Attractive Man with Glasses

Most people wear glasses today.

Whether it is by choice or necessity, we have managed to work the glasses into our own appearance and made them a part of who we are.

To really incorporate everything properly, we have to pick a haircut that goes well with them.

Getting proper hairstyles for men with glasses is not easy.

You need to choose one based on the type of glasses you have, the shape of your face, and even your skin tone.

There are a lot of variables that go into making a proper pick.

We have created an article that highlights the problems of guys with glasses and shows ways to resolve them simply by choosing the right hair option.

14 Most Popular Hairstyles for Men With Glasses

Confused about a taper vs fade or considering some ’90s hairstyles? Here are some options you can try out.

Center Part Long Layered

Make a center part and layer your long hair for a stylish and casual look.

Comb Over

Make a side part and comb your hair over to one side.

Slick Back Undercut

Slick back hairstyles work great with glasses. Get an undercut and comb your hair back.

Ivy League

Keep your hair short with the sides even shorter and comb the top back.

Side Part Quiff

Side part hairstyles and glasses work well together, especially if you style the top up and to the side.

Man Bun

Tie your medium or long hair into a half or full bun.

Messy Bangs

Keep the sides short and your bangs messy and slightly to the side.

Spiky With a Fade

Get a fade and spike up the top.

Young Man With a Spiky Hair hairstyles for men with glasses

Skin Fade With Bangs

Get a skin fade on the sides to blend your hair with the skin and style the top as a front short fringe.

Long Swept Back

Sweep the front of your long hair back.

Spiky Brush-Up

Keep the top long and spike it up ultimately.

Parted Bangs

Part your bangs in the middle to highlight the glasses.

Short Messy

Keep the hair short and muss it up a bit.

Long Tucked Back

Tuck the long hair behind your ears.

What Are Hairstyles for Men With Glasses

If you have glasses, you will likely need to opt for a certain kind of hairstyle that will go well with your face shape, hair length, texture, and the shape and appearance of your glasses.

In this sense, there are several particular hairstyles that you should consider that can complete your look and provide a stylish and elegant cohesion. There are numerous options available to you, so based on what your requirements are, you can pick one and maintain it.

How to Style Your Hairstyle With Glasses

Step 1 – Prepare your hair

Wash and condition your hair regularly so that it remains healthy. You can then do this on the day you want to style your hair so that you can manage it easily.

You can also use the world’s best hair growth supplements if you wish to grow your hair but are having difficulty doing so.

Step 2 – Use hair product

Pomade vs gel vs wax vs clay can be difficult to make considering the numerous options you have, but choose the best pomade for men or the best wax or gel or clay that you think suits you best. Opt for a reliable brand too.

Step 3 – Comb and style

You can use suitable hair dryers to dry your hair, but leave it slightly damp for styling. Make sure you also use hair dryers minimally without making a habit of it.

Comb your hair and style it up, back, or side with your fingers. Use a comb with fine teeth to make this easier. You can then add some product to keep it in place.

Things to Consider About Hairstyles With Glasses


If you have glasses, it is ideal for keeping your beard short or at least well-groomed and tidy if it is longer. Opt for the proper beards for a round face or an angular and sharper face.

Man With Glasses and a Beard

Length of Hair

You can opt for either short, medium or long hair, depending on whether or not you want to highlight your glasses. You can keep your length short for good harmony or opt for something like a fade and taper with shorter sides and a longer top.

Face Shape

If you have a sharper face shape, go with round glasses. Opt for sharp-edged and shapely glasses if your face is round. This can help with contrast as well as cohesion. This also applies to your hairstyle; go for cuts that can bring out certain facial features and shadow others you want to hide.


No matter what hairstyle and glasses you choose, everything should have a sense of harmony. For instance, you can select a frame color based on the color and length of your hair to create a more uniform appearance.

Interfering Hair

Since you have glasses, it might be ideal to avoid hair that falls on your face. Fringes and bangs are some things to avoid since they will fall on top of your glasses. If you want to avoid unprofessional hairstyles, this is another factor you should account for here.


What is the best hairstyle for people with glasses?

Styling your hair up or slicking it back and pairing it with a fade or undercut can work exceptionally well with glasses, although you can pull off numerous other options.

Does a fade look good with glasses?

Yes, a fade looks great with glasses.

How can you look better with glasses?

Keep your hair out of your face entirely and choose the right frame and color of the glasses.

Does wearing glasses make you look older?

Not at all! You can combine the glasses with youthful hair if you are concerned.


Those were some stylish hairstyles for men with glasses and ways in which you can maintain them. Pick one that works for you and enjoy the look!

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