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People with blonde hair are often considered more attractive than others.

If you are a blonde celebrity, chances are that you will catch more attention than others.

It is not a rule that blonde actors in Hollywood grab more attention than others, but people often tout them as more attractive.

Having blonde hair also requires having a suitable hairstyle.

With natural blonde hair comes some added maintenance techniques and tips and tricks that need to be used.

If you want to have the same hair set as your celebrity, you have to go out of your way to get it.

Today’s topic is blonde actors and how they can style their hair.

30 Best Blonde Actors of All Time

Hollywood is filled to the brim with actors that have blonde hair. If you haven’t noticed by now, we have an ultimate list of some of the hottest blondes out there and how they style their luscious locks.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is the sex icon of the 90s, but his career started even before that. His good looks and blonde Brad Pitt style helped him get to some iconic roles like Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire, and the Oceans franchise.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman is not only known for his good looks and appearance in movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He is also one of the few with a long-lasting marriage spanning 50 years, a rarity in Hollywood.

Steve McQueen

Another blonde actor who made his name in Hollywood but who left us early is Steve McQueen. Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy will live on through his work, like the Towering Inferno, The Great Escape, and Sand Pebbles.

Marlon Brando

The late great Marlon Brando was a very attractive actor in his younger days. Mind you, he did let himself go a bit in his later years but was able even then to grant us memorable roles and appearances.

The Godfather is the classic, but he starred in A Streetcar Named Desire and Apocalypse Now.

Heath Ledger

One of the Hollywood heartthrobs, the Australian actor Heath Ledger, was in every girl’s dreams during the 90s. His titular smile and exceptional hair helped him bag many vital roles in his career.

Brokeback Mountain and A Knight’s Tale are just a few, but without a doubt, his star performance is the one of Joker in the Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger With Messy Wavy Hair

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Edward Norton

During his early days, Edward Norton had much firer hair. You can’t tell it now, but he had it blonde in a few of his roles. You probably don’t know it in American History X, but perhaps in Fight Club and Red Dragon. He also has one of the hottest celebrity goatees in Hollywood.

River Phoenix

The story of River Phoenix is one of the saddest ones in Hollywood. River died of an overdose at the age of only 23 but was already able to gain a cult status among his peers.

His breakout performance came in Stand By Me, but he was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal in My Own Private Idaho.

Kiefer Sutherland

The son of Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland is another big actor from the 80s. He is also blonde. He may have died hair in the Lost Boys, but in Young Guns, A Few Good Men and the titular TV show 24, he is all natural blonde.

Kevin Costner

The two-time Oscar winner, Kevin Costner, is one of the most successful actors in the industry. He is also very much good-looking, much of it thanks to his blonde hair. It helped him get roles in Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, and Robin Hood: The Price of Thieves.

Robert Redford

One of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and directors is, without a doubt, Robert Redford. He didn’t need cool bleached hairstyles to look the part for his roles; he had his natural looks and blonde hair to help him.

He won an Oscar for his role in Ordinary People and had many legendary appearances in his career.

Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany currently portrays Vision in the MCU, but we rarely see his real hair. For all of you that don’t know, he is blonde and displays his golden locks in movies such as A Knight’s Tale, Beautiful Mind, and Kis, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

James Dean

Due to a tragic car accident, we were deprived of James Dean’s talent and portrayals. He will always be remembered for his good looks and role in the movie A Rebel Without a Cause.

Jude Law

Jude Law possesses that British charm that only a few actresses can display. He transfers it magnificently into his roles and is even one of the actors with mustaches in his role of Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston has quickly become one of Hollywood’s A-listers and has captured the attention of many. He does have black hair when playing Loki, but you can see that he is blonde in Crimson Peak and Kong: Skull Island.

Tom Hiddleston With Slicked Back Hairstyle in a Suit

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Chris Hemsworth

If you thought Chris Hemsworth was just another pretty face, think again. The Melbourn-born actor is attractive to the opposite sex but displays his acting chops quite well.

