Smiling Young Man With Beard And Short Haircut

A beard with short hair is one of the most stunning looks for men. On top of that, short hair is usually easier to maintain than long hair.

24 Most Popular Hairstyles

Classic Look

One of the best and most stylish ways to wear your hair is short and manageable. You can bring the best out of this style by wearing a well-trimmed and maintained long or short beard.


Trim the sides of your head with a neat beard and couple it with a nicely filled and groomed beard. This style is both funky and relaxed.

Buzz Cut 

A buzz cut is one of the most common low-maintenance haircuts and one of the ideal short haircuts for thick hair. You only need to get to a barber and explain how short you want your hair. Couple it with a nicely done beard, and you have a great look to wear all week long.

With Beard Fade

You can combine a nice haircut with a well-done beard fade. A beard fade is the same as a hair fade by labeling your short and long beard strands. This style is ideal for every classic man.

Slicked Back and Long Beard

One of the top haircuts you can go for is the slicked-back haircut combined with a long beard. You can slick it back with hair cream or gel if you have moderately long hair. Finish off this look with a well-maintained long beard.

Short Textured Flat Top and Thick Stubble

This look is great for men with fully textured hair. While it’s easy for the hair to become unruly, maintain a flat top haircut with quality hair products. Add a little style to this hairstyle with a well-maintained thick stubble beard.

Shaved Sides Comb Over and Heavy Stubble

If you wear your beard in heavy stubble, you already java enough attention on your face. Complete your look with shaved sides, leaving a nice mane of well-trimmed hair on top.

Short With Full Beard

If you like to stand out, you can wear a full beard and maintain it well with good beard oils while keeping your hair short. Not only is the beard attractive, but it also shows your ability to groom yourself, making you more attractive.

Choose the best short haircut for thick beards to suit your lifestyle.

Man With Short Beard And Full Beard

Textured Quiff, Low Bald Fade and Short Beard

A quiff is an ideal hairstyle for the modern classic man. Make yours more attractive with a low bald fade, and wear a short beard to draw attention to your well-maintained hair.

High Taper Fade and Full Beard

You can never go wrong with short haircuts and a full beard, especially if you take good care of it. How about completing your look with short haircuts for black men with a high taper fade? Sharp, right?

Spiky, Skin Fade and Design

You can wear spiky hair if you like extra detail to your hairstyle. For that extra touch, go for a skin fade and incorporate a design on the sides. The design could be as straightforward or as intricate as you like.

Short Messy, Mid Fade and Thick Beard

You can wear your hair short and messy and still look good. Just have a mid fade on the sides and a thick, well-maintained beard.

Short Textured, Taper Fade and Full Beard

Textured hair always looks good, but let’s face it, it seems better if you wear it short. Taper the sides of your head, then grow a blooming, maintained full beard for the best look.

Textured Crop Top, Low Fade and Thick Beard

Wear your hair in a textured crop top with a low-side fade. Complete that look with a thick beard. You can maintain your beard with the best oils, castor oil and shaping tools.

With Long Beard

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you, or you don’t like long hair, you can wear it short. You can sport a long beard, such as an Arab beard and maintain it well for a great look.

Long Hair, Short Sides

Wearing your hair long doesn’t have to be boring. Trim the sides short for mid or high-fade haircuts, then style the top hair as you please. Finish off that look with a nicely shaven and maintained beard.

Man With fade And Beard

Short Crew Cut and Tapered Sides

A crew cut always looks good, especially if you take the time to maintain it. Now, combine nicely tapered sides and a well-maintained beard to achieve the ultimate neat look.

Low Fade, Slick Back and Long Beard

Wearing your hair slightly long doesn’t mean you have to keep sweeping it off your face. You can always wear a nice slick back with a low fade on the sides, then sport a long beard to finish the look.

High Skin Fade, Textured Top and Thick Beard

Do you love your thick beard? We love it too. How about you combine it with a textured top haircut with a high skin fade on the sides?

Faux Hawk, Burst Fade, Design and Beard

Wear your faux hawk haircut with a burst fade, and ask your stylist to craft a design on the side. It could be a simple line or a name tattoo. If you sport a beard, ensure it’s well-maintained for a complete look.

Mid Razor Fade and Fringe

As far as razor fade haircuts are concerned, the mid-razor fade is one of the best. If you like a fringe on your hair, you can make it look better with mid-razor fade haircuts on the sides. Wear a short, well-maintained beard for an overall cool look.

Brushed-Up Hair and Groomed Beard

One of the best ways to wear long hair is by brushing it up with a comb and styling it. You can hold it up in a bun or a ponytail. You can complete your look with a well-groomed beard.

Short Comb Over and Tapered Sides

If you’re a sucker for a short comb over, you can add spice to the look by tapering the sides and sporting a well-maintained beard.

Messy Hair and Big Beard

Some men naturally look good with messy hair and big beards. If you are in this category, always use quality products to maintain your hairstyle and beard.

Man With Messy Hair And Beard

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing the right style

Pick a hairstyle that suits the shape of your head and your lifestyle. You also want a hairstyle that fits your air structure and thickness.

Step 2 – Styling 

Always use quality styling products such as oil, creams and gel when styling your hair. Also, use pomade, wax and beard oil for the beard.

Step 3 – Maintaining

Visit your hairstylist regularly to maintain your haircut and beard. Short hairstyles look good because they are trimmed often.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Insist on using natural hair products to clean and maintain your hair, such as natural shampoos for black men. Such products boost the growth and health of your hair.


Does short hair look better with a beard?

Some short hairstyles look better with a well-maintained beard.

Can you have a beard with short hair?

Yes, depending on your preference, you can keep a beard with short hair.