Boy With a Classic Mohawk Haircut

The mohawk is one of those looks that is timeless. It works for men, women, boys, and girls.

The kids’ mohawk haircut is incredibly cool, displaying an early sense of style.

The mohawk is even great for toddlers, as long as they have enough hair.

30 Most Popular Mohawk Haircuts for Kids

Here are some of those popular mohawk styles for kids:

Long Porcupine

Long Porcupine

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This mohawk is a very daring hairstyle that very intelligent and active boys can wear. This look is for little boys with straight hair. Request that the stylist shaves the sides of your son’s head while leaving the top locks long. Then, using hair gel, spike up the top hair to keep it in place.

Kids Faux Hawk

A trendy faux hawk is a mohawk with longer hair on the sides. However, the sides remain extremely short in comparison to the top locks.

To keep the style in place, spike up or side comb the top hair and apply hair styling gel.

Blonde Afro Kid Mohawk 

Blonde Afro Mohawk Kids Haircut

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If your kid has an unruly afro, we might have just the right haircut for you. Dye the afro to blonde, give your kid a nice mohawk, and see him rock this look in style. This is one of the best afro hairstyles for kids.

Short Mohawk for Kids

Short Kids Mohawk

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A kid’s mohawk can be short as well. When spiked up and left un-styled, the hairstyle is more subtle. It’s also pretty cute with a bedhead.

This haircut looks great on boys of all ages, with short sides and short spiked-up hair in the middle. Furthermore, they don’t have to wait long to try the haircut. It’s an excellent short haircut for boys.

Spiked-Up Hairstyle

Spiked-Up Hairstyle With Mohawk For Children

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A simple spiked-up kid’s mohawk haircut on sleek blonde hair looks neat and decent. If you are a strict mother who wants her son to look decent, this hairstyle is for him. Tell the hairstylist to leave the sides long rather than shave them and to keep the top locks longer.

Shaved Sides Haircut

Shaved Sides Haircut Children's Mohawk

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The Shaved Sides Mohawk appears to be very neat and classy. This hairstyle is ideal if you want your child to appear manly. Furthermore, this style is simple to create and requires little upkeep.

Fade With Creative Sides

Fade With Creative Sides Mohawk Hairstyle

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Consider giving your boy creative sides to create a one-of-a-kind crew-cut hairstyle. A mohawk with a fade on the afro, wavy, or textured hair, with a taper fade on the sides and creative lines in between, is a very daring look.

This kids’ mohawk fade style is ideal for boys with thick black hair.

Punk Mohawk Hairstyle

Kids Punk Mohawk Hairstyle

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Your child will go crazy for a punk mohawk that allows him to express his personality. The hair must be at least three to four inches long to achieve this style. Leave the sides down and focus on spiking up the middle.

Curly Style for Kids

Curly Style for Kids

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Controlling thick locks can be difficult for children with curly hair. A mohawk will slim down his hair and be a fun way for him to express his personality.

Mohawk With Design

Mohawk With Design For Boys

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A high fade with shaved-in designs will make your son the coolest kid in school. Using your fingers, create a spiky texture on top of your hair. 

Shaved-in patterns can be curved, zigzagged, or any other design your kid prefers.

Thin Short Kids Haircut

Thin Short Kids Haircut

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Just because your son has thin short hair doesn’t mean he can’t rock a punk mohawk! Show him how to gel fingers to shape spiky texture after giving sides a high fade.

Extra Tall Kids Mohawk

Children Extra Tall Mohawk

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We know you sometimes want to go the extra mile on your kid’s locks. If your child has long hair and you’re tired of styling it in long hairstyles, you can try this extra tall mohawk. Use wax or hair gel to keep the spikes in place. This look is ideal for toddlers with long hair.

Sloped Kids Hairstyle

Sloped Kids Hairstyle

Photo @ashxlauren

The majority of mohawks are perfectly straight up. On the other hand, this one is a little softer because it’s sloped. It’s ideal for young boys with short hair who like the mohawk.

Rainbow Hairstyle for Boys

Little Boy With Rainbow Colored Mohawk

A rainbow-colored mohawk on sleek hair is a striking hairstyle. Give your boy this one-of-a-kind look and watch him become the center of attention. Tell the hairstylist to cut your child’s hair into a mohawk, then dye individual sections of hair in funky colors. Leave the sides natural.

Bedhead Mohawk For Boys

Bedhead Mohawk

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Not all mohawks are the same, and this one is no exception. A bedhead mohawk is an ideal teen boy haircut because it requires no styling. 

It’s especially great if your boy doesn’t like spending too much time grooming himself.

Mohawk Haircut With Bangs

Haircut With Bangs

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You can create a soft bang with a small section of hair on the brow. It’s a lovely soft touch for a mohawk on a young boy and will undoubtedly draw attention to his blue eyes!

