Young Man in a Leather Jacket With Flat Greasy Hair

Flat hair can be very problematic to style for men.

This type of hair is considered dry, but not too much, and greasy, but not really.

It all comes down to limping hair that does not want to listen to a word you say when you try to style it.

Preparing for a night out does not have to be a nightmare anymore, guys.

There is a solution for flat hair that only involves adding a few fixes and changing a few habits.

So, if you don’t want flat-top haircuts for the rest of your life, you better listen to what we have to say.

What Causes Flat Hair

There are two main reasons why your hair falls flat. The first is the most obvious one and is written off as genetics. At the same time, it is a less likely source of having flat hair. The second one is much likelier, and it is due to the heavy use of hair products.

Poor hair care and the inappropriate use of styling products can build up over time and start to mix with the natural oils in your hair. It will create limp and sluggish hair, eventually losing its volume.

Normal hair should bounce back every time you touch it, no matter the length. If this does not happen, then it is a clear sign that you are facing flat hair problems, my friend.

It is also a sign of protein or moisture deficiency, the main ingredients your hair needs to stay healthy.

13 Methods to Add More Volume

Luckily, all is not lost, as multiple proven ways can help you deal with flat hair in men. Don’t think you are condemned to a greaser hairstyle, as adding more product is not the solution here and may only provide a temporary fix.

Get a Layered Haircut

Styling your hair with layers is a perfect way to add volume to it. This hairstyle will breathe new life into your hair and allow it to rise instead of staying flat.

Use Your Fingers

Never underestimate the power of styling your hair with your fingers. It works better than any tool out there and will allow you to add volume and style it in a Korean perm if you wish.

Use Volumizing Shampoo

Firstly, you must keep your hair clean and tidy as the dirt and grime build-up will weigh your hair down. Besides washing it regularly, it also helps t use a volumizing shampoo that helps to thicken and condition it. You don’t need a hair loss shampoo, though.

Man Shampooing His Hair

Avoid Using Too Much Conditioner

Too much conditioner will create the opposite effect on your hair. It does help your hair become silky and smooth, but this type of hair is often much softer and harder to style. It may help to create haircuts for men with thin hair but not if your hair is flat.

Sea Salt Spray

Applying some sea salt spray will add grit to your hair. It does so by absorbing our natural hair oils to do it. Do not overuse it; go for sprays containing Vitamin E or Aloe Vera.

Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair is the ultimate solution to add volume to your hair. If you target the roots correctly and use enough heat and pressure to lift them, they will be able to stay that way for much longer.

Style Against the Grain

This means that you should style your hair opposite from where it grows. This may be harder to achieve as your hair grows in various directions. So it takes a little time and trial and error to make it work.

Try a Round Brush

A round brush is an alternative way to tousle your hair with fingers. It is best to use this brush when blow drying your hair as it will help you create curls and a waiver finish.

Avoid Oily and Shiny Products

Using too many oil-based products will add more weight to your hair, causing it to sag. The glossy look isn’t a way to build volume in your hair and is, instead, much better for styles for straight hair.

Clays, Pastes and Creams

Matte and low-shine products are the only products you need to keep your hair up. You can add texture and correct your flat hair and should style it with your fingers instead of a brush or anything else.

Style With Texturizing Products

Another product that doesn’t weigh down your hair is texturizing sprays or wax. They help to liven up your hair and can work for haircuts with balding crowns.

Avoid Over-Washing

We need to wash our hair, but we should not overdo it. Overwashing strips our hair of the natural oils that are scalp produces and renders it dry. Your hair will try to compensate and create more oil, resulting in oily hair and one prone to become flat.

Go for Volumizing Hairstyles

You can change your styling ways and start going for hairstyles that add more volume to your hair. You will create an illusion of thick and voluminous hair, but it will help each time you go in public.

8 Best Haircuts for Flat Hair

To fix the problem of flat hair, you can transform your style and create haircuts that add volume to it or have a masking effect, making your hair seem like it has more volume. This means that older men’s hairstyles are out of the question here.

