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Are you tired of your regular haircut? You want to get the airiness and texture of a pixie haircut but are still not determined to go all the way. Or you like the silhouette of fun bob haircuts but still consider them a bit bland. The answer to your needs is a bixie haircut.

A bixie cut is the medium between a pixie and a bob haircut. It provides you with the fullness of a pixie cut and the versatility of a bob haircut. However, you must style the hair correctly and according to standards to wrap everything into one.

We are here to provide you with the needed help and offer you a variety of bixie haircuts for you to try. This way, a woman can get tips and information that your hairstylist might not have for you.

25 Most Popular Bixie Hairstyles

Getting cute short haircuts also means getting a style that is easy to maintain and will allow you to let loose in various situations.

The style that encompasses the best of all short cuts is a bixie cut, which has been getting more and more traction in recent times and for obvious reasons. Here you will find the most stylish ones taking the hairstyling world and girls of all ages by storm.

Layered Blonde Bixie Style

A layered blonde bixie offers both an edgy style and one that provides enough length at the same time. You can decide whether to polish the style or to tousle it a bit and make it an excellent choice for everyday affairs.

Feathered Bixie Hairstyle

A feathered bixie hairstyle is an excellent way for women of a certain age to update their look. You can blow it out for some added flare or keep things regular by air drying it. The feathered light layers are essential here as they give you a youthful look.

Bixie With Long Front Layers

A bixie cut with long front layers brings a very trendy look. If you want to create a short hairstyle without sacrificing too much length, this style is the best way to go.

You can customize this one for various face shape types and make it look flattering for any occasion.

Messy Bixie Look With a Deep Side Part

Add a deep side part to your bixie hairstyle to get a sassy look. The tousled crown will help keep things exciting and keep it that way, use some texturizing spray to create more volume for your hair.

Shagged-Out Bixie Cut With Wispy Fringe

Pair a wispy fringe with a shaggged-out bixie for a perfect combination that captures the best parts of bob and pixie styles. This cut leaves you with a lot of volume at the crown and around the face but also leaves you with a little bit of length.

Be sure not to cut the back part too short.

Girl With Shagged-Out Bixie Cut With Wispy Fringe Hairstyle

Tousled Layers on a Bixie Cut

The tousled layers will add a much-needed flair to your bixie cut. Even though things seem subtle, the layers will help the hair pop and bring out all the main elements of it in full force. Some texturizing paste can be used to nurture the hair.

Stacked Bixie With an Undercut

Stacking a bixie and giving it an undercut helps to distribute the weight of the hair and helps to elevate the texture a bit. The undercut helps in removing the bulk and also keeps things edgy.

The style is also very low-maintenance, as you don’t have to go to the salon for touch-ups as you would with other styles.

Voluminous Bixie With Side-Swept Bangs

A bob with bangs is a solid idea, but a bixie with side-swept bangs is even better. The bangs add a dose of mystery and the short hair makes it a bit sophisticated.

More layers also make the hair appear more elongated and it will help to avert attention from the rounded parts of your face making it a perfect style for girls with rounded faces.

Mini Mullet Pixie Bob

Getting a mini mullet pixie bob provides a trendy and youthful way of having short hair. Styling pixie hairstyles are usually done with a straight razor, so it keeps the shape edgy.

You can also maintain a shag by adding some dry shampoo, as it will not only clean your hair but also add a little lift.

Peach Razor Cut Bixie

A peach razor bixie cut will add a lot of versatility to your style. The peach color is in now and looks gorgeous on short hair.

Adding some length at the bottom and some texture throughout the top, you can have lots of fun while creating this type of hairstyle.

Blonde Bixie With Choppy Layers

You can really have fun with a choppy bixie combo and blonde hair. This style allows you to keep a little bit of length and have a lot of choppy layers at the same time. Be sure to use some texture products that will help you maintain the fullness of this style.

Ear-Length Bixie Cut for Thick Hair

Removing some weight off your hair is best done with an ear-length bixie cut. It is most suitable for women with this hair. It is a half bob half pixie cut that allows for blowouts and air drying.

Your stylist must debulk the hair before texturizing it and finding a perfect balance.

Square Graduation Cut on a Bixie

You can explore your style with the help of a square graduation bixie. The longer ends provide this hairstyle with versatility as it offers both smoothness and texture at the same time. Use the fringe to help frame your face or connect it into layers.

