Man With a Curly Mullet Haircut and a Tattoo Behind the Ear

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The mullet haircut is also called the redneck haircut.

It’s one of the haircuts that has survived all fashion changes.

3 Most Popular Redneck Haircuts

Here are the most popular redneck haircuts for the modern man:

Classic Redneck Mullet

Classic Redneck Mullet

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A mustache or other facial hair frequently accompanies this haircut. You can check out some goatee and mustache styles that match your face and style.

While the hair at the crown is brushed down to meet the hair at the back, which is left long and curly, the hair on the sides and around the back of the ears is nearly shaved to the skin. Other mullet haircuts you can try include the side part look or the classic comb-over.

Redneck Shaggy Style

Redneck Shaggy Style

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Sometimes, wearing your hair shaggy can look as good as any other hairstyle for rednecks. You can let your hair loose and tousle it with your fingers to add to the texture. This way, you’ll give off a carefree spirit vibe, which is easily approachable.

This style works best for men with curly hair. If you’d like to try a mullet haircut on your child, you can check out kids’ mullet haircuts.

Short Haircut

Short Haircut

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Because you can pull off this look with short, nicely shaved hair, you are not required to maintain a long, thick head of hair.
In this case, the strands are uniformly cut two to three inches long at the top and back of the head.

Then, to cover the forehead, the back hairs should be pulled back and the crown hairs should be pulled forward.
You can also try other short haircuts and see if they work better. You can also try a permed mullet.

Redneck Hairstyle Etiquette

Blonde Wavy Mullet Haircut


Have you ever wondered why some people always have gorgeous hair while others can’t control their hair or hairstyles?
The problem is that some men adhere to specific standards for their hair and hairstyle.

You wouldn’t believe how particular we men are about our hair. Nothing less than the best will ever do for the majority of us.

You can experiment with many different products, trendy hair colors and routines, but unless you adhere to a few fundamental principles, all those products and routines will be useless.

Here are some tips for redneck hairstyle etiquette:

Avoid Greasy Hair

Although regularly oiling your hair is a good idea, leaving the oil in for a long time is not. This is especially valid if your scalp is oily.

Oily or greasy hair is a result of an oily scalp. Nothing will work on your hair if you don’t take care of this, regardless of how great a conditioner you use or how expensive your shampoo is.

Additionally, it becomes impossible to style your hair and give it a decent appearance.

Use Quality Styling Products for Your Hair

Make sure you don’t use inferior products when styling and applying products. You must put some effort and money into locating the product that will serve you best. If you choose over-the-counter products that work for you it doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive.

If you’re still unclear talk to a dermatologist.

Understand Your Hair’s Texture and Density

Embrace the hair that you have. Don’t attempt to alter the texture if it is already coarse. No products or regimens can help if your hair is naturally thin and dense. Instead of choosing your style and routine around your hair do so.

You can work on some things, such as making your hair shiny or strong and less brittle.

Understand Whether You Need a Hairstylist or a Barber

The distinction between a hairstylist and a barber is frequently erroneous. A barber is only taught how to cut and care for your hair in the most fundamental ways. A hairstylist will work with you to style your hair in a novel way.

We advise you to see a hairstylist every three to four trips to the barber, especially if you’re still figuring out your style.

Get Regular Haircuts

Don’t wait too long between haircuts to visit the barber. Aim to go to the barber every three to four weeks, but no later than four.
You can keep track of things, evaluate your style and maintain a more consistent hairstyle.

Hairdresser Styling Men's Hair in a Barber Shop

Research and Understand Your Hair Before Visiting the Barber

Never visit a hairstylist or barber without first doing some research. Inform them of your worries, the type of haircut you want and your hairstyle. Show them pictures if you can.

Your barber or hairstylist will be more successful in giving you the desired haircut if you are good at giving instructions.

How to Style and Maintain a Redneck Haircut 

Most redneck haircuts are easy to style and maintain. However, they could still give you a headache if you have no idea how to style them.

Here are some helpful tips for styling and maintaining redneck hairstyles:

Step 1 – Choose the hairstyle

Pick the right hairstyle depending on your preference, lifestyle and the look you want to achieve.
Wearing an inappropriate haircut will not only mess up your style but also plummet your confidence.

Step 2 – Style

Learn how to style your redneck hairstyle. You can look for tips online or ask your hairstylist to guide you.
You must also invest in the right products and tools to style your hair.

Step 3 – Maintain

The first step to maintaining a redneck hairstyle is always keeping it clean. Use a natural shampoo to clean it and deep condition your hair every fortnight. This will help to keep it clean and moisturized.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Some of the best products you can use to take care of your hair include hair pomade, wax and gel, and for the cleaning, you’ll need shampoo and a natural hair conditioner.


How did the redneck haircut come about?

This haircut was first worn by the French fashion guru Henri Mollet in the early seventies.

Who typically gets a redneck haircut?

Any stylish modern man can get a redneck haircut as long as it suits their style.

How do you keep a redneck haircut looking fresh?

Visit your hairstylist or barber regularly to keep your hair well-trimmed and fashionable.

How often should you get a redneck haircut?

As often as you need to.

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