Layered Haircut With Bangs

Layers are what create volume. Once you master how to do it, you stand to set your hair in a manner that will look like it has a greater lift to it. Work on your bangs and style them so the layers get an added boost to them.

Man With a Straight Hair With Bangs


A cool pompadour hairstyle is always the way to go if you want to add volume to your hair, especially the top part. You will need to grow your hair longer and trim the sides down.

The rest involves styling the hair, so it has some lift and perhaps combing it back for proper classic pomp.

Choppy Bob

You might think that bob is not the type of hair you want if it’s flat. On the contrary, if you add some chops to it, you will see it rise up and not stay lifeless anymore. More so, this style can revolutionize your look and change it to a fun look for you.

Shaggy Hairstyle

Creating a shaggy hairstyle is always a fun thing to do. Not only are you adding some life to your hair, but you are also making it interesting for the people around you.

The best part is that it can work for both shorter and long hair. You are going to have to incorporate some styling products, but avoid oily ones and go for clay or creams.

Textured High Fade

Textured hair is one of the top ways to add volume to your hair. Combine it with a high fade and you will also be able to lift your hair, as this style may help to elongate your facial proportions.

The textured top is the key, so use finger magic to style it properly.

Wavy Top With Undercut

An undercut hairstyle is an excellent option for any situation. In this case, the top part is the one that takes the burden of creating volume, as you should be styling some waves.

The entire concept is excellent as it will help to elongate your head. The undercut is relatively easy to make, but the waves need to be held together by some hair spray.

Textured Side Part

A side part on its own may flatten the hair even more. A textured one is precisely what you need. Texturing your hair is another way of fixing the problem with flat hair and it also looks good at the same time.

Add a side part and comb the hair to the preferred side to make everything fit together.

Long Layers

As we mentioned, layers add volume to your hair. If you have longer hair, longer layers are pretty okay. You can form an attractive haircut and help your hair stand independently.

This hairstyle is a bit difficult to pull off due to the length of the hair. You might need some styling products to help to set everything up correctly.

How to Avoid the Frizzy Effect

The frizz in our hair happens due to various factors and sometimes can’t be avoided due to the sheer type of our hair. Weather, sun exposure, and shampoos can all cause our hair to become frizzy.

Step 1 – Find the proper shampoo

To avoid our hair getting a frizzy effect, there are various things that we can do. The first and most obvious is to find a suitable shampoo.

If we notice that the one we already own is doing something to our hair, we should change it immediately and switch to a good one with a conditioning effect.

Step 2 – Use quality hair serums

Adding specific serums to our hair and oils is good, which will help restore volume and keep our scalp from getting dry. You should avoid the heat, as it can damage or dry out the hair.

Step 3 – Trimming, conditioning and more

Also, shampoo the hair less frequently to prevent it from drying further. You will need to trim your hair regularly and also condition it appropriately. Lastly, a balanced diet also helps improve our hair and avoid frizz.


Is flat hair genetic?

Yes, it can be. In some instances, flat hair is due to genetics and is caused by the fact that you have a similar person, probably your father, with the same problem in your family tree.

How can I thicken my flat hair?

The best way to do so is to try adding volume. Use a volumizing shampoo but follow other best practices, like keeping your hair clean but not shampooing it daily.

Why is my hair so flat after washing?

It can be that you are not using an appropriate shampoo or too much conditioner. You have to balance things out and use the right hair products at the necessary rate to make them work appropriately.

How to fix flat hair on the back of the head?

Most haircuts do not require you to have wavy hair in the back. If you want to avoid flat hair in the back, try a volumizing shampoo, but do not use it too often. Twice or three times a week is more than enough.

What are some common myths about flat hair?

Some of the most common myths are that straight hair is usually flat. Also, washing it frequently will not do you any good, even if you use a volumizing shampoo. You still need to wash it an appropriate number of times.

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