Black Man With Blonde Highlights Goatee and Glasses

Every stylish modern man wants to wear a hairstyle that speaks of their class and style, like the classic Edgar haircut and sometimes, that means wearing your hair in different shades. However, there’s a raging debate over whether all men with black hair can wear highlights.

While not all shades look good on all people, men with black hair can pick an excellent way to wear highlights on their hair from the many examples below.

Should Men With Black Hair Get Highlights

Highlights are not only trendy, but they also give you a more polished and authentic look. If you can get an excellent way to wear highlights on your hair, you’ll create an identity for your hair to match your lifestyle. All you need is to identify what works best for you.

40 Best Ideas

Here are 40 best hair color ideas for men with black hair to help you break from the 70s hairstyles.

Scruffy Brunette Pompadour

This hairstyle involves tapering the sides with a high fade and leaving a long, textured, scruffy pompadour on the crown. And if you add some subtle brown streaks to the natural brunette, you can be sure of a trendy look.

Wavy Chocolate Brown Faux Hawk 

The undercut and fade on the sides contribute to a lovely pompadour. The wavy strands on the crown, with their beautiful chocolate brown highlights, set the faux hawk haircut apart. It gives off an excellent and classic look that suits the relaxed lifestyle man.

Sexy Gray White

Except for the lovely color, this hairstyle is uncomplicated and is ideal for a modern man who prefers a laid-back look. To achieve this look, leave some long locks on the crown and taper the sides before finishing with a gray-white dye job on top.

Subtle Blonde Streaks

This color lightens the naturally dark strands, making it stand out and giving you an edgy look you need to finish your desired classy, edgy look.

Blonde Highlights on Wavy Hair

You don’t have to apply the dye all over your head; create some highlights, and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful they look.

Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights

Relaxed Summer Locks

This summer haircut’s messy layered and side-swept look is stunning, and when combined with the design’s beautiful honey brown highlight, you have a very classy gentleman look.

Long Windswept Bangs

Long sexy bangs with an incredible windswept side sweep would look great with any color, but this option’s blend of brown hues makes the design stand out.

Pony Pastel Hair

Blue, purple, and green hues combine in this design to give the slicked-back and undercut strands a gorgeous shade that will make any man stand out.

Textured Clipper Cut

The texture of the short bangs on top is incredible, and when combined with the fresh fade on the sides, you have a stunning haircut.

Gorgeous Watermelon Hair

Pink, red, and yellow tones combine to give this black hair a lovely watermelon color. The strands also have a lovely comb-over style that works well with this attractive color to create a beautiful hairdo.

Silver Smoke

This delightful silver hue helps to make some long and messy brushed-back bangs look magnificent.

Blunt Cut With Red Highlights

Build your haircut with blunt layers and add definition to the temple hair and fringe with some orange-red highlights that look fantastic with your brown hair.

Pink Purple 

Make a dramatic change by combining pink and purple highlights for an unforgettable purple hair look.


If you have long, thick, you can add some caramel highlights to your top hair or even get an ombre.

Dusty Pink 

No woman can resist your charms if you create pink highlights on a short hairstyle with a long wavy top.

Dark Red Highlights for Spiky Hair

Make spiky hair with blonde and dark red highlights that blend beautifully. Create razored circles on the sides for a striking presence.

Rainbow Highlights for Long Hair

To spice things up a little, go for metallic pink, green, and blue shades if you are a confident man who isn’t afraid of a unique look.

Rainbow Colored Hair

Blonde Highlights for Box Cut

Highlight a thick strand of your hair with a blonde hair dye to instantly transform it.

Silver Ashy Blonde and Caramel 

This look can be achieved with a short haircut and ash-blonde metallic and caramel highlights. To accomplish that mind-blowing effect, use the brighter hues only on long top hair.

Brushed Back and Layered Bangs

Add a nice brown touch to the top of your bangs with highlights and complete your well-groomed look.

Lean and High With Texture

You can use a golden blonde highlight to make your textured hair look better.

Funky Summer Blue

Throw in some blue fun to create a perfect summer look.

Textured and Tapered Slick Back

The chocolate brown highlight on your locks completes the look.

Subtle Blonde on Layered Curly Hairstyles

The subtle blonde streaks are what make most curly hairstyles look fantastic.

Golden Blonde Comb Over Hairstyles

Create beautiful golden blonde streaks that contrast the dark base color when styling a comb-over hairstyle.

Oil Slick Balayage

The hand paint job on this hairstyle will make your hair look unique and beautiful.

Highlighted Undercut Hair

Spiky Redhead

Wearing a lovely red highlight on your spikes will give you that perfect edgy look.

Sweet Brown Streaks on Dreads

Flatter your dreads’ appearance with a beautiful dye job.

Wavy Brush Back

Use some brown highlights to take this hairstyle a notch higher.

Super Cute Rainbow Hair

The multiple tones in this look will give you a fresh and cute style.

Silver Gray Quiff

The silver dye makes this quiff look fancier.

Fresh Bronde Streaks

Try a blend of brown and blonde to create a magnificent look.

Fashionable Colored and Upswept Front

The beautiful highlights in this look create an elegant hairstyle.

Wild Highlighted Curls

The highlights will help add beauty to your natural, untrimmed curls.

Copper Brown on a Cute Slick Back

A copper-brown highlight on your cute bangs will add to the beauty of this hairdo.

Inspiring Blonde Streaks

The blonde shade makes this haircut more appealing.

Long Top Bangs With a Hint of Golden Copper

Sweep your colored locks to the side to reap the full style of the golden copper highlight.

Dazzling Golden Green Faux Hawk

Add some funk to your faux hawk with a golden-green highlight.

Pink Highlights for Mohawk

Make your mohawk stand out with pink-red highlights for a striking look.

Man With Pink Highlights Mohawk

V-Shaped With Pink and Green Comb Over Bangs

The pink and green highlights are the most attractive feature of v-shaped haircuts.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing the right hairstyle

Find a hair color or dye that matches your lifestyle and grooming needs.

Step 2 – Styling

Always use a good comb and hair dryer, and get a haircut when necessary to keep your hairstyle neat.

Step 3 – Maintaining

Use quality cleaning products such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents.

Step 4 – Products to use

Use quality hair pomade, creams and oils to keep your hair healthy.


Which highlight is the best for black hair men?

Use natural hair dyes for black hair.

When to avoid men’s highlights for black hair?

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to wear colored hair

How long do highlights last on black hair?

Anything between 7-9 weeks.

How do you get highlights out of black hair?

Use hair color remover.

How do you naturally highlight black hair?

Using natural hair lighteners at home.