Smiling Black Man With 3C Curly Hair

Many men are type 3C.

Unfortunately, some people don’t know if they have type 3C, and those who do don’t know how to style or care for it.

This guide is created to guide you on choosing the best 3C hairstyles, how to maintain them and what products to use.

Keep reading to find out.

17 Most Popular 3C Hairstyles

Here are some perfect afro hairstyles you can try with your 3C hair:

Long Afro

There is no better way to embrace your type 3C hair than to style it into a long afro look.
And your hairstyle will be even more exciting if you have naturally thick curls. 

Even though the hair will be difficult to style you will end up with an out-of-this-world hairstyle.

Curly Pompadour

The best part is that you can achieve this look regardless of your hair type, even if you have stubborn type 3C curls. 
Closely packed curls add thickness and depth to your pompadour, which is essential.

Bowl Cut

The bowl haircut has long been popular among men, especially those with round faces.
While traditional bowl haircuts have a smooth appearance, modern bowl haircuts have a lot of texture, and most guys wear them messy.

As a result, bowl haircuts are ideal for men with naturally curly hair.

Hard Part

A hard part, created by cutting a line into the curls, can make a sharp contrast between the various parts of your type 3C hair. 
As a result, it creates a distinct distinction that strikes the proper balance between textured curls and a relaxed appearance.

Men’s Lob

You can rock almost any hairstyle with type 3C curls, and this rock-star-inspired style is a good example.
Curly hair adds texture to this look, which is much needed in this style.

Man With a Very Long Curly 3C Bob Hairstyle

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Men’s Bob

The hairstyle consists of long, close-packed curls that grow out to reach the shoulders.
If you want to grow your curly hair, there is a standard length to aim for.

Natural Slept In and Layered

As the name implies, all you need to do to achieve this look is sleep with your type 3C hair and layer it in the morning.
The length of the hair is kept consistent throughout.

This improves curl formation for texture and brings out your well-packed curls spectacularly.

Shaved Sides Paired Low Fade 

Maintain long curly hair on top and fade the sides and back to achieve this look.
You can also choose to have the hair on the sides taper to skin fade and reach slightly above the ears.

It’s an excellent shaved sides hairstyle.

Tapered Short Afro With Beard

Want to keep your manes short while still looking stylish? This is the right hairstyle if you want to stand out from the crowd, pair it with a full beard. This short hair with beard style will give you a masculine appeal.

Hard Part Curls

To achieve this look, keep your natural curls tight on top and have the hair on the bottom half tapered.

Set your trimmer or razor to number one and carefully create your part to create a sharp distinction between the tight curls on top and the hair below.


If you want to keep your hair length short enough for easy maintenance but not too short for styling, the shag is the hairstyle for you.
This hairstyle can be worn in various ways, like shaggy hair or clean and smooth hairstyles.

Man With Shaggy 3C Curly Hair

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Angular Curls

To achieve this look, apply pomade to your wet curls and then tousle them. Then, using a round brush, sweep the curls on top of your head in the desired direction. Then, while blow-drying your hair in an upward motion, use a round brush to brush it.

When your curls are completely dry, apply hair wax to set the angle, and you’re ready to go.

Short Afro

For guys with 3C hair, a short afro with a fade is an excellent choice. To achieve this look, have your barber crop the length of your hair on top and gradually taper it down on the sides with the correct haircut numbers to expose the skin slightly above the ears.

Beach Curly Hair

Beachy curls give you a look that is appropriate for all casual occasions. It is also an excellent haircut for cool guys who don’t like unique, crazy haircuts because it gives them more styling and product application options.

Curly Undercut

The curly undercut is a military-style haircut. However, styling with type 3C hair gives you a unique and modern appearance. 
Curls add texture and dimension to this stylish men’s hairstyle. The best way to control your curls is to style them into an undercut.

Glossy Curls

Make sure your curls are perfectly styled, have a little more gloss, and the top curls have a more texturized finish.

Curly Fringe

Though curly fringe looks best on men with thick manes, men with type 3C curly hair can also pull it off.
It is on list of the best curly hairstyles for black men.

After styling your curls with glossy pomade, use hairspray to ensure that all of the curls are in place.

How to Style and Maintain 3C Haircut

Step 1 – Choosing the right hairstyle

Pick the right style for your 3C hair, depending on your preferences. You also need to choose a style that suits your face shape.

Step 2 – How to style

Talk to your barber about the style you want and ask for tips on how to style it. If you are styling at home, ensure you use the right tools and haircare products.

Step 3 – How to maintain

Always moisturize your hair before styling, and use a conditioner to detangle it.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Some of the best products you can use include:


Is 3C hair thick?

Yes, it is thick hair.

Is 3C hair natural hair?

Yes. 3C hair is natural.

Is 3C hair African American?

Yes, 3C hair is more African American.

How do men take care of their 3C hair?

By keeping it moisturized and using quality styling tools and products.

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