Short Bixie With Blended Layers

Get a uniform look with a short bixie that has blended layers. It is suitable for girls with wavy and straight hair styling; this hair is very versatile. Create a foundation by doing it with some curling cream or you can also blow it out with some gel.

Finish by using some pomade or hairspray to lock in the style completely.

Girl With Short Bixie With Blended Layers Haircut

Undone Bixie With a Side Part

Letting your bixie hair go wild and undone is a fun way to style your hair. You are going to need some product to keep it still, though. Also, a side part will help to tame the style a bit and will balance things out.

Pretty Pastel Pink Bixie

Coloring bixie hair is not a bad choice, particularly for younger girls. The pastel pink color is the one to go for as it is not only in now, it is a perfect color combination for bixie hair. Be sure to treat your hair with some nourishing products to give it some shine.

Angled Bixie Undercut

Creating an angled bixie with an undercut requires a razor to make the entire look very sharp. You will get a very cool style with lots of personality. It might be a bit more high-maintenance than most, but it is also very customizable.

You can decide to shift between a long swing or balancing things out.

Edgy Bixie With Bangs and Highlights

A bixie hairstyle that comes with bangs is an edgy one. But to keep things more contemporary, you can throw in some highlights throughout your hair. The style gets some much-needed flare and makes it attractive for women of all ages.

Short Bixie With Waves

A sweet short bixie style with waves will bring out all the sassiness within you. This one is one of the easy hairstyles to maintain and style as you can effortlessly tousle your waves, creating a texture for your hair.

Use a razor at the ends to make the hair look messy and undone.

Softly Razored Bixie Style

Add some texture to a pixie cut with a razor; that way, you will get an edgy bixie cut, but only if you have straight hair. If you have curly hair, doing it with shears is the better solution.

You can also spray your hair with a way spray product to create more volume and texture.

Stacked Blonde Choppy Pixie Bob

The stacked choppy pixie bob is absolutely amazing when paired with blonde hair. You can achieve this cut by creating shorter parts in the back and longer ones in the front but cutting unevenly so they add more texture.

The blunt ends will give it an edgy twist without making it appear too classic.

Long Bixie Haircut

A long bixie style is an excellent option for women over 50 or 60. The crown layers allow you to give your hair a modern twist as the versatility of the retro look is displayed in full swing.

Extra Short Bixie With Bangs

You can keep your bixie short and embellish it by maintaining the bangs. The types of bangs you can go for are your choice, as various of them come into question. The style is also effortless and does not require you to waste so much time each morning.

Layered Bixie With Face-Framing Bangs

Creating a bixie with bangs that frame your face complements your entire style and gives the necessary length and volume to your hair.

Even though this style is best suited for women with fine or medium hair texture, it is still best to consult a good stylist before you try it out. There will undoubtedly be some products involved here that you must try out.

Chin-Length Bixie With Long Side Bangs

A chin-length pixie with long side bangs is the cut that will perv up your traditional bob. You should keep the layers shorter to add more volume to the look, while the bangs are supposed to be cut to frame the features of your face.

Make the layers pop by styling them with directional blow drying or smoothing them with iron.

How to Style and Maintain a Bixie Cut

One of the biggest advantages of a bixie cut is the simplicity and the manner of styling and maintaining it. If you are wondering how to style hair at night, you should always go for a bixie as it’s a real-time-saver.

Step 1 – Start by choosing the desired cut

Go through some examples we proposed above and decide on the one you like.

Step 2 – Consult with your hair stylist

Determine the one best suited for you based on the type of hair and face shape.

Step 3 – Get the stylist to cut your hair and style it

You can even bring a picture for reference.

Step 4 – Maintain

Maintain the hair by using some texturizing product or a pomade. Otherwise, you can shampoo it every two to three days.


Is a bixie haircut a good choice for thin hair?

Yes, it can be. You can find a suitable bixie cut that will add some volume to your thin hair and help it out. Hair texture and hair type are essential for layering but will help you get the exact trendy hair you need.

How to know if a bixie cut will suit you?

The best way is to consult a hair professional and see which type of bixie cut suits your face.

Do bixie hair cuts require a lot of maintenance?

Actually not. Not so much at all. A bixie cut is one of the easiest hairstyles for women hence its popularity.

How long will a bixie haircut last?

It depends on the length, but you don’t have to visit the hair salon so often. You can redo it every four to six weeks.

What are some celebrities with popular bixie hairstyles?

Some celebrities that have been known to rock a bixie cut recently are Florence Pugh, Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway.

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