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Balayage Price Factors

Balayage is now one of the most sought-after services from an expert hairstylist. It uses a unique highlighting method, which involves hand-painting hair dyes and colors into your hair strands. It adds softness, elegance, and a sun-kissed effect to your hair.

If you are considering getting a balayage, you have to be aware of how much it costs.

In most cases, the price for this highlighting technique can be determined based on the following factors:

Short Haircuts

Expect short haircuts to cost lower compared to longer ones. The reason is that working on short hair is as time-consuming as long hair. The products used for a short haircut will also be less, which is also the reason behind its lower cost.

Average Hair Length

The average hair length is another determining factor for the price of balayage. Just like the cost of trendy hair highlights for men, the price you will have to pay for balayage will depend on how long and thick your hair is.

This factor has a say in the time required to complete the procedure, the number of hair products used, and the required skills. All these serve as defining factors for the final price.

Long Hairstyles

Expect to pay more when planning to give a long hairstyle a stunning balayage effect. The price is higher if you apply this effect on hair, which is longer, specifically when it hangs down to the middle of your back.

There will also be additional costs for every extra color tone you integrate into the style.

You need to learn how to properly care for your hair, especially after balayage or any bleaching technique, so you can lower the risk of using personalized root tinting before coloring.

Woman With Long Hair And Balayage

Average Costs by State

The average cost of balayage per state will significantly depend on the type you are getting. You have two options – the full balayage and the partial balayage with prices that tend to differ per state.

Full Balayage

A full balayage refers to a procedure that gives your entire hair highlights. It is a perfect choice if you want your overall hair tone to brighten up. Full balayage treatments cost anywhere from $76 to $452. As for the treatment’s average cost, it is around $193.

Here’s the average price of full balayage per state:

  • Alabama – $400.
  • Alaska  – $218.
  • Arizona – $241.
  • California – $208.
  • Colorado – $178.
  • Connecticut – $211.
  • Florida – $180.
  • Georgia – $220.
  • Iowa – $171.
  • Idaho – $208.
  • Illinois – $152.
  • Indiana – $169.
  • Kansas – $218.
  • Kentucky – $120.
  • Louisiana – $166.
  • Massachusetts – $192.
  • Maryland – $177.
  • Maine – $195.
  • Michigan – $152.
  • Minnesota – $158.
  • Missouri – $170.
  • Mississippi – $116.
  • Montana – $79.
  • North Carolina – $153.
  • New Hampshire – $452.
  • New Jersey – $360.
  • New Mexico – $150.
  • Nevada – $222.
  • New York – $76.
  • Ohio – $162.
  • Oklahoma – $122.
  • Oregon – $178.
  • Pennsylvania – $300.
  • South Carolina – $275.
  • South Dakota – $120.
  • Tennessee – $150.
  • Texas – $228.
  • Utah – $157.
  • Virginia – $229.
  • Washington – $166.
  • Wisconsin – $155.
  • West Virginia – $163.

Woman With Before and After Balayage

Partial Balayage

Meanwhile, a partial balayage focuses on just a single part of your hair. It is as good as black hair with highlights. The partial balayage provides your locks with a bit of lightness.

The average price for a partial balayage is around $154, which may also differ based on the state where you are getting your hair done.

  • Alabama – $115.
  • Arkansas – $150.
  • Arizona – $160.
  • California – $197.
  • Colorado – $152.
  • Connecticut – $116.
  • Florida – $163.
  • Georgia – $149.
  • Idaho – $153.
  • Illinois – $138.
  • Indiana – $130
  • Kentucky – $112.
  • Louisiana – $103.
  • Massachusetts – $164.
  • Maryland – $199.
  • Maine – $188.
  • Michigan – $190.
  • Minnesota – $169.
  • Missouri – $159.
  • North Carolina – $138.
  • New Hampshire – $154.
  • Nevada – $166.
  • New York – $185.
  • Ohio – $159.
  • Oklahoma – $186.
  • Oregon – $148.
  • Pennsylvania – $222.
  • Rhode Island – $125.
  • South Carolina – $118.
  • Tennessee – $101.
  • Texas – $177.
  • Utah – $172.
  • Virginia – $143.
  • Washington – $169.
  • Wisconsin – $154.
  • West Virginia – $120.

Balayage vs. Highlights vs. Ombre

Similar to high-fade haircuts with different variations, adding color to your hair also has different variations. Among them are the balayage, which we are talking about in this article, as well as highlights and ombre. Note that these three are different from each other.

Balayage and highlights are not the same, even if the two are helpful when planning to lighten the hair. You can often use highlights from your roots to each strand’s base. It also uses a chemical capable of filling your entire hair. Moreover, it utilizes well-positioned foils.

Balayage is different from highlights in the sense that the chemical in the former has to be applied to half of your hair only. The stylist will also have to paint it rather than saturating it. Highlights also tend to be more effective in lightening hair compared to balayage.

Balayage differs from ombre, too. Note that you will be using balayage to lighten your lower hair. If you grow through the ombre treatment, you may find this difficult to achieve. The reason is that ombre requires lightening the entire bottom part of your hair. Despite that, balayage is a good option for many because it looks more natural by leaving hair strands with a darker color between every strand.

Hair Without and With Balayage

How Do I Know If It Is Right for Me

You must first analyze whether balayage is a good choice for your hair. It is perfect if your goal is to lighten your hair slightly while achieving a sun-kissed and natural look. It is more natural than highlights and ombre.

You will also find balayage perfect for you if you wish to go through a low-maintenance hair treatment that uses chemicals. One advantage of balayage is that it seems compatible with every hair color, texture, and length.

For instance, if your hair is on the caramel, darker, reddish, or brownish side, you can take advantage of balayage to make your hair a bit lighter. Balayage also seems perfect if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. The reason is that it can give the style more texture and depth.

How to Take Care of Hair After Balayage

Step 1 – Stop using heat for styling

Avoid using hot hair styling tools, such as blow dryers and flat irons, as they may only damage the color of your hair. This type of heat may fade the balayage, too.

Step 2 – Apply conditioner regularly

The goal here is to keep your hair healthy and moisturized with the help of a moisturizing hair conditioner. If you achieve that, the color of your hair will indeed remain for a long time. Apply a deep and intensive hair conditioner once every week to ensure that your balayage continues to stay fresh.

Step 3 – Avoid over-washing hair

Do not wash your hair with shampoo too often, as it may only fade its color and remove the natural oils and moisture on your hair. Lessen the adverse effects by ensuring that you still wash your hair, limiting its frequency to only around two to three times weekly.

Step 4 – Keep your hair protected from harsh elements

Among the elements that can only put your hair at risk of looking lifeless and dull are chlorine, sunlight, and water. Protect your locks from harsh elements by wearing a swim cap, hat, or scarf before going out.


Is balayage more expensive than full color?

No. Many find the balayage treatment more expensive than full color. The reason is that balayage is a hand-painted method that requires more time, skills, hair products, and effort.

How does a stylist typically determine the cost?

In most cases, the cost of balayage is determined by the length of hair and its thickness and texture.

How long does a balayage last?

The average length of time when balayage lasts is usually a max of three and a half months. After that period, you may need to start having touch-ups.

Why should I go to the salon?

You must visit a salon when planning to go through a balayage procedure. The reason is that this will allow you to access excellent services from really skilled hair specialists or barbers.

What should I look for when searching for a hairstylist?

Look at how skillful and experienced the hairstylist is before getting a balayage treatment from them. Check out their portfolios, recommendations, and reviews to get a clear picture of the kind of service you can enjoy from a specific stylist.

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