Girl With a Wolf Cut Hairstyle

A wolf cut is the ultimate combination of a 70s shag style and 80s mullet hair, all packaged into one. You will easily recognize it through its choppy layers on the crown and some tapered longer layers and the ends of the hair.

You get a modern version of a very edgy hairstyle that flatters most women. Since these wolf-cut hairdos are not getting the much-needed attention they need, we felt compelled to help you learn more about them.

So if you are interested in getting one, this is the right place to be as we discuss multiple popular styles and ways to get them.

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34 Most Popular Wolf Cut Styles

With so many alt hairstyles to consider, the wolf cut has emerged as one of the more peculiar ones, giving you various options for setting your hair in amusing ways.

Here are some popular ideas to consider and restyle your hair. 

Loosely Cut Style Wolf Haircut

This one completely screams early Blondy hairdo. It is a style that will take you back to the 70s, but with a modern twist, it still makes it a stylish choice to go with.

Shoulder-Length Wolf’s Cut

This one starts as a traditional wolf cut but tappers down a bit as it goes toward your shoulders. It is edgy and does not have much volume, at least not in the lower part of the hair. It is adventurous and fashionable at the same time.

Long Wolf Cut

If you correctly combine the layers and the highlights in your hair, you get a dazzling wolf cut style. This one is deep and well-defined, even with the hair going long beyond your shoulders and dropping to your bosom.

Short Wolf Cut Shag

Short hair doesn’t care. It is precisely what this shorter version of a wolf cut does for you. One of the best short haircuts for women, it is easy to maintain and style. The shagdoo is masterfully done and comes with all the elements you would expect from a cut like this.

Micro Fringe Wolf Hair Cut

This one has some Billie Eilish-ness to it. The small, micro fringe on the top is the hair’s starting point, where the bangs are cut very short. The rest of the hair is supposed to drape the sides and look very shaggy.

Feathered Wolf Cut Haircut

The feathered look is gorgeous and will work excellently on slender girls. One of the easy hairstyles to do, it is also very chic and can be worn on various occasions. You will love how the lover half of the hair hugs your neck, keeping the style together.

Flicky Wolf Cut Style

The flicky look is a modern take on a traditional wolf cut. It is still edgy and messy, but there is a dose of calmness and resolve that you don’t get to see in other similar hairstyles. Adding some highlights or intricate colors can make it even more unique.

Girl With Flicky Wolf Hairstyle

Curly Wolf Cut

Your naturally curly hair can bring authenticity to a wolf cut. You don’t have to make waves, as you already have curls to work with. It won’t tame your hair; instead, it will turn the curls to their strength.

Choppy Bangs With Wolf Shaggy Style

This is how the evolution of a contemporary wolf cut looks. You get choppy bangs and sprinkle some shag on the rest. Preventing flyaways can be done using a particular product to help structure the hair.

Classic Wolf Cut Look

You can always go back to the roots of the cut and go for the classic version. If you think about it, the 80s look has never left us, and this hairstyle is proof of it.

Extreme and Choppy Layers

The very extreme version of a wolf cut is the old-school glam rock hairstyle which features layers and layers of chops. The juxtaposition of the short-trimmed top and the longer bottom part of the hair is quite extreme.

Super Sleek Wold Cut

The super sleek is unique as it does not put volume into perspective. It is a type of hair that is more suitable for girls with straight hair.

You are even left with the option of experimenting with the hair color, but always be careful about stripping hair color if you decide to change to a new one.

Wolf Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

The side-swept bangs are excellent choices for those that don’t prefer layered fringes. This one is a very relaxed wolf cut and looks soft instead of shaggy.

Two-Tone Wolf Cut

Styling a wolf cut is only a part of this hairstyle. The more critical part is nailing down the color. Mixing up two color variants is the way to go, and whether you want to go Cruella De Vil or add a balayage, the choice is up to you.

Either way, consider bleach-free hair lightening before adding in color.

Korean Wolf Cut

The Korean wolf cut resembles the original mullet the most out of all styles. It is a shaggy haircut that is more suitable for people with thick hair, even though it creates some soft layers.

Korean Girl With Wolf Hairstyle

Lob Wolf Cut

This one is neither a mullet nor a shag; it is simply a lob. It is a Joan Jet type of recall to the 70s and rocks hard, the same as the era that created it.

Extra Volume Wolf Cut

Curly hair means extra volume and all the curliness will do you a lot of good when styling this kind of wolf cut style. However, you will be spending more time and money on setting it how it is supposed to look.

