Boys With Shaggy Hairstyles

Boys will be boys and sometimes they like wearing shaggy hair.

This type of hairstyle is something that boys should wear.

Their playful nature needs to be emphasized with the hair that they have.

Since it is easy to create, it is low-maintenance and can be used for various hair types; many boys wear one.

You need to know more about boys’ shaggy haircuts, and we want to tell you all about it right now.

33 Most Popular Boys Shaggy Haircuts

Getting a good boys’ haircut is not precisely easy nowadays. With so many ideas floating around a haircut in one day can be out the next.
We went for only the most popular ones to give you exact ideas that we stand by.

Many of these are aimed at really young boys, while others are good for a bit older ones.

Boy’s Short Shaggy Hairstyle

The primary type of shaggy style is the one with short hair. It looks like one of the playful toddler haircuts, but it is completely low maintenance, easy to create and goes on different types of hair.

Medium-Length Style

Don’t let a pile of hair cover your entire son’s face. Keep the shaggy hair but bring it to about mid-length so you can manage it better.

Long Boy’s Shag

Long and shaggy hair can be pretty cute. You don’t have to style this one specifically. You need to finger-style it repeatedly, not letting it get into your eyes.

Messy Shag

This one is excellent for those that have curly hair. It can be mid-length or long, but the idea is to keep it intentionally messy and unkempt, just like the perfect eBoy hairstyle.

Boy’s Shaggy Haircut For Thin Hair

Small boys that have thin hair can also create a neat shaggy hairstyle. The shaggy adds more volume to the hair and makes the hair a bit more textured than it naturally is.

Thick Wavy Style

Thick hair is a blessing, as well as naturally wavy hair. Combining the two makes for an absolutely masterful stroke regarding hair styling.

Teenager With a Wavy Shaggy Hairstyle

Boy’s Shaggy Textured Hair

If you or your son are into the 80s rock n roll, then a textured approach is the one. It may look choppy, but it goes with any hair and can be worn differently.

Curly Boys Haircut

Curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse. It is hard to manage, but it looks exceptionally well when you do.
Curly teen boy haircuts may depend on the face type but will result in a glaring look.

Boy’s Mullet

A mullet is as controversial as a stylish mohawk on a small boy. Those a bit older can have one, as it creates a lot of room to experiment to get something unique.

Shag With Side Bangs

The downside of having boys’ shaggy haircuts is the hair constantly getting in your eyes. That can be avoided if you add the side bangs that you can move and style.

Shag With Angular Fringe

An angular fringe aims to help you to frame your face. The bangs need to be kept at a specific length for the face to come into perspective.

Long Hair With Short Beard

Those older boys who grow a beard can also take advantage of it. Grow your hair longer and style it, but pair it with a beard for maximum effect.

Shag With Highlights

Add a bit of drama to your hair by introducing some highlights in it. It works best on curly hair, which gives off a striking look.

Boy’s Shag Hockey Flow

No need to play hockey for this one, but it helps if you have wavy hair. It evokes a somewhat rebellious look in a person, even in boys with fair faces.

Slicked Back Style

Slicking the hair back is a trendy look. You can do it on both long or mid-length hair. You will need an excellent pomade to keep it in its place.

Straight Hair

It can be harder to create a shaggy hairstyle on straight hair, but not impossible. You need to cut the hair in layers and different lengths to get the desired effect.

Boy With a Straight Shaggy Hair With Bangs

Shaggy Side Part For Boys

A side part on some shaggy hair is as close to an emo style as you can get today. It’s best to have your hair long for this one with no particular touch-ups.

Tapered Crew Cut

Believe it or not, there is a way to get your hair shaggy, even with a crew cut. You need to taper it a bit and you will get a really neat short haircut.

Fresh Spiky Shags

Another emo-inspired hairstyle, perfect for those with raven black hair. Create the casual but shaggy spikes and allow them to fall as they may.

Two Block Hairstyle

The two-block hairstyle involves having longer bangs and allowing them to fall to your eye level.
Popularized by various K-pop stars, but now worn all around the world.

