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6 Most Popular Elvis Presley Haircuts

Elvis Presley is one of the icons in terms of men’s hairstyles and cuts. He was famous for wearing iconic and unique hairstyles that looked good on him. Recreate even his iconic 50s hairstyles by learning about his most popular haircuts through this article.

Tousled Texture

You can get a barber’s advice, so this particular tousled texture haircut from Elvis Presley will look good. It is possible to get this style by blow-drying your hair.

You may also use gravity to gain control of the shape of your hair. A blow dryer is a much more useful tool if you find it challenging to obtain hair volume and height.

Carefree Coif

This impressive hairstyle of Elvis from when he was still so young can make anyone feel carefree and reasonable about themselves.

If you want to recreate this, make sure you do a pomade vs. wax vs. gel vs. clay comparison since you will most likely use such products for proper styling.

It is also advisable to give it the required elevation and volume once it gets dry. You can achieve that by separating your hair using random sections/parts and then shaking a bit of a hair boost powder on your scalp.


He also had his version of the ducktail hairstyle, which was popular when he was still younger. He copied this style from Tony Curtis.

He changed the color of his hair from brown to black, then formed the ducktail shape. He made it his own by sweeping the style into high pomp in front.


Get the kind of pompadour made famous by Elvis by starting with basic pomp. The good news is that the pomp is versatile, so expect it to look good no matter the texture of your hair. It also looks good on men of all ages.

Note that this pomp hairstyle is made to be imperfect, which means it should be a bit slouched and messy.

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Of course, who would forget Elvis’ rockabilly look? This greaser look was so popular back then that many young men wore it. The famous James Dean even joined in the trend at that time. Elvis made the rockabilly style his own by adding pomp to it.

Elvis 70s Hairstyle

Elvis Presley also made some changes in his hairstyle during the 70s. He grew long hair and some sideburns.

5 Modern Presley’s Haircut Variations

Hard Part and Pomp

Adding a tricky part, you can make the famous perfect-looking pomp worn by Elvis more modern. Many love the result of this variation, which is why you can now see some men confidently sporting it.

Textured Slick-Back Featuring High Fade

Another Elvis haircut that is worth giving a try is the textured slick-back. It is as modern as a flat-top hairstyle, so you will never regret sporting it in any setting. It looks neat and polished, plus you can add more fun and distinctiveness to it with the help of a high fade.

Modern Quiff

You can also add a modern touch to the neat and slicked-back quiff worn by Elvis Presley. What’s great about the modern quiff is that it is very versatile.

You can style it with others, like a comb-over, side part, or messy style. Depending on your mood, you can use hair extensions or style them into a large quiff.

Shaggy Side Part

You will also feel confident wearing a shaggy side part, then complement it with Elvis Presley’s epic beard style. Get such a beard by growing your facial hair for around a couple of weeks to give it the correct thickness.

Apply some beard oils to promote healthy growth, then trim and shape it just like how Elvis did his. You can also pair the shaggy side part with any facial hair style you want, like those beard styles without sideburns.

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Silver Look

This silver look will also look good on anyone, regardless of age. It is classic and timeless, making it flattering for men of all ages. Even older people can look dashing by choosing this greaser silver look.

How to Style and Maintain Elvis Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose an Elvis hairstyle based on your facial shape and features. Make sure that your hair type and color also fit your chosen style. In most cases, darker hair color is ideal for the modern versions of Elvis Presley hairstyles, so consider getting hair dyes in such colors.

Elvis even used a blue-black shade, so it would be a good idea to pick that color.

Step 2 – Get the proper length of hair

In most cases, the hair on top should be around 4 to 5 inches and approximately 2 inches over your ears. This should help in making the hair sweep back. After that, trim your hair to your nape.

Step 3 – Maintain it

Maintain your Elvis Presley hairstyle or haircut by washing and conditioning it regularly. It also helps to style it with a comb, especially if you are wearing the pomp. That way, your best features will be accentuated.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Apply the right products to ensure that your Elvis Presley hairstyle will continue to look good on you. You can complete your look with a hair volumizer or spray.

Make sure that you are applying and using natural-based products on your hair, too, such as pomade and sculpting clay capable of adding structure and providing shine.


What is Elvis’ hairstyle called?

The pompadour. Most people call it pompadour as it is Elvis Presley’s most iconic hairstyle. It has also become popular because the style looks good on whoever wears it, as the hair texture is not that important.

Did Elvis wear his hair long?

Yes. Several of the hairstyles of Elvis are so unique and different as he grew his hair longer. There was a time when he still wore his popular ducktail hairstyle, but his hair was a bit longer, giving him a sort of “bad boy” look.

Did Elvis Presley naturally have black hair?

One of the things that are unique about Elvis Presley’s image is his jet-black hair. Note, though, that his hair is not naturally black. The natural color of his hair was blonde.

What are the drawbacks of an Elvis haircut?

One downside of sporting an Elvis haircut is that it may be hard to maintain. You may have to invest in several hair products to secure and maintain the look, similar to when caring for men’s permed hair.

Is an Elvis haircut right for me?

This depends on the type of hair you have, your facial shape, facial features, and length of hair. Note, though, that in most cases, the haircuts of Elvis are suitable for a lot of men.

This is especially true for the pompadour, a versatile hairstyle that you can also easily keep modern.

How long does an Elvis haircut take?

The average time it takes to get a haircut, including an Elvis haircut, is around thirty to forty-five minutes. This time also includes washing and drying your hair as well as styling. However, if you are going for a trim, it only takes around ten minutes.

How much does an Elvis haircut cost?

An Elvis haircut costs quite similar to how much you spend for other haircuts. The national average for men’s haircuts, depending on the US state you are in, is around $28 to $50.

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