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27 Most Popular James Dean Haircuts

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is one of the hottest 50s hairstyles for men and it is still popular up to the present. You can make the classic James Dean pomp more modern by making it voluminous and messy.

James Dean’s Rockabilly Pomp

This rockabilly pomp is almost the same as that of Elvis Presley. It features a pomp-like structure on top and uniform and tapered sides. The entire styling is still the classic brush-back popularized by James Dean.

Long Greaser Pomp

If you prefer keeping long hair, go for the long greaser pomp, which is also one of the most popular pompadour hairstyles worn by James Dean. It looks sleek and meets your requirements if you prefer to have a greaser look for your hair.

Textured Brushed-Up Hair

You can also ask a barber’s advice if the textured brushed-up hair is good for you. If you get a go-signal, expect to enjoy the textured and classic look that’s hassle-free and comfortable to maintain.

Finger Combed Brush Back

If you have medium-length and wavy hair, then getting a James Dean look is possible. You have to comb your strands with your fingers to get this style.

Spiky and Perfect

Go for a wavy and spiky look through this hairstyle. Just style your hair with even or uniform spikes and lift them a bit.

Natural Mess

If your hair is naturally messy, you don’t have to worry about bad hair days. This style features beautiful waves for your hair strands, lifting them on top. Brush back the remaining hair to complete the look.

Rebel Look

The rebel look of James Dean is also a hit, especially for those in search of cool teen boy haircuts. Just chop your hair evenly, then use a hair pomade for styling. Complete the look with a brush back that looks rugged.


If you prefer a neater look, choose the swept-back hairstyle. This classic and neatly swept style requires you to sweep all parts of your hair backward.

Man With a James Dean Haircut Wearing Sunglasess

Thick and Classic

This also somewhat displays a rebel look. What makes it different is that the strands are made thicker. You should also sweep them back.

Flawless Slick-Back

Choose this style if you have an extended forehead. With this straightforward style, you have to chop your hair evenly. Apply pomade, then achieve the slicked-back hair with a comb.

Classy Waves

James Dean also confidently sported classy waves. Emulate this style by having short sides and a long upper part. Integrate some waves on top, then give it a bit of a side-sweep style.

Disconnected Pomp

This is ideal for you if your hair is wavy and thick. Keep the top long and thick, then create a retro pomp style. It should also have a disconnection, while the sides should be styled with an undercut.

Tapered and Faded Bangs

Choose the tapered and faded bangs if you are searching for a cool fade hairstyle. It has cool-looking bangs, thanks to the subtle yet attractive highlights integrated into it. It looks even more impressive with the fade on all sides and a taper cut.

High and Tight Top

This is a more modern version of the usual James Dean style. Just maintain a high and tight top, then add a smooth fade on the remaining parts.

Retro Trimmed

You will have to give your thick strands a moderate scissor trim in this style. The sides should also be shorter compared to the top. Complete the look with a sweep-back.

Textured Locks

This is quite different from the usual style of James Dean as it features textured bangs on top. You can then sweep it back subtly and in layers. Combine it with short and even sides, too.

Clean and Wavy Taper

You will love this style if you prefer a clean taper. It features thick wavy bangs that you can easily style if you sweep it back using layers.

Layered and Buzzed

This haircut features a buzz at the back, perfectly combining with long-layered strands. This gives it an attractively retro vibe.

Messy Quiff

Provided you get the appropriate cut, you will have an easier time styling and wearing the messy quiff the entire day. It has a masculine and rebellious feel while still appropriate in the workplace.

Bearded Man With a Quiff Haircut

Well-Groomed Waves

If you prefer classy and polished, have this well-groomed wave hairstyle. It looks even more attractive after providing a messy upsweep on the crown.

Sweet and Sexy Taper

For this James Dean haircut, you will have to pair upswept and wavy strands at the crown with a taper cut that you should incorporate into the sides. This should make the entire look sweet and sexy.

Blonde Waves

The good thing about this James Dean haircut is that it makes use of a hair color, which looks good for a lot of men, blonde. Apart from being blonde, the sides also feature a taper cut. The upper part also features brushed-back waves, making the overall style more impressive.

Stylish Brush Back

This style works for you if your hair is wavy and thick. Just provide your hair with a taper cut, then combine it with a polished slick-back style.

Choppy and Bold Bangs

You can style your hair by integrating wavy and high bangs on your crown. Brush the back and sides to make the bangs look shorter.

Moveable and Undercut Bangs

You will fall in love with this cool and attractive hairstyle as it features a top that has a lot of movement. Leave the crown with textured and long strands while integrating an undercut on the sides. Use grooming products, especially pomade, to complete the look.

Refined and Elegant

This trendy hairstyle looks polished and elegant. It features short sides and a long top. Apply a quality hair product, providing hold to your long strands. Style it with a left, then have it swept to the side.

How to Style and Maintain James Dean Hairstyles

Step 1 – Grow out your hair to mid-length

That said, ensure that you are willing to do that before choosing a James Dean cut. It should also be fitting, depending on your facial shape.

Step 2 – Style it

Style your hair depending on your chosen cut or James Dean’s hairstyle variation. If you select the quiff, styling the hair up and back is advisable, giving you a more textured appearance. Add a fade or undercut on both sides.

Step 3 – Wash hair regularly

Make sure to towel it dry until it is damp before you style it. This will prevent the risk of damaging your hair.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

The best product you can use for your James Dean hairstyle is a pomade. As much as possible, go for an oil-based one, which provides significant hold.

In addition, it can provide medium to high shine whether you have long or short hairstyles and give you that wet and slicked-back look popularized by James Dean.

Common Mistakes With James Dean Look

One usual mistake for those who intend to get the James Dean look is not keeping their hair long enough. Note that it is necessary to grow your stands slightly longer, maybe around a couple of inches on top, while also having around an inch on the edges.

This should give your hair more volume. You should not also forget to apply some hairstyling gel or pomade. Put more on top layers to ensure you sport the best James Dean look.


What is the James Dean haircut called?

James Dean has a lot of haircuts and styles that remain iconic to this day. The classic quiff and pompadour are two of the most popular of his many hairstyles.

What products do you need for a James Dean haircut?

For a James Dean haircut, you must have a pomade for proper styling. You may also use clay or wax to add volume and moisture to your hair.

How to tell if a James Dean haircut is for you?

Find out whether you are fond of the pompadour first because it is one of the most commonly sported haircuts of James Dean.

You may want to adopt it, but it would be a great idea to talk to a hairdresser or barber first to find out if it is appropriate for you, your facial shape, and your personality.

Where is the best place to get a James Dean haircut?

Of course, the best place to get a James Dean haircut is a barbershop or salon. Just relay your intention to get the specific variation of his iconic style and you will surely be able to sport it pretty soon.

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