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Brad Pitt has been touted as “the sexiest man alive” multiple times during his illustrious career.

And as such, he has sported all kinds of hairstyles.

Some look better, while others do not look quite right.

19 Most Popular Hairstyles


Brad Pitt, with short hair, may not be quite as iconic as when he sported luxuriously long blonde locks but the looks suit him quite well. If you want the same look, get a mid-fade undercut and then use clay wax to get a messy finish.


One of the most iconic parts of Brad Pitt’s career was when he kept his hair around shoulder length. This was when he starred in the epic film Troy. The long hair framed his chiseled features perfectly, making him even more handsome than he was previously.


It is almost unfair how Brad Pitt still looks the same 15 years ago as he is today. This is especially true when he is rocking his usual medium-length hair. This Brad Pitt look is what you usually see in movies, like in the Ocean’s films.


Brad wore a golden blonde hairstyle in the late 90s and early 2000s. It was back when he was still a heartthrob and his career was on the rise, even before Interview with the Vampire. Back then, he wore long wavy hairstyles that were perfect for his golden locks.


Brad Pitt’s haircut in the movie “Fury” is the same used by the military during the First and Second World Wars. You can get the same look by letting the hair on top grow out and then having a high skin fade on the sides.

Brad Pitt With Slick Backed Hair

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Inglorious Basterds

This style is somewhat messy but polished at the same time. Get the same look by combing the front and middle sections to get as much height as possible. After that, create a side part to complete the look.


Another iconic Brad Pit hairstyle is his long, slicked-back, blonde hair in Troy. However, this is among those haircuts for men with thick hair like Brad’s, as you might be unable to pull this off if you have dry and flat hair.

Fight Club 

This is the Brad Pitt look that most people were introduced to. The Tyler Durden haircut is short and spiky, one of the most popular 90s hairstyles.

You can quickly get the same cut by having the sides of your head cut short but still with a bit of texture and then leaving the top quite long.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

Seeing Brad Pitt without his signature blonde locks in Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a pleasant surprise. The main reason is that a buzz cut looked incredible on him.

Crew Cut

These days, you usually see Brad Pitt wearing a crew cut – a high undercut with a short top. This look goes well for both professional and casual events and is effortless to style and maintain.

If you want the same haircut, tell your barber that you want a #2 from the list of haircut numbers.

Buzz Cut

In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad sported a clean buzz cut, maybe a #1 guard throughout. This simple yet manly haircut further accentuated his chiseled features, drawing more attention to his eyes and incredible jawline.

Slicked Back

As he got older, Brad Pitt also wore the generic middle-aged male celebrity hairstyle; of medium-length hair slicked back with many hair products. However, for some reason, this does not make Brad Pitt look a day over 35.

Brad Pitt in a Suit With Bowtie

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Because he has been in many military-themed movies lately, Brad Pitt has seemingly fallen in love with the disconnected undercut. This old-school military-inspired haircut looks clean and disciplined. It also looks cool and laid back at the same time.


This is the usual style that Brad Pitt goes with when he is attending award shows. The sides of his head receive a high-fade treatment while the top is kept relatively long and styled into a low pompadour.


It has been a while since we last saw Brad Pitt with hair long enough that he can tie it back into a ponytail. Get a rubber band if you have relatively long hair and are tired of spending way too much time styling.

Comb your hair up and back and then tie the end to a tight ponytail


The pompadour is one of the classic hairstyles that refuses to fade into obscurity. It is also one of the quintessential whiteboy haircuts.

If you have hair that is as thick and luscious as Brad Pitt, leave the top kind of long and gather it together using some mousse to create a high enough quiff based on your satisfaction.

Latest Hairstyles

These days, you will see Brad Pitt sporting a rather long hairstyle and parted down the middle. It also seems like he’s growing a mullet. When in casual events, he lets his hair hang loose. However, when at formal events, Brad Pitt brushes up his hair.


The goatee has become one of the trademarks of Brad Pitt’s beard styles. Brad is known for sporting a thin and short goatee, often with the mustache disconnected from the beard.


Brad Pitt has always been a one-day stubble kind of guy. However, he also made quite a stunning look after he grew a thick full beard.

Brad Pitt With Glasses in a Black Suit

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How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Select the most appropriate style

It does not matter how much you want a particular Brad Pitt hairstyle. If you cannot grow it naturally, you need to pick another. Pick a hairstyle that you can realistically grow and also fits the shape of your face; in this case, a square face shape is required.

 If you are copying Brad Pitt’s styles, down to the hair color, you will need to have it styled initially by a professional hairstylist.

Step 2 – Take care of your hair 

This means you should only shampoo your hair every other day, ideally twice a week, even if you have one of the long hairstyles. Instead of shampoo, use a leave-on conditioner to keep your hair clean and moisturized.

Step 3 – Less is more

This means you should not expose your hair to many chemicals if you can avoid them. For styling, it is best to use just one product. It could either be a mousse or a hair wax/balm.


What is Brad Pitt’s haircut called?

Brad Pitt has worn a lot of different hairstyles throughout the years. If you want your haircut like Brad Pitt, you should tell the barber what movie by Brad Pitt you want.

What kind of haircut does Brad Pitt have in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”?

As the movie was set in 1969, Pitt sported a classic longer-length scissor cut, an actual men’s haircut name, which was quite popular then. It was a long haircut with the sides partially covering the ears.

How did Brad Pitt get his hair in the 90s?

In the early 90s, like the other younger celebrities, Brad Pitt would style his hair with short spikes and blonde highlights. However, as the 90s started to draw close, Brad wore long hair, almost shoulder length.

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