Half Mohawk With Disconnected Undercut

Half Mohawk With Disconnected Undercut

Photo @negoreyart

Try the half mohawk with a disconnected undercut if you like different style. Make sure your hairstylist is well experienced to hack this look.

Buzzed Haircut

Buzzed Haircut

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Mohawks don’t always need long hair at the top. If you prefer a neater look, you can buzz the hair at the top and clean the sides. The result will be a well-defined mohawk which gives your little man a gentleman’s vibe.

Boys Red Oval-Shaped Mohawk

kids mohawk Red Oval-Shaped

Photo @dynasty_barbers

An oval shape on the scalp is the foundation for a slim, deep red mohawk. If your son does not like red, he can add color with blue or blonde highlights.

Children’s Mini Mohawk

Children’s Mini Mohawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

This is the ideal haircut if you don’t want to waste precious morning time styling your son’s hair. A mini mohawk with a low fade will not consume your time. It’s shorter than traditional mohawks, but it’s still full of personality!

Afro Kids Mohawk Hair

Afro Hair

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Mohawks will give young black boys with afro-textured hair a flattering shape. Keep it trimmed to a few inches, and use a leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz.

Kids Mohawk with Hairline

Mohawk with Hairline

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Make your kid’s mohawk poppier by giving him an excellent cut on the hairline. This will be a definite boost to his confidence.

Blonde and Bald Fade Mohawk

Blonde and Bald Fade

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How about dying your boy’s hair blonde, then styling it into a neat mohawk? Fade the sides to bring out the style well.

Children’s Blue Hairstyle Mohawk

Blue Hairstyle

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This mohawk’s soft contrasting blue against the blonde sides is an excellent color combination. Use a temporary hair spray if you’re not ready to let your child experiment with permanent hair color.

Kids Colorful Mohawks

Boy With a Red Mohawk Hairstyle

Most kids love to color, so why not let yours express his personality with a colored mohawk? Depending on your child’s preference, you can settle for one color or the whole rainbow. This one has become one of the most popular boys’ haircuts.

Kids Fun Braided Mohawk

Kids Fun Braided

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Why settle for the normal mohawk when you can go the extra with braids on the top hair? If your son sports long hair, braid it into a mohawk and use gel and wax to maintain the style. This braided style also looks great on teenagers.

Wide Mohawk For Black Kids

Wide Mohawk For Black Kids

Photo @isaacbarber7

You can create a more detailed and unique mohawk for your kid by letting them sport a wider-than-usual mohawk. This looks better on black hair. You only need to fade the sides and trim the mohawk wider than usual.

Mohawk Haircut For Toddlers

For Toddlers

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Toddlers also look great in mohawks if you know how to style them appropriately. Depending on your child’s personality, you can wear a punk mohawk or a more relaxed look.

For Young Black Boys

For Young Black Boys Mohawk Haircut

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Black hair can be hard to style, but it isn’t impossible. You can give your child a neat mohawk which is easier to manage than a full afro head.

Curly ‘Hawk With Man Bun

A simple little boy mohawk style defines this style with fade and top locks tied into a man bun on the back. This look is appropriate for both straight and curly hair. Furthermore, this kid’s long hairstyle is simple to create and requires little to no maintenance.

Children Wave Mohawk Cut Line children's haircuts

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Curve And Curly Kids Mohawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Blow Up Mohawk

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kids mohawk Spikes Mohawk haircut

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Boy Fade Cut Line And Mohawk

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Ear Fade Twisted Mohawk

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kids mohawk haircuts Buzz Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Wet Curls Mohawk

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Cherokee And Hairtattoo kids haircuts

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Fade Design Bleached Peaks

Photo @dynasty_barbers

How to Style Kids Mohawk Hairstyle

While mohawks are easy to maintain, you still need to understand how to do it, right?

Step 1 – Choose the best style

Choose the right style for your child. Pick a stylish mohawk that suits your personality.

Step 2 – Style it

One of this hairstyle’s most crucial styling tips is learning how to apply gel to your child’s hair. You only need a small amount daily to hold the style in place.

Step 3 – Maintain

Keep your child’s hair clean by washing and conditioning it as frequently as necessary. Always use a natural and child-friendly shampoo.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Some of the best products to use include hair pomade, wax, and gel to style. You could also do with natural shampoo and conditioner to keep the locks looking fresh and clean.

Kid’s Mohawks FAQ

What does a mohawk haircut represent?

It represents style and fashion for those who can wear it right.

What face shape is best for a kid’s mohawk?

The mohawk looks cute on all face shapes.

How do you cut a mohawk for kids?

Fade the hair on the sides of the head and leave the top hair long.

Why is a mohawk not allowed in schools?

It’s more of a punk than a formal hairstyle.

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