Indian Man with Traditional Native American Make up

Native Americans have many culturally and historically significant customs, practices and traditions, many of which also extend to the kind of hair that they have and keep.

Many Native American men continue to maintain some traditional hairstyles, while others prefer opting to adopt these styles into more modern looks. Either way, if you want to learn more about these styles, some options you can try out, and ways to maintain them, you can go through the following guide.

Native American Hairstyles for Men

For an old-school haircut for Native Americans, you can go through the following options.



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This involves a single lock of hair on the scalp or at the top while shaving the rest of the hair off.

Roached Hair

Roached Hair

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This involves wearing a headdress full of (usually red) porcupine hair.

Mohawk Native American Hairstyle


Mohawks involve a central section of hair while the sides are shaved off. The central spikes are then styled in various ways.

Long Braids

Man with Long Braids

You can braid your hair as a Native American man to denote power, identity and faith.

Salish Men with Flowing Hair

Salish Men with Flowing Hair

Salish men often leave their hair long and flowing, often braiding them.

Crow Chief with Braids

Crow Chief with Braids Native American Haircut

Braid your hair and place them close to your scalp.

Short Hair and Headband

Short Hair and Headband

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Keep your hair short and use a headband styled in various ways to accessorize.

Crow Chief Long Hair Native American Hairstyle

Braids and Mohawk

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Long Hair With Thin Braid


Long Wavy Hair

Split Ponytail

Pigtails With Beads

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Natural Long Hair

Ponytail Mohawk

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What is It and Short History of Native American Hairstyle

Native American hairstyles are not easy to define, considering that numerous tribes and communities tend to have distinct hairstyles and customs. In this sense, any hairstyle that follows these traditions becomes a Native American hairstyle.

Many tribes often add some necessary accessories to their hair that can also be a significant part of their style and culture.

How to Get and Maintain Native American Hairstyle

Get and maintain Native American hairstyles through the following process.

Step 1 – Learn the Significance

Make sure you know the cultural significance of the kind of haircut you are getting so that you know what you are doing. Speak to the elders of your community or some of your family members to figure this out.

Step 2 – Choose a Hairstyle

Based on the options provided above or others that you might find out about, you should think about it a bit and then opt for a hairstyle that you think will suit you and one that can represent your culture.

Step 3 – Find a Suitable Barber

Always ask your barber if you are in doubt so that you can figure out how to proceed. You will also need to find a barber or stylist who is experienced and well versed in Native American hairstyles and cuts to trust them to give you the right cut.

Step 4 – Wash Well

You do not need to wash your hair too frequently. This can help your hair grow more naturally, although you should confirm the custom of your tribe or community. Do wash your hair once a week or so to maintain its health.

Step 5 – Use the Right Products

You can use powerful hair clippers to trim your hair. Make sure the hair products you use are suited for Native American hair. Relying on natural and organic products can help. You can also use the right amount of hair gel or other such products when needed.

Step 6 – Nourish Your Hair

Provide nourishment to your hair by eating healthily and maintaining a suitable lifestyle. You can also use premium hair oil for men or natural DHT blockers to ensure proper nourishment and hair growth.


Why Is Hair So Important to Native Americans?

Hair is tied in with the culture, history, identity and community of Native Americans. Many styles are also connected to certain customs, events and emotions.

Why Do They Grow Long Hair?

Native Americans tend to grow long hair because of the connection to nature and their natural form, not to mention that it connects them to their gods. It also symbolizes power, strength and a way to reclaim their identity.

Young Native American with Long Hair

How Did Native Americans Wear Their Hair?

Native Americans either wore their hair long or tied it up into buns, knots or braids. Many even styled it up with accessories.

Did Native Americans Braid Their Hair?

Yes, Native Americans often braided their hair.

Is Native American Hair Thick?

Native American hair tends to be thick due to the reliance on natural products and genetic factors.


There are several Native American hairstyles for men to try out. Make sure you know the importance, figure out what you want and how you can maintain it.

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