Hot Pompadour Haircut

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The pompadour is one of those men’s hairstyles that continue to be a trend.

It comes with long hair swept back and up on top, flanked using shorter or slick sides.

In most cases, the tallest hair is in front of your hairline.

It is also where you can see the most volume, declining in scope and size as it smoothly flows back.

60 Most Popular Pompadour Hairstyles

Classic Taper-Faded Pomp

Classic Taper-Faded Pomp Haircut


One of the classic and retro hairstyles for men, the taper fade pompadour is a style that will leave a positive impression. It mainly uses the short graduation method via scissor work and requires tight fading at the base of your neck and ears with the aid of clippers.

Commit to visiting your barber every three to four weeks if you choose this style to maintain its shape.

Bold High-Volume Pompadour Hairstyle

Bold High-Volume Pompadour Haircut

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This bold pomp hairstyle features short sides and back. It is then contrasted substantially with more length of hair on top.

Dramatic Contour Pompadour

Dramatic Contour Pompadour Haircut

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This comes with a theatrical cut and an upper side with more flare and drama. It also shows hair that has been raised or lifted in a way that looks like there is a wall. You will then notice more flow and continuity as it shifts backward.

Classic Pompadour With a Hard Part

Classic Pompadour With a Hard Part Haircut

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If you prefer mid-fade haircuts, this style is for you. The hard part makes this look more masculine but also elegant and sophisticated. It fits oval-shaped faces and those who wish to display a tough character.

Pomp Featuring a Taper Fade Hairstyle

Pomp Featuring a Taper Fade Haircut

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This version of the pompadour haircut comes with excellent volume and fade. It is perfect for those with straight hair and hair strands are only a bit wavy.

Modern-Looking Low Fade Pompadours

Modern-Looking Low Fade Pomp Haircut

Photo @barbersukraine

This style is a modern version of some of the most popular haircuts during the 20s to 40s. Make this haircut look good by increasing the volume with a hair dryer. It also needs to have a beautiful skin fade.

Low-Maintenance Disconnected Pomp Haircut

Low-Maintenance Disconnected Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @vitaly.melchenko

This classic pomp features a drop skin fade. The classic disconnected look is long, but you must keep the side short with a clean fade.

Side Parted Pompadour Featuring a Beard

Side Parted Pomp Featuring a Beard Hairstyle

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This style has some resemblance to the combover. The only thing that makes it different is that it boasts a side-swept look plus hair with an angular brush back. It also has nicely faded sides between your beard and hair.

Mountain High Pompadour Haircut

Mountain High Pompadour Hairstyle

Photo @isaac_sosapro

This is another bold and unique pompadour hairstyle. It requires the sides to be skin-faded, then keeping all the remaining hair short. You should then raise or lift them, similar to a mountain.

Textured Shadow Taper Pomp Hairstyle

Textured Shadow Taper Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @irwandi_zainuddin12

Apply a pomade with a matte finish to achieve success when wearing this style. This style is great for men in the military who prefer a more civilian-looking style. It is also perfect for civilians aiming for a clean beach appearance.

Classic Razor Fade Pomp Haircut

Classic Razor Fade Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This is a classic pomp made modern by integrating the razor fade. Make this style look good by blow-drying your hair for more volume. It is, therefore, ideal for those with straight and fine hair.

Unique Transitional Pompadour Style

Unique Transitional Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This style nicely transitions from your top hair to the bottom. Regardless of your preferred haircut, ensure it suits your hair type and texture.

Stand-Out Gentleman’s Pomp Hairstyle

Stand-Out Gentleman’s Pomp Hairstyle


This gentleman’s haircut features a slight taper. Use a medium-hold pomade for styling. It is the perfect style for those who have oblong facial shapes and profound jawlines.

Stylish Pompadour Mullet

Stylish Pompadour Mullet Hairstyle

Photo @barberclipsbr

The curly mullet is an excellent hair trend, so you will also love making the mullet a part of your pompadour hairstyle. It is also one of the most polished old-school haircuts. It features a disconnected back to make way for the mullet.

Keep all sides short, then blend them with the mullet.

Cool Short Pompadour

Cool Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Photo @pjabreu

Are you searching for cool and cute hairstyles for men? Choose the short pompadour. It can give you a more refined look regardless of the setting.

Modern Comb-Over Pompadour Hairstyle

Modern Comb-Over Pomp Hair

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This haircut features a traditional and classic shape. Give it a modern touch by adding a fade. Use pomade for styling, which has enough hold for those with thin and heavy hair.

Retro Rockabilly Pompadour

Retro Rockabilly Pomp Hair


This hairstyle works for those who have thick or strong hair. Just blow-dry your hair, starting from the back. Dry the roots first once you reach the fringe so they can withstand the brush’s tension.

Executive Contour Pompadour

Executive Contour Pomp Hair


This versatile style works on almost all hair types and lengths. It is a low-maintenance style that also has a classic look and feel.

Rock’n’Roll Pomp Hairstyle

Man With a Mustache and Pompadour Hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

One remarkable advantage of this style is that it provides several options for styling. You have the freedom of how you should style and connect the rear and top. Choose to give length on all sides for the classic pompadour or the skin-faded style for younger people.

Old-School Pompadour Haircut

Old-School Pomp Hair

Photo @barbersukraine

For this old-school pompadour, you can use a couple of products – a pomade that can help give your hair shine and hold and a powder to increase volume.

Traditional Pompadour for Curly Hair

Traditional Pomp for Curly Hair

Photo @barbersukraine

With this style, you can sport a textured curly crop. It is one of those curly and shaggy hairstyles you can easily maintain.

