Cool Guy With Afro Hair

What Are They

The afro refers to a legendary haircut and style worn mainly by men. This style meets the needs and requirements of many people worldwide as it has delightful and excellent combinations of afro features, including curls, braids, colors, geometric shapes, dreads, and puffs.

Learn more about Afro hairstyles that are suitable for men and how to get such protective hairstyles through this article.

16 Most Popular Hairstyles

Side Part

This style allows you to part your moss head to the side, making it possible for its entire shape to change. It can even make a flathead surface even more defined.


Are you interested in sporting red hair men’s hairstyles or any other hair color? Then you can choose to have a colored Afro hairstyle. Highlight the usual curly hairstyles for black men with the colors you want, giving your hair a 3D effect guaranteed to look cool.

Note, though, that this look is only suitable for those who have tight and big curls.

Long Messy

You can also choose the long, messy afro hairstyle. You can make this look more impressive by going for longer and curlier hair, making it look messier. Avoid combing your hair. Just shake it from side to side to create a messy look.

Short Waves

Are you in search of short hairstyles? Then give your short hair some waves and curls. Just ensure that the hair stays grounded to your scalp. You can design your waves with the help of the trimmer and the remaining hair. Have wave brushes for quick and easy styling, too.

Box Fade

Also called flat top or hi-top, the box fade is a combination of sides you should taper down to become shorter and a well-defined rectangular top. The top hair’s length should be around three to five cm. You may also go for a tight and shorter top while gradually tapering the sides.


The fade has tapered sides, similar to a box fade. You should, however, make sure to let the top grow naturally.

Afro Fade Men Haircut


The pompadour is so versatile that it works for men with straight and fine hair or tight curls (similar to the curly undercut). What’s great about the pomp is that it lets you gain control over how you should shape your hair.

Generally, it requires you to shape the quiff in front.

Buzz Cut

If you want a low-maintenance Afro hairstyle, choose the buzz cut, which is short and inspired by the military cut. If your hair is extremely short, the style can give you a more defined face while highlighting your beard and jawline.


This is another version of the box fade that features a narrow middle. You can choose to have an angular style or let it grow naturally. If you have tight curls, expect to have more control over this style’s shape.

Geometric Design

The geometric design works well for those who have tight curls and thick hair. It features strong angles; you do not have to follow a strict requirement on how it should look. You can get creative and let your part line guide you in forming the best right-angle part.

Mid Part

The Afro mid-part hairstyle is as unique as slicked-back hairstyles. The parting you have done in the middle makes this style more distinctive. It also volumizes your hair.

Sponge Curls

Go for the sponge curls if you want your Afro hairstyle to give you highly impressive curls. Integrate a sponge twist to your style to make each curl uniquely defined.

Caesar Cut

The Afro style of the Caesar cut requires some natural growth while ensuring that it does not fully fade off. Each step of your hair should also be cut into small fringes. Make sure the cuts are equal, too.

This style may remind you a bit of the horizontal rolled fringes sported by many men during the 12th century.


For the twists to work, ensure that the top retains some length. The length on the side also has to be tapered down. This style would be better when you make the top a bit longer and messy.

Twists Afro Men Hairstyle


This fringe is distinctive from the usual straight ones. The reason is that the Afro fringe has some curls. The fringe looks as cool as whiteboy haircuts. It is also effective in filling in wide foreheads.

Flat Top

This flat-top hairstyle should be a bit concave for additional flair. It features taper faded sides without any line-ups.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Pick a style that is appropriate for you

The style should suit you based on several factors, like your personality and hair type—research how to transform your hair into your chosen style, too.

Step 2 – Trim regularly

Trim precisely the ends’ edges to prevent split ends from ruining your hairstyle. Make sure to comb your hair based on your chosen hairstyle, too. If you wish to use hair bands, choose one made of soft material with a vast body and thick structure.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Moisturize your hair thoroughly so it will continue to look nourished and healthy. This is important as it can retain the shine of your hair and make your curls tighter and more elastic. Trim regularly and avoid the use of artificial heat, too.

Air-drying your hair is also beneficial for proper and healthy growth.

Step 4 – Use the best shampoos

Use shampoos that can cleanse and keep your hair moisturized. You may also need to invest in beard oil for black men if you want to pair up your hairstyle with a beard. Other products necessary for those with afro hairstyles are silicone-free conditioner, hair oil, and moisturizers like Shea butter and coconut oil.


How do you shape an afro?

You can shape your afro by experimenting with what looks good on you. You may have the hair at various peaks, slick it back, go for the 90s flat top sported by Will Smith, or give it a subtle yet modern shape. Use your hands to shape your hair, too.

It involves patting the hair’s ends, picking all your hair, then gently patting outside to form the shape you want. Do not forget to conceal stray hair pieces. You should then let your hands move repetitively back and forth so you can shape every side of your chosen Afro style.

How to grow a good afro?

The key to growing a good afro is to keep your hair moisturized to prevent it from breaking and becoming brittle. It also helps to begin with a consistent length. In this case, it is advisable to have a haircut before growing an Afro.

This is to ensure that the past hairstyle will not impact the shape you want now. Avoid using harsh chemicals and styling tools, like those that use a lot of heat, so you can continue growing your Afro healthily.

Why is my afro not growing?

It could be because of the excessive control and manipulation of your hair by daily practices, such as styling, combing, touching, and twirling. All these, when done excessively, may cause wear and tear. It may also lead to the breakage of your Afro, thereby hampering its growth.

How to sleep with an afro?

Use a clean bun to tie your hair before sleeping. This is to protect your hair from wear and tear and friction. Do not leave your hair free and open when sleeping, as it may only ruin its edges and increase the risk of hair fall.

Use a satin or silk pillow cover to minimize friction and potential damage to your hair.

How to start growing an afro?

Pick your preferred Afro hairstyle first. You should then work on growing your hair to get that style finally. Moisturize your hair with the help of natural products, like essential oils, creams, and butters. Make sure to eat healthily and lessen your stress, too.

That way, you can encourage and support the growth of your afro and style it the way you want.