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25 Most Popular Kids’ Bob Haircuts

Short and Puffed Kids’ Bob

Go for this cut if you want your little one to feel comfortable. It is airy, light, and easy to achieve. Just chop off the locks, then maintain the roughness in the tips.

Asymmetrical Kids’ Bob

You can also give your kid adorable asymmetrical hairstyles, such as this asymmetrical bob for kids. This style is sharp and edgy, plus it got inspiration from the famous Rihanna.

This classic asymmetrical bob is achievable by shaving one side while keeping the other and styling it with an asymmetrical flip.

Kids’ Bob Trim

The bob trim is a popular hairstyle among girls and is versatile enough to be compatible with various hair types. You can also complement it with hair adornments, including hair clasps and braids.

It is a short but trendy hairstyle that a little girl will surely enjoy wearing.

Oriental Kids’ Bob

Oriental bob, also known as the Chinese haircut, features heavy fringes that you have to swipe to the side. It is a cool and trendy style, especially for young girls and toddlers.

Haircut for Wavy Hair

You can also find cute wavy and curly hairstyles for your little one. This particular style is ideal for her if the texture of her hair is more on the wavy side. You can further upgrade this style with some hair color.

Blunt Kids’ Bob

The blunt cut is a favorite style of parents/guardians for kids. The reason is that it gives even the typical short hair some dimension and volume. It also tends to work for every young girl regardless of the type of hair and the shape of their face.

Shaggy Kids’ Bob

Go for the shaggy bob to update your child’s old hairstyle. It features multiple layers, which makes it ideal for those who prefer growing their short hair.

Blonde Kid With a Bob Shaggy Haircut

Long Hair With Bob for Kids

You can also give your child a long bob hairstyle. This is good for her if she wants her hair to be long and wishes to try out different cute and trendy ponytail styles. It is a stylish and sophisticated style that looks good on all young girls.

Choppy Kids’ Bob

For this hairstyle, you should use a curling iron right after you chop off your hair. You also have to integrate some curls on top. It is a comfortable and classic style that brings out a refreshing vibe.

Progressive Look Kids’ Bob

You can also choose the progressive bob, versatile enough to style it in various ways. You even have the choice to accessorize it any way you want.

Wispy Short Hairstyle Kids’ Bob

The wispy bob also looks good on all toddlers and young girls. It is cute and elegant and easy to maintain, wear, and accessorize.

Helmet Kids’ Bob

This style got the name helmet bob as it looks like the one who has this style wears a helmet. It features blunt hair strands designed in a way that it covers your girl’s forehead. Style the hair in front using some hair clips and other accessories while keeping the back clean.

Angled Kids’ Bob

The angled bob is also chic. It combines short and long hair and features pretty bangs at the side.

Undercut Kids’ Bob

If you prefer a boyish cut for your little girl, go for the undercut bob. Of course, the undercut is one of the most popular school boys’ haircuts, so that the boyish appeal can be achieved through it.

The boyish cut should be made at the back. You also have to continue elongating those long hair strands.

Grown-Out Pixie Bob

You must combine the pixie cut with a cute bob for this haircut. It provides the pixie cut with a neater and more polished look.

Inverted Style Child’s Bob

You have to cut your child’s hair too short to get this style. You have to do so in a way that exposes the whole back of the wearer. The good thing about this inverted bob hairstyle is that you can easily style it.

Kids’ Bob With Bangs

Add some bangs to your kid’s bob. This is a good decision when styling her hair as it can toughen her look and make her appear edgier. Ensure that her tresses stay straight to give a nice touch to the entire look.

Little Boy With Bob Hair With Bangs

Child’s Bob With Fringe

Get this style by incorporating simple yet sophisticated fringes into the usual short bob. This style is perfect for your girl if she is already attending school as it looks good on a uniform, which makes it somewhat the counterpart of a boy’s faded haircut.

Kids’ Bob With Layers

Choose to add layers to your child’s long bob to provide more appeal to the overall style. You can use such layers to frame her face nicely and emphasize her best facial features.

Kids’ Bob and Soft Curled Hairstyle

It is easy to get this style. The only things you need would be hair curlers. It looks good, as it makes the curls look deeper. It also provides more volume to the curls. You can use your curling iron to designate and roll the braids randomly.

It is a protective hairstyle that looks good on almost all girls.

Stacked Kids’ Bob

This style looks good not only for your little girl but also for you. Go for this hairstyle if you want something in common with her.

Cute Inverted Kids’ Bob

What’s so great about this kid’s bob haircut is that it is customizable. This means you can customize it in a way that fits the wearer. Trim the hair short, exposing the back. It is trendy and easy to maintain, which is why it is a popular choice for girls.

Touch of Color

You can also give your kid’s bob haircut a touch of color. It should be enough to give life and vibrance to even the plainest bob hairstyle.

Cornrow Braids

Are you fond of cornrows? Then you can integrate this style into your little girl’s hair. Opt for the cornrow braids that bring out her coolness and charm.

Afro Twists

It is also interesting to try the Afro or two-strand twists if you are looking for the best hairstyle for your little girl. You have to divide one strand into two, then wind the strands, precisely one over the other, following a similar direction.

It is as unique and trendy as the stylish e-boy haircut and seems to work well whether you have artificial or natural hair.

How to Get and Maintain Kids’ Bob Hairstyles

Choose the hairstyle

Choose a kid’s bob hairstyle that will make your child look and feel good about herself. Focus on those styles that will bring out her best facial features while still being comfortable enough to carry and sport.


Style your kid’s bob with the help of simple hair accessories, such as headbands and bobby pins. You can make them wear a plain headband to amp up their look or a floral one when taking them on a special occasion.

You can also make the bob look cuter by integrating some bangs and fringes.

Keep the hair short and well-trimmed

This is highly recommended for young kids who are still incapable of caring for their hair independently. Keeping the hair short also promotes ease in keeping each strand healthy.

Use hair products that are gentle and safe 

Stay away from those that contain harmful and harsh chemicals, so you should still avoid using hair spray or gel. If possible, style their hair using just hair accessories instead of actual styling products.


What is the average cost of a kid’s bob haircut?

The average cost of a kid’s bob haircut is around $12 to $25, depending on the state.

How long does it take to get a kid’s bob haircut?

On average, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes to get a bob haircut for kids. This may increase depending on how you intend to style the hair.

What is the best kids’ bob version for boys?

The blunt bob. This is a stylish version of the kid’s bob, which can truly make your child’s hair display more than enough volume and texture.

What are the best kids’ bob haircuts for girls?

If you are looking for the best bob haircuts for your little girl, then you have a couple of options. Among those you should opt for are the blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, layered bob, and Oriental bob – all of which will make your child stand out and feel comfortable and confident about themselves.

Where do kids go to get a bob haircut?

There are now plenty of salons with experienced barbers and hairstylists who specialize in providing kid’s haircuts. Make sure that the kid’s salon you visit can make your child feel comfortable and has stylists who know exactly what is best for them in bob hairstyle.

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