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Having 4C hair can be fun. If it’s shaped and preserved correctly, one can create a very appealing style for men that many will appreciate. But there is a common misconception that 4C hair is hard to grow and maintain.

If you go at it from a completely wrong approach, having 4C hair can be extremely hard to manage. But if you find the right way and the most appropriate steps to do it, you will enjoy every minute of having it.

Since there are many curly hairstyles for black men, we feel that we have to explain everything thoroughly so your 4C hair for men can look as fabulous as you see it on TV.

What Is Men’s 4C Hair

4C hair is recognized by being densely packed and coiled in a z-shaped curl pattern. It is a part of the type 4 hair range but can be very similar to the 4B type. Instead, the 4Bit comes with a much clearer curl definition and more shrinkage, up to 80%.

4C hair stands very tightly coiled. Looking very closely at the shape of the strands when you pull them off, you will notice a clear z-shaped pattern. Also, the hair can experience significant shrinkage as it can go down to 75%.

People also need to be aware that we can have more different types of hair within our heads. So, for instance, one can have tighter curls upfront and loser ones in the back or the other way around.

But having more coils that are twisting, braiding or shingling means that you have 4C hair.

How to Grow 4C Hair For Men

Growing any protective hairstyles for curly hair can be a daunting task. A single mistake can ruin your 4C hairstyle and may require you to start all over again. Not only that, but there is always a possibility of damaging your hair if you don’t know what you are doing.

So to do it right, you should follow some of these pieces of advice:

Step 1 – Establish a proper hair routine 

The initial step may be the most important and requires you to plan a bit. But to create a perfect plan and a hair maintenance routine, you must know your hair. You have to determine if your hair has high or low porosity, does it have natural oils, things like that. 

After you determine the hair type, you can start implementing a routine that involves how many times a week you need to wash it, when to trim it, how many times to condition it, whether you should use shampoo for strong black hair, etc.

Once you establish these, stay consistent and follow the plan to a T.

Step 2 – Moisture the hair frequently

4C hair loves moisture, but at the same time, due to the shape of the curls, it tends to lose moisture much faster than regular hair. The z-shape of the curls makes it very hard for natural oils to go throughout the strand.

Dry hair is brittle and can break on your, especially 4C hair. So to prevent that from happening, moisturize the hair at least three times a week while it grows.

Step 3 – Drink more water

Water helps to boost hair growth. We recommend drinking up to 13 glasses of water per day to help hydrate the strands from within. Being fully hydrated will reflect positively on our skin, hair, and beard.

So more water can also have a positive effect on black men’s beard styles as well as their hair.

Step 4 – Trim split ends

Man With 4c Type Hair in the Barber Shop

While growing your 4C hair is an excellent chance of developing split ends. These happen when the ends of your hair become too dry, so they get damaged and brittle. Damaged hair tends to travel a strand upwards and further cause havoc to your hair.

To prevent continuing damage, trim the ends from time to time. Trimming should become a part of your hair growth routine and help your strands grow healthy and strong.

Step 5 – Avoid using products with strong chemicals

To help your 4C hair grow, you should avoid using stronger shampoos. Every time you buy one, check the bottle and be sure to use those that don’t have alcohol, sulfates, mineral, SLS, and petroleum as ingredients.

These ingredients destroy natural oils and leave your scalp dry. Try switching to shampoos that have genuine products. If you determine that it works for you, you switch to it and make sure you stick by it.

How to Style 4C Men’s Hair

Styling your 4C hair comes with a few master tricks that people with curly hair should know about. It will help them greatly if they know what to do so they can style the hair correctly and even combine it with goatee styles for black men.

Step 1 – Avoid washing every day

Some people believe it is better to wash 4C hair to style it better. This is entirely not true and a complete opposite should be applied. Shampooing it once a week is more than enough.

Washing it too often may lead you to damage and dry out your scalp. It will also lead to reducing the overall strength of the hair.

Step 2 – Condition 

One of the best styling pieces of advice is to condition your hair more frequently. A silicone-free conditioner is the best option as it helps detangle your hair and prepare it for styling.

You can then use the world’s best electric shavers to trim off the parts you don’t want and make the hair look perfect.

Step 3 – Cover at night

Switching your nighttime routine is essential for styling and keeping your 4C hair. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one at night, you will protect the hair from pulling and getting more tangled.

Alternatively, guys can opt for a durag and put it on their hair before bed.

Step 4 – Avoid heat

Heat does not sit well with 4C hair. Blowdrying it will make it dryer, damage it, and make it susceptible to breakage. You can use a towel to rinse it off or let it air dry. Moisture is suitable for this type of hair, so the hair won’t mind getting some extra moisture.

By protecting your hair, you will also be allowed to create your entire look the way you like it and if you are growing a beard, consider the beard kits for black men for help.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Implement a healthy diet.
  • Use oils as well as beard oils.
  • Massage your scalp regularly.
  • Take supplements and vitamins.
  • Trim the hair regularly.
  • Consider using wave grease and pomades.


  • Exposure your hair to too much heat.
  • Dying your hair too much.
  • Use strong chemical products on your hair.
  • Washing your hair almost every day.


How to protect 4C hair during the night?

There are a few ways to protect 4C hair at night. One is to braid it and you can find out how to do it with the help of a guide to braid styles. Or you can use a satin bonnet or a scarf to protect it while sleeping.

How often should 4C hair be washed?

4C hair should be washed less frequently than regular hair. Shampooing it once a week is more than enough and co-washing it two times a week is preferable.

How often should you detangle 4C men’s hair?

Detangling 4C hair once or twice a week is the best practice to protect and keep it healthy.

How to define 4C men’s curls?

Man With Curly Hair is Thinking

4C hair is similar to 4B hair, except it is much tighter coiled. It can be defined as kinky hair and is recognized by having a z-shaped curl pattern and it also shrinks much more than 4B hair.

Does hair type change with age?

Yes, it can. As we age, the person’s hair pattern can change, mainly because our hair becomes thinner and more brittle.


Don’t think about losing your 4C hair, it isn’t easy to handle but don’t give up on it. There are ways to get around all the difficult stuff it comes with. You can do it with a few simple tips and then it just takes getting into a routine.

After reading the article and following the pieces of advice we give, we feel that you will be much more confident when creating this type of style.

Michele Antunes

About the author: Michele Antunes

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