Side Swept Undercut

This one is definitely for some older boys. It involves a long fringe and shaved sides. A short beard or stubble also works for a more dramatic effect.

Thick Hair With Full Beard

Thick hair usually goes best with a full beard. If you can grow one pair the mane on your chin with the one on your head.

Zayn Malik’s Haircut

Sometimes the volume is all you need to get a suitable haircut. You can add some if you don’t have any by backcombing it and cutting it into layers.

Asian Shag for Young Boys

Giving your hairstyle and a bit of an attitude can be done by introducing a bit of color. A shag with a rainbow combo is a killer look and very cool for teen boys.

Trendy Comb-Over Bangs

Shaggy hair also means dealing a lot with the top of your hair, especially the bangs. A simple comb-over will resolve everything if you don’t know where to put them.

Boy’s Feathered Haircuts 

Having light hair may be just what you need when creating a shaggy hairdo. A feathered style may accentuate your gentle nature and accompany your personality.

Shaggy Surfer

Most of us would relate shaggy hair with a surfer haircut. And most shaggy hairstyles do draw their inspiration from surfer’s hair.
So wearing it casually and making it seem like you are going out of bed is one of the ways to style it.

Boy With Shaggy Surfer Hairstyle

Hipster Boy’s Shag

When mentioning shaggy hair, many people would immediately imagine a hipster look. It is a bit untidy, but everything is planned and each strand is there for a purpose.

Shaggy Dreads

You can create a fun dreadlock style with shaggy hair. You don’t need long locks for this one; you can tie it up or add accessories to it to make it more unique.

Pink Shaggy Style

Who says that pink hair is not manly? Actually it looks very fresh with some shaggy hair and it is very popular to have it nowadays.

Long Bob

A bob is usually a girl’s style, but younger boys can rock it without looking back. The longer version is more suitable as it will show the child’s playful nature.

Casual Layered Shag

Layered hairstyles add more volume to your hair. If you already have some you can accentuate it with more layers and play on your strengths.

Natural Quiffed Curls

Boys wearing a quiff is startlingly amusing. It looks really fun. Those with natural curls can maximize the look to their advantage.

How to Style and Maintain Boys’ Shaggy Hairstyles

The best way of getting a shaggy hairstyle is by working off your strengths. One of these will suit you if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. If not, maybe a boy’s fade will work better.

Either way, you can easily create a shaggy style no matter the hair type, as this style is meant to be worn casually.

Start by:

Step 1 – Hair growth

Make sure that you grow your hair at a specific length. Long to mid-length is the sweet spot.

Step 2 – Cutting hair

You will need to add layers to your hair, which can be achieved by cutting it with scissors.

Step 3 – Style

This one will depend on the type of style you’ve gone with. The best way to do it is with the help of your fingers, as that way you will get the best results and a casual effect.

Step 4  – Add some products

Unless you plan to slack the hair back or to the sides, you don’t need a lot or a very strong product. Add a little bit to enhance your hair’s shaggy effect.

Common Misconceptions About Shaggy Hair

You will enjoy your hairstyle if you know about things people often mistake. First of all, this type of hair is all about layers.
It does look messy, but the choppy effect is created intentionally and is where the apparel if it lies.

Boys’ shaggy hair s suitable for older ones, even teens and they can look serious while wearing it. It depends on how you style it and what suit or clothing you pair it with. The results can be pretty astounding if you make the right moves.

Also, a common misconception is that shaggy is only good on long hair. It is absolutely not true, as you can also make it work on shorter hairstyles. Adding textures and layers is what you have to think about here.


What is the best way to style a boys shaggy haircut?

It is best to keep things as casual as possible and play off the strengths of the natural hair that the child has.

What type of hair is best for a boy’s shaggy haircut?

Wavy or curly hair works best when you want to create a shaggy hairstyle.

How often should you trim a boy’s shaggy haircut?

It deepens, but every two or three weeks is okay. You can extend that to five to six weeks if the hair is longer.

Where is the best place to get a boy’s shaggy haircut?

You can look at any local barber’s salon that advertises as doing boy’s hair.

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