Versatile High-Fade Pomp Haircut

Versatile High Pomp Hair

Photo @erickgomezz1

This style can add a modern touch to the classic rock’n’roll pompadour. Apply a styling spray on your damp hair, then set it with the help of a brush. Apply some grooming cream to finish the look.

Businessman Pompadour Haircut

Businessman Pomp Hair

Photo @mehdi_farahh

You will love this pompadour haircut as it requires minimal styling. It is, therefore, a good choice for you if you have a busy schedule all the time.

Awesome Fade Pompadour Haircut

Awesome Fade Pomp Hair

Photo @barberclipsbr

This style is a fade haircut designed explicitly for those with a disconnected cropped top. You should then style up this top to form a faux hawk. The versatility of this style makes it possible for you to style it in several ways.

Scumbag Boogie Pompadour

Scumbag Boogie Pomp Hair

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This smart, modern, and famous hairstyle blends modern and classic barbering to create one style. The sides need a skin fade and a top with the classic scissor cut.

Modern Side-Part Pompadour Haircut

Modern Side-Part Pomp Hair

Photo @barberhiroshi hairdresser

With this style, you can give the pomp a more modern take. It even allows you to experiment with the top hair’s length. Keep the sides and back short and looking sharp.

Edgy Disconnected Pomp Haircut

Edgy Disconnected Pomp Hair

Photo @barbersukraine

This style is as appealing as many quiff hairstyles for men. It has a vintage appeal and suits the majority of facial shapes. You can even cut and style it based on the shape of your face.

Dapper Rockabilly Pompadour

Hairdressing Dapper Rockabilly Pomp haircut

Photo @vbodnarr

This classic hairstyle requires you to use quality pomade for proper styling. You may also want to visit a barber or hairstylist to get a pompadour that genuinely suits your facial shape.

Vintage Slicked-Back Pompadour

Vintage Slicked-Back Pomp haircut

Photo @everton_ruffino

If you love slicked-back haircuts, give this pompadour version a try. Cut hair to reach an executive length, then use your hair’s natural growth and flow pattern.

Progressive Pompadour

Progressive Pomp haircut

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This style looks good with its nice silhouette. Create some volume in the front, then slick it up in the back to finish the look and provide a progressive hairstyle. It requires some time to style, so learn about the basics of styling it, like you learn how to get curly hair.

Flat Pomp haircut

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Salt And Pepper Pomp haircuts

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Brush Back Pomp haircut

Photo @vitaly.melchenko

High Fade Pomp haircut

Photo @vitaly.melchenko

Ducktail Pomp haircut

Photo @pjabreu

Undercut Pomp Hairstyle

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Combed pompadour haircuts

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Big Bangs Curl Hairstyles

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Winged Bangs Pomp Hairstyle

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Indian Curled Pomp Hairstyle


High Brush Back Pomp Hairstyle


Comb Over Pomp Hairstyle


Sideline And Pomp Hairstyle


Fingered Pomp

Photo @mehdi_farahh

Shadow Fade And Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @mexican_talent

Elvis Style Hairstyle

Photo @isaacbarber7

Clean Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @erickgomezz1

Swirl Bangs Hairstyles

Photo @erickgomezz1

Textured Bangs Pomp Hairstyle

Photo @barberhiroshi

Casual Pompadour Hairstyle

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Swirl And Undercut Haircut

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Classy Comb Over Pomp Haircut

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Dyed Pompadour Haircuts

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Curled Ducktail Pomp Haircut

Photo @pjabreu

Classic High Pomp Haircut

Photo @barbersukraine

Side Part Pomp Haircut

Photo @barbersukraine

Simple Pomp Haircut

Photo @barbersukraine

Short Brushed Pomp

Photo @barbersukraine

Two Part Pomp Haircut


Retro Pompadour Haircut

Photo @barberhiroshi

How to Get and Maintain Pompadour Hair

Step 1 – Choose a pompadour haircut

Choose a pomp haircut or style based on several important factors, like your hair type, facial shape, hair length and cut, and facial hair or beard style. Keeping your hair at 4 cm long and up would be best. Your hair also needs to be slightly dense.

Step 2 – Use the light heat setting

You need to blow-dry your hair to achieve your preferred pompadour hairstyle. It is also advisable to use a round brush, which can help shape your pomp.

Step 3 – Visit a stylist

Depending on your chosen pomp haircut or style, a visit to a professional barber or hairstylist every couple weeks or so is a must. This is crucial in keeping up with the shape and style of your pomp.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Use styling products that can give your pomp shape and shine. You can use pomade, wax or putty for your pompadour hairstyle.


What kind of haircut should I get for pomp?

The answer to this will depend on your preferences and the final look you are after. It also helps to consider the shape of your face, the type and length of hair you have, and the texture of your hair when selecting the best haircut for pomp.

Why is it called a pompadour?

The pompadour is a famous men’s hairstyle, but the name came from the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. This style became more popular during the 20th century as Elvis Presley wore it.

Are pompadours still in style?

Yes. It is one of the trendiest hairstyles for men right now.

What is a modern pompadour haircut?

The modern pompadour haircut combines the new and the old. It usually features an undercut on the sides while giving the top a wavy style. The modern variation of the pomp is known for its high contrast, similar to the disconnected one. It also has a more defined top and sides.

What makes the quiff different from the pomp?

The quiff and pomp have a few similarities, but some things make them different. For one, the pomp requires you to style your hair with volume. It also needs a slicked-back top.

Meanwhile, the quiff interacts only with your front hair. It does not also need to be neat or slicked. You can make it a bit textured or messy.


You can find a pomp haircut if you want a wet hair look, a more polished and neater appearance, or a slightly messy style. Just don’t forget to consider what works for you based on your hair texture, length, and type, as well as your facial shape.

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