Elegant Wolf Cut

This one is a subdued wolf style and it does so by dropping down on the shagginess. It comes out as an elegant style with lots of lengths which is even suitable for a formal occasion.

Wolf With Highlights

Creating a less pronounced wolf cut with longer hair opens the doors for brighter colors. If you already have a mushroom brown hair color, you can expand by introducing lighter hues as highlights.

Laid Back Wolf Cut for Men

Not leaving out the guys here; there are versions that even men can sport. The messy way you can wear a wolf cut allows you to create a laid-back and chill version for any occasion.

Long and Dramatic

Why keep everything calm when you can introduce some length and drama into your hair? Your long, elegant hair can get the flare it needs with head-turning waves that mess things up a bit.

Rainbow Wolf

Since the wolf cut originates in the 70s, you can add some hippie vibes with rainbow colors. This is perhaps an extreme dye job, but the vibrant colors make it worth it once you see the outcome.

Textured Wolf Cut

What makes up a good wolf cut is the messiness of the hair. However, a textured style will subdue it while still bringing out the core elements of the look.

Layered Wolf Cut

Layers and layers and layers of hair will shape your cool new hairstyle into a very excentric beast. This one will work for any informal situation and perhaps even go on a gown if you want things to go the extreme route.

Wolf Cut Straight Hair

Making a wolf cut with straight hair seems impossible, but it is still very much a thing. The secret lies in the layers and how you shape the top.

Messy Wolf Cut

The idea of a wolf cut is to keep things messy, but here you can crank it even beyond the standard levels of messiness. The look does require more time to set and heavy use of products, but it allows for more flexibility compared to other styles.

Smiling Girl With Messy Wolf Haircut

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Making things shaggier than they already are will put the standard wolf cut to a higher level. Your hair will become the crown jewel of your style which you can only embellish with the clothing and accessories you wear.

Blonde Wolf Cut

We already mentioned Blondy and here, you can look like her. The style is suitable for the 70s glam rock era, but it can be transferred and worn perfectly in modern times.

Colored Tips

By frosting your tips, you can add some flare to a wolf cut style. To make things more interesting, pick a vibrant color that will set you apart from the crowd.

Wolf Cut With Shaved Sides

Adding volume up top and shaving the sides is a look we see almost everywhere. The entire style can easily be combined with a wolf cut if you position everything correctly.

Subtle Blended Wolf Cut

Even though the very essence of a wolf cut is to make your hair scream, you can shush it up a bit with a subtle blend. This is a more toned-down version which is not for those that want to experiment too much.

Tapered Mullet Wolf Cut

A mullet is the basis of a wolf cut. The tapered version will help you embellish and set it apart from similar styles.
Be sure to look for a good stylist for this one.

Thin Hair Wolf Cut

You can create a wolf cut even with thin hair. Contrary to many beliefs, you don’t have to have thick or voluminous hair to style this type of cut. The secret lies in the styling and how you cut it.

Wolf Cut With Long Bangs

Extending your bangs a bit will not hurt your wolf cut; it will only help to enhance it to higher proportions. The bangs will add a twist of their own to the rest of the hair and will merge with the messy layers known for the cut.

How to Style and Maintain Wolf Cut Hairstyles

There is a trick to styling a wolf cut style. It’s not new and revolutionary, but the secret lies in doing everything in exact steps.

You have to consider the hair texture and lengths for different hair types, not to mention the hair colors, but you can even create some without going to a salon.

Wash your hair 

Comb and style it while it is still damp

Add some leave-in conditioner

Add some texturizing spray, followed by a lightweight moose.


Style the shorter parts, so they go away from your face.

Don’t forget to take care of the bangs

You can use a hair straightener to deal with them.

Leave it to dry out on its own

Or you can use a blow dryer to set the hair. Comb it out with a round brush.

FAQ Wolf Cut Hairstyles

What are common mistakes people make when styling a wolf cut?

Usually, people leave the parts that are supposed to be shorter or too long, or vice versa, resulting in a bad shag cut without any movement.

Will a wolf cut suit your features?

It depends on the natural facial features and the face shape. It will also fare better for girls with more hair volume or thicker locs. A wolf hairstyle should also pair with your eyes and the shade of your hair.

Can a wolf cut be styled in a ponytail?

Yes, it can, but it is not usually how it works. If you are creative enough, you can pull it off.

How often should a wolf cut be trimmed?

It depends on your style and length, but it usually takes two to four weeks.

When did wolf cuts first become popular?

Wolf cuts originate from the 1970s and 80s and are very much a part of the glam rock and even punk rock era of the past.

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