may need to use and apply some hair products designed to enhance the curls. You need such products to tame your waves and style them how you want.

How to Style and Maintain 2A Hair

Step 1 – Determine your facial shape

Look for a style that is genuinely suitable for the shape of your face. Also, ensure that your chosen style is one that you are comfortable with and you will not have problems styling and maintaining.

Step 2 – Style

Style your 2A hair after you wash it with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner and before it dries completely. Put on a hair product designed for styling based on how long and thick your hair is.

Focus on the ends or roots, then use a blow dryer to secure your hairstyle. Choose a low-heat setting, though.

Step 3 – Avoid over-washing your hair

Do it two times a week at most. Using hairstyling products with a high hold and matte finish, it is possible to continue having neat and secure curls.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Several styling products can be used for 2A hair, but the most useful ones are conditioners for moisturizing you have to apply to lessen the frizz. You should also moisturize and volumize your strands or locks with the help of sea salt sprays and hair powders.


How do I know if my hair is 2A?

A few factors will help you determine whether or not you have 2A hair. For one, you should check your hair’s thickness and density.

Some of those who have 2A hair have strands that are so thick that it is already unnecessary to put on a volumizing product to provide the hair with a uniform and balanced body. You can also check the texture of your hair.

You will know that your hair is 2A if it features loosely-defined S waves, making it harder to style or manage. Another determining factor is the porosity of your hair, which can be defined as the behavior of your locks once they get wet.

It is, therefore, helpful in determining whether your hair effectively absorbs and retains moisture. Hair can have low, high, or medium porosity levels and 2A hair falls under medium.

Can 2A hair be thick?

2A hair is not as thick if you compare it with other hair types. Despite that, you will still notice that it is thicker than thin hair. You can thicken it through proper styling, specifically in a way that adds volume to it.

Haircuts with layers can also add some edge and the illusion of thickness to your hair.

Does 2A hair get frizzy?

Naturally, 2Aa hair is bouncy and has a good lift instead of fluffy or frizzy. Note, though, that it is still prone to frizz, so you should be extra careful when it comes to styling.

Can 2A hair become curly?

Yes. One thing that you can do is to put on a curl-defining product for your hair, specifically when it is wet. Doing so will provide you with loose curls without applying heat. It is also possible to temporarily curl hair with hot rollers or a curling iron.

Should you brush 2A hair?

Yes. However, you must pick the most suitable brush for your hair type. Go for a brush that improves your hair texture and detangles it. Ensure that it also helps build volume, define hair texture, prevent fly-away, and reduce frizz.

How often should I wash my hair if I have 2A hair?

Wash your hair two to three times a week only. Use a quality shampoo free of sulfate to ensure that you will not strip away your hair’s natural oils.

How to change my 2A hair to 3B hair?

Removing your natural 2A hair into 3B hair permanently is impossible. What you can do, though, is use chemicals, like perm, to enhance your natural curls. This should help push your curls to the Type 3 spectrum.

You may also use some styling techniques designed to improve your hair’s natural texture and elevate your curls.
Remember, though, that this will only have temporary results, not permanent ones.

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