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Hair Cuttery Price List

The Beardoholic team reached out to the Hair Cuttery team to verify and confirm their prices in December 2023. Making sure that all prices are up to date.

Service Price
Shampoo and Cut (Adult) $22
Shampoo, Cut, and Blowdry $30
Shampoo and Cut (8 and under) $15
Shampoo and Basic Set $19
Shampoo and Blowdry $22
Shampoo and Designer Set From $44

When it comes to precise, you can get an affordable haircut at Hair Cutter for as low as $22. There are no ugly haircuts here, just exquisite and affordable treatments.

Haircuts Prices

A simple cut and shampoo start at $22, which is affordable if we look at what the competition offers. Kids under eight can get a cut with shampoo for $15.

The full Hair Cuttery price list is as follows:

  • Shampoo and Cut (adult): $22.
  • Shampoo, Cut, and Blowdry: $30.
  • Shampoo and Cut (8 and under): $15.
  • Shampoo and Basic Set: $19.
  • Shampoo and Blowdry: $22.
  • Shampoo and Designer Set: from $44 and up.
  • Shampoo and Blowdry Straightening: $40.
  • Beard/Bang/Neckline Trim: $7.
  • Special Occasion Design: from $40 and up.
  • Iron Set (add-on): $15.
  • Iron Finish (add-on): $10.

Curly Men's Hairstyle Hair Cuttery Price

Color Pricing

Hair Cutter allows you to get a cool dyed buzz cut with the help of all their coloring choices. More so, the prices are quite adequate and not so high.

  • Single Application Color: $60.
  • Full Highlights: $93.
  • Partial Highlights (max of 12): $60.
  • Corrective Color: $0.
  • Additional Color: $28.

Treatment Prices

Treating your hair in the right way possible can be achieved with the help of some seasoned professionals at Hair Cuttery.

They can provide you with the following:

  • Relaxer/Straightener Full: $88.
  • Relaxer/Straightener Partial: $50.
  • Relaxer/Straightener Retouch: $64.
  • Curl – Designer Perm Wrap: $72.
  • Curl – Permanent Wave: $57.
  • ETC – Clarifying Treatment: $19.
  • ETC – Redken® Customized Treatments: $13.


Let’s not forget the waxing services that are crucial to every person’s grooming regime.

  • Eyebrows or Partial Facial: $13.
  • Between the Brows: $7.
  • Complete Facial: $30.
  • Back of the Neck: $14.

Value Packages Prices

Finally, a few value packages can allow you to get an exciting and specific style, like a sponge haircut, if you wish.

  • Style Express (Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $40.
  • City Lights (Full highlights, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $120.
  • Color Camo for Men (Color Camo, shampoo, Redken Deep Conditioning Treatment, cut and blowdry): $55.
  • Shape Up (Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut, blow-dry, and eyebrow wax): $50.
  • Touch of Color (Partial highlights, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $88.
  • Double Dimension with full highlights (Single application Color, full highlights, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $176.
  • Color Escape (Single application Color, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $88.
  • Double Dimension with partial highlights (Single application color, partial highlights, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $143.
  • Wound Up (Permanent wave, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry): $83.
  • Straighten Up (Relaxer/straightener touch-up, shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut, blow-dry straightening, and iron set): $115.

If you are looking for a fresh hairstyle, why not go to Hairy Cuttery salons? Hair Cuttery is a chain of exquisite hair salons with more than 800 stores on the East Coast. But their reputation precedes them and is known perhaps all over the country.

They aim to provide their clients with exceptional hairstyles and can serve some of their most demanding needs. They are pretty capable of restyling your entire look and are a good place that provides hairstyles for gay men.

But let’s not drag things out too much and explain everything you need to know about Hair Cuttery prices and services.


What you will find at Hair Cuttery salons is a full array of services for your hair, both for men and women. You can quickly get value packages as well, where you can attain some discount packages to get a full treatment at one of the salons.

You will want to look into the VIP treatment that includes a haircut, shampooing, and a scalp massage. You will also be able to find various chemical services, including Redken chemistry treatments and highlights.

There is even an option for coloring your hair, getting pink hairstyles, and trying some hair relaxers. More so, you will find various waxing services at Hair Cuttery. You can handle your hands, face, and forearms to beautify yourself.

A special offer for the gentleman is a grey blending treatment or a full-color application to make you appear as distinguished as possible.

There is a special offer for the youngest, namely children aged eight or lower, as they can be treated with discounted haircuts, shampoos, bang trims, and clarifying treatments.


If you suddenly want a comb over fade out of the blue, you can quickly get one at Hair Cuttery at almost any time. They have immensely customer-friendly working hours and can schedule an appointment at virtually any part of the week.

  • Monday: 9:00am – 9:00pm.
  • Tuesday: 9:00am – 9:00pm.
  • Wednesday: 9:00am – 9:00pm.
  • Thursday: 9:00am – 9:00pm.
  • Friday: 9:00am – 9:00pm.
  • Saturday: 8:00am – 7:00pm.
  • Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Products Sold

Hair Cuttery sells various products that can be useful for your hair treatment and home use. One of the most popular items is the salon-exclusive brand called Cibu.

You can get Cibu shampoos, conditioners, treatment oils, dry shampoos, and other styling products at a reasonable price. Don’t worry about the safety of the products, as they are all safe for usage on color-treated hair and are simultaneously sulfate and paraben-free.

You will also be able to find products from high-end brands like Redken and Matrix. Various products are also suitable for hair clippers cleaning and preserving other tools.

There are also products under the Cibu line, like brushes, combs, paddle brushes, and anything you need.

Hair Cuttery Prices vs. Other Salons

The Hair Cuttery prices compare pretty well to other salons. For instance, compared to the competition, the haircut prices align with the others. As far as coloring services, it is where Hair Cuttery has the most significant advantage.

They are much lower than the average of $88 that others charge as their prices go about $66.However, as far as perms go, they are a bit more expensive than others, as they charge around $92 for one.

Whereas for waxing services, they are at the higher end of the average at about $13. Nevertheless, you can get a mid-fade haircut or a comb-over fade for a suitable price.

Hair Cuttery Salon Interior

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How much is it to get your hair dyed and cut at Hair Cuttery?

A simple cut costs $22 at Hair Cuttery. Dying your hair will cost you $60 for a single-color application.

Alternatives to Hair Cuttery

There are many hair salons that would be a great alternative to Hair Cuttery. You can check JCPenney, Bubbles, Borics price list and compare their overall list of services as well as working hours.

Does Hair Cuttery take credit cards?

Unfortunately, no. Hair Cuttery does not accept any prepaid or credit cards. You can only pay with a debit card.

Do you tip at Hair Cuttery?

Yes, it is very much appropriate to tip your hairstylist at Hair Cuttery. The most suitable amount is somewhere around 15% and 20%.


There you have it; you can throw away your self hair cutting tool and visit Hair Cuttery and your liking. They have a very sound staff of professional barbers and hair stylists who can help you with how you want your hair to look.

They can also deal with shaving and special conditions like ingrown facial hair. Not to mention that the price list is very appropriate and stacks well compared to the competition.

If you like what you hear here, we suggest giving them a call to schedule an appointment.

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