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Have you ever thought of giving your kid a mullet?

I know how it sounds, but hear me out for a moment.

Your kid may not want a mullet as an adult, but if he gets one, he can still say that he had one and cross that off from the list of crazy ideas one has to do during your lifetime.

All jokes aside, kids’ mullet haircuts have become exceptionally popular.

You see them all around as many of the 80s hairstyles have made a comeback.

Now they are crossing towards kids and if you don’t want your child to miss out on one, you better get you and your kid to a barber’s shop.

25 Most Popular Mullet Haircuts for Kids

When you heard about kids’ mullet ideas, you probably couldn’t have guessed there are so many. We have a bunch of them here for you and you can get your kid ready shortly.

Kids Permed Mullet

Kids Permed Mullet boys mullet fade
kids mullet styles
mullets kids

Photo @barbeiro.sheik

A permed mullet for kids is one of the most south styles currently. It involves getting a perm first and then shaving the sides of the head, leaving the curly hair on the top to drop down to the back of the head.

Faux Hawk Mullet Hairdo

Faux Hawk Mullet Hairdo boy mullet haircuts
boy mullets
youth mullet haircut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Things keep getting better and better with all the ideas. A faux hawk and a mullet are a combination that goes masterfully together. The only thing you will spend more time on is growing the hair and arranging the faux hawk a bit.

Kids Shaggy Mullet

Kids Shaggy Mullet toddler mullet boy
cool kids haircuts
mullet cuts for boys

Photo @isaacbarber7

There are also shaggy hairstyles you can combine with a mullet. It looks really good since the regular part at the back style gets some action up top as well.

Kids Mohawk Mullet

Boy With a Classic Kid Mullet Hairstyle
mullet haircut toddler
mullet toddler
mullets on kids

A Mohawk fits even better than a faux hawk. Let the hair hang at the back, shave the sides, leave the top long and then create a mohawk. Your kid will love it.

Children’s Messy Curly Mullet

Children’s Messy Curly Mullet baby mullet hairstyle
toddler boy mullet
mullet haircut child

Photo @isaacbarber7

Curly hair has a lot of advantages. It always works best if you keep it natural; since it is already messy, you don’t need any added work with it. Make a standard mullet and you are good to go.

Boy’s French Crop Mullet

Boy’s French Crop Mullet modern mullet for kids
mullet cut boy
kids mullet cut


A French crop and a mullet are something that you can’t picture together. You will understand why it looks good on a kid when you see it in action.

Kid’s Classic 80’s Mullet

Kid’s Classic 80’s Mullet 
toddler mullet curly
little boy mullet haircuts
child mullet

Sometimes, it is best not to mix things too much and go for a classic mullet. You know, the one that people in the 80s wore casually. 

Mullet With Shaved Patterns

Mullet With Shaved Patterns modern mullet boys
mullet haircut kid
mullet fade

Photo @isaacbarber7

Adding a modern touch to a classic mullet could be fabulous work. One way to do it is with a shaved pattern on the side. Your options are limitless when it comes to which.

Mullet Takuache

Mullet Takuache boys haircuts mullet
boys short mullet
little boy mullets


Some unique Takuache haircuts are a good choice when paired with mullets. Since the styles are similar, you will not need so much added work, and it will look exceptional as well.

Mullet With Quiff

Mullet With Quiff mullet kid haircut
little kid mullet
kid mullet short

Photo @isaacbarber7

The top of the mullet is a big deal. You have to have a unique option up top. One of them is a quiff and once you style it correctly, the hair at the back will only enhance the entire creation.

Kids Pompadour Mullet

Kids Pompadour Mullet mullet boy haircut
mullet boys haircut
kids short mullet

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Like a quiff, a pompadour is an option you don’t expect to come. The pompadour top is stylish, while the long hair in the back and shaved sides look crazy, giving an exciting juxtaposition to the hair.

Boys Mullet With Spiked Top

kid's mullet Spiked Top Haircut
boys haircut mullet
mullet boy
boys mullet cut

This is something to behold and looks incredible on your young one. You will create a classic mullet here with shaved sides, long and back and a mid-length top—spike things up there with some gel.

Bald Fade Boys Mullet

Bald Fade Mullet little boys mullet
baby mullet haircut
mullet hairstyle kids

Photo @erickgomezz1

Going extreme with a bald fade on the sides does sound a bit risky. A boy’s faded haircut will help this mullet become more prominent.

Boy’s Burst Fade Mullet

baby mullet fade haircutmullet kids haircut
little boy mullet haircut
mullet kid

Photo @mexican_talent

An incredible burst fade is precisely what a mullet needs. It will help shift the focus to the top and not only the back. It looks crazy and incredible at the same time on a young boy.

Cherokee Mulletmullet hair cut boy
mullet boys
boys modern mullet

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Textured Mulletmodern mullet kids
cool kid mullets
mullet hairstyle boy


Kids Faux Hawk Mullettoddler mullet haircut
mullet haircut boy
kid mullets

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Brushed Up Mullet And Designmullet on kids
boys mullet haircuts
kids modern mullet

Photo @dynasty_barbers

French Crop Mulletmullet haircuts for boys
boy mullet
toddler mullet fade


Dyed Mullet And Hairtattookids with mullets
boy mullet haircut
little boy mullet

Photo @isaacbarber7

Messy Takuache Mulletmullet for boys
modern kid mullet
mullet haircut for kids

Photo @isaac_sosapro

Messy Mulletmullets for boys
kid mullet
mullet haircut for boys

Photo @barbersukraine

All Head Hairtattoo Mulletmodern mullet boy
mullet haircut kids
kids mullet fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Hair Design Toddler Mulletkid mullet haircut
mullet kids
toddler mullet

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Sponge Mulletboys mullet haircut
mullets for kids
mullet haircut boys

Photo @dynasty_barbers

How to Get and Maintain Kids Mullets

Creating these boys’ haircuts does require some sterling. It is not as easy to develop as other regular hairstyles.

So here is what you are going to need to do:

Step 1 – Grow hair to an appropriate length

You are going to need a lot of lengths, actually, so be patient. Shave the sides, trim the top, and leave all the hair in the back.

Step 2 – Style it

The top part of the hair is where the secret of a mullet lies, so be sure to give the most attention there. Style it based on how you want it to look and you can also add a design line on the sides as well.

Step 3 – Use some products

You will need some products based on how you want the top to appear. If you are adding spikes or messing things up, a hair balm or gel is needed here.

Step 4 – Visit the barber

As far as maintenance goes, you will need a lot of trips to the barber. Be prepared to go for shaves and trims bi-weekly to keep things nice and tight.


What type of hair is best for a mullet?

Any kind of hair is okay when going for a mullet. You don’t need to be as specific as with other styles.

Are mullets good for kids?

Yes, it is. It can be a fun style they will, without a doubt, like a lot.

Which face shape best suits mullet hairstyles?

Oval and round faces are very much suitable for a mullet. Since kids usually have these face shape types, it will work on any kid.

What is a mullet?

A mullet is a type of hairstyle that is short at the front and sides and long at the back.

The term mullet has been popularized in Western culture, often associated with the 1980s and 1990s.

Some people view the mullet as a fashion statement, while others see it as outdated and unfashionable.

How do you grow out a mullet?

It is important to regularly trim and shape the hair to avoid an unkempt appearance.

Additionally, using products such as hair masks and serums can help promote healthy hair growth. 

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