Now we mostly know him as Thor and for his Chris Hemsworth beard, but he also appeared in A Perfect Getaway, Men in Black: International, and 12 Strong.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Many people would like to copy the unique Leonardo DiCaprio style, but only a few can. He captured the crowd’s attention with his baby face appearance in early roles like Titanic and the Beach, but he showed how good of an actor he is in the Departed, Shutter Island, Django Unchained, and Inception, to name a few.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has to be one of the hottest male actors in the business at the moment. He was initially noticed in The Notebook, but with his roles in La La Land, Crazy Stupid Love, and Remember the Titans, he showed that his place is among the most notable celebrities in the business.

Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer may have been one of the actors with receding hairlines, but he was one of the most sought-after actors in his day. He thrived in his roles in The Hitcher and Ladyhawke but will always be remembered for his stunning portrayal in Blade Runner.

Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart seems to have never made it to the top as other people on the list have. He is an actor everyone will recognize no matter where you see him.

He had a few minor roles here or there, but his portal of Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight will be the one that marks his career.

Evan Peters

Evan Peters has emerged as part of the younger cast of Hollywood celebrities. His blonde hair didn’t do all the work for him; his acting chops landed him roles in all those X-Men movies and shows like the American Horror Story and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Charlie Hunnam

Most people will remember Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller from the Sons of Anarchy show. The British-born actor is much more than that. His natural good looks and blonde hair helped him earn roles in Pacific Rim, The Gentlemen, and King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson made his name due to his wacky character and appearances alongside his friends Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell. He is also friends with Wes Anderson and has made several appearances in his movies, most prominently the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Owen Wilson With Long Wavy Hairstyle and Grey Suit

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Kevin Bacon

The star of Footloose, Kevin Bacon, made his name heard in the 80s. His acting chops and general good appearance allowed him to start in more movies like Mystic River and Sleepers.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is red-haired but has turned his hair blonde several times for his roles. You will likely remember him in Trainspotting and the Star Wars franchise, where he magnificently portrays Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans may not be Captain America anymore, but in our hearts, he will always wear the shield and the stars and stripes.

He was one of the hottest celebrities even before landing his titular MCU role and has appeared in movies like Cellular, London, Snowpiercer, and Knives Out.

Alexander Skarsgard

One of the Skarsgard brothers and sons of Stellan Skarsgard, Alexander Skarsgard is one of the best-built actors in Hollywood. He brings his raw physicality to all his roles and gives them his unique charm.

He has done so in the show True Blood and movies The Legend of Tarzan and The Northman.

Sam Claflin

The Ipswich-born Sam Claflin is one of the most talented up-and-coming actors in the business. You can see his blond hair strutting in the Hunger Games and shows like the Peaky Blinders and the Pillars of the Earth.

Chris Pratt

The Parks and Rec star has come a long way since his TV career. After bagging the role of Star-Lord in the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy, he became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

You can also see him in the Jurassic World franchise, Passengers, and the Tomorrow War.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is no longer our James Bond. His run will be more than memorable, starting with his debut in Casino Royale and No Time to Die. We don’t expect a blonde bond like Craig was, but whoever replaces him has some big shoes to fill.

Matthew McConaughey

One of the more unique styles in Hollywood is the Matthew McConaughey style. He has always been considered one of the hottest celebrities and now in his 50s, he is still a sight to look at.

He may have started in the romantic comedy genre, but roles in Dallas Buyers Club, Killer Joe, and Interstellar have shown that he offers more than he displays.

How to Style and Maintain

If you want to preserve your blonde hair in the same manner that a celebrity does and even take care of your blonde hairstyles for black men, you should do something like this.

Step 1 – Find a style

Find a blonde celebrity style that appeals to you and is adaptable to your hair type. Start growing your hair to an appropriate length and consider adding a beard. Show your barber the picture of the celebrity that you want to copy.

Once they are done, you need to go back regularly to take care of the parts that start growing out on you.

Step 2 – Best products to use

You are going to need some hair products and good natural shampoo but don’t shampoo it too much, as 2-3 times a week is very much enough. Add some pomade to style the hair.


What famous people have blonde hair?

Some celebrities with blonde hair include Brad Pitt, Jud Law, Heath Ledger, and Evan Peters.

Who is the most famous blonde actor in Hollywood?

Probably the most famous blonde actor in Hollywood is Brad Pitt.

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