Guy in Sweater With Curly Top Fade Haircut

20 Most Popular Hairstyles

Big Afro and Gold Highlights

Style your hair with a temple fade to contrast your light skin tone. Put a few gold highlights at the end of your bold and dark hair to strengthen the look. The integration of gold highlights is also one of the most exciting hair color ideas for men with light skin.

Curly Mohawk With Fade

Pairing Mohawk hairstyles for black men with dreadlocks already look cool, but you can make the look even more distinctive by integrating some burgundy highlights. Put the highlights at the end and get the curly low fade to make the look more impressive.

Buzz Cut

You may look at the buzz cut as a somewhat plain haircut, but if you make it go along with a short undercut hairstyle in the shade of black, then it will surely complement well with your light skin. Add more edge to the style by wearing a beard.

Man Bun With Undercut

Emphasize your man bun nicely by pairing it with a disconnected undercut. It is a unique style that will surely grab attention.

High Top Curly Fade

If you are searching for incredible-looking curly hairstyles, choose the high-top curly fade. The combination of light skin and the high temp fade can make you look even more masculine and beautifully intensify some of your facial features.

Guy With Modern Curly Fade With Line Haircut

Long Twists

This style is good for you if you prefer growing your hair long. With the twists around, you can restrain your hair and prevent them from getting overexposed to harsh elements.

Dreadlocks With Highlights

This light skin haircut features a slight fade along your hairline. You can also nicely combine it with dreadlocks that have golden highlights, making the style perfect for parties, daily events, and cultural shows.

Braided Mohawk

This style makes the braids that also come with a small bun at the end the center of attention. Increase the impact of this style by wearing it with a low-tapered undercut.

Short Curly Hair

With this cut, you can showcase a more approachable and softer vibe. It is as flexible as the other Native American hairstyles that you’ll feel confident wearing at work or in casual events.

Long Micro Braids

Do not let the micro braids at the center part perfectly so you can also sport a casual look. Make sure the braids have loose ends to display the curls.

Afro Top With Undercut

Your thick afro hair will be highlighted positively with this style. Combine the top with an undercut to lessen bulk and give it a better shape.

Cornrow Braids

Most cornrow hairstyles leave a good impression and this cornrow braid hairstyle is no exception. It works in offsetting the natural biracial skin tone while enhancing its effect.

Hair Design Hairstyle

Short Natural Hair

This cut is ideal if your facial shape is either oval or round. All it takes is styling your short and natural hair in a single length. The fact that this is a short haircut also means it requires minimal maintenance.

Long Curly Afro

If your Afro hair comes with tight curls, you can highlight them with highly impressive curly and layered haircuts. Use black and caramel shades for the hair to look good on your light skin. Keep the length at around 4 to 5 inches for ease of maintenance.

Short Twists With Fade

This combination is also a good choice if you want the best light-skin haircut. You will enjoy your short twists as you can quickly and easily style them. Meanwhile, the fade aids in shaping your face and emphasizing strong cheekbones.

Buzz and Beard

Go for the buzz cut if you want an easy-to-maintain style. Make the buzz cut look even better with a beard.

Long 3C or 4A Hair

Integrate some hints of the caramel shade on your kinky curls, as it looks good for light skin. You can also choose to incorporate long layers into this style.

Afro Mohawk

You can shape this style characterized by an afro texture similar to the low-key mohawk. Keep both sides short while adding more volume on top.

Short Braided Bun With Caramel Highlights

Even those searching for hairstyles for men with glasses can benefit from this style. Make your black hair look even classier with the integration of caramel highlights. Pull the braids together to form a ponytail or low man bun.

Soft Brush Buzz Cut

Go for this style if you want one that you can wear in professional and corporate environments. It looks neat, professional, and classy.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Pick a style

Pick a style based on your preferred length of hair. Consider your facial shape and the texture of your hair, too. In addition, your chosen style should be based on where you will be wearing it – whether in a professional or casual setting.

Step 2 – Style your haircut

Style your chosen light skin haircut based on how long it is. For instance, if it is short, you can select modern and classic styles, like the high top, mohawk, loose curls, twists, and cornrows. Style it with a fade on both sides, too, as this looks good on short haircuts for light skin.

Step 3 – Trim

Trim your hair regularly to ensure that each strand will stay healthy and will not form split ends. Wash your hair with the right products and prevent dryness with the help of some hair moisturizers and conditioners.

Step 4 – Apply conditioner and wax

To make your light skin haircut last long, do not forget to apply hair conditioners and wax to it regularly. They can condition your hair, prevent possible damage, and ensure that proper moisture is retained. The hair wax can even maintain the shape of your chosen style for an extended period.


Which haircut will suit my light skin the most?

You have plenty of haircut choices if your skin is light. The most suitable one for you is, therefore, that which can make you look confident, emphasize your best facial features, and nicely contrast your skin tone.

Does black hair look good on light skin?

Yes. Black hair is even a striking and excellent combination provided you choose the perfect shade and undertones for you. If unsure, you can always consult a professional hairstylist so the right shade and undertones will be selected.

How to pick the right hair color for your skin tone?

What you should do is perform a color check first. This means checking out specific colors and determining which ones stand out when paired with your skin. Make sure you look at and scrutinize your natural hair, too.

Cool tones need ash or silver undertones, while warm tones often look good on orange, yellow, or red undertones.