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There is an array of barber shops in Denver, but you have to know which one is the one to visit.

You can’t just walk in the first and hope they will do a great job.

You can’t fathom what you will look like when you walk out of there.

So, we want to help you learn which are the good ones.

The places that you want to go to.

You also want to know about the barbers’ charges beforehand, as some places can get expensive.

20 Most Popular Barber Shops In Denver

Without much ado, we’ve researched and found some of the best, modern and traditional barber shops in Denver that you will want to visit. Believe us; it was not easy going through all of them, as there are many. But here are the 20 that deserve a visit.

Proper Barbershop

Proper Barbershop goes under the slogan “grooming for the greater good.” They do their best to mix some contemporary with the traditional and create a perfect setting with plenty of banter and laughs.

You drink while there and listen to fine tunes as you talk to people. Don’t forget about the free maintenance that is available between cuts.

Chopz Men’s Salon

When it comes to male services, Chopz Men’s Salon has you covered. They will not only do your hair; they will color it, style it, wax it, and massage you if needed. Chopz is one of Denver’s favorites as a place for hairstyles for men with white hair.

Semion Barbershop for All

Semion is owned by 4th generation immigrants from the Soviet Union. The owner moved here from New York to open his shop.

Before he got to his place, he learned everything he could in the last places he had been. So you can get full services here and a haircut for as low as $23.

Leetsdale Barber Shop

If you want to go to a real barbershop in Denver, go to Leetsdale. It is a bare-bones place that lives and breathes old school. You can decide to watch a game on the telly or listen to the radio.

But the best part is getting in on the talks with the professional barbers they got on staff. You can get popular beard styles at a very low price, but be ready to pay in cash as they only accept walk-ins.

Ollie’s Barbershop

Ollie’s Barbershop used to be a retro-style barber with only two chairs. Now it has grown and improved with modern barber shop tools and equipment.

They are still able to provide you with a fresh cut or a close razor shave, but now they also have other modern hairstyles that they do. A basic beard trim comes for free with the haircut and you need to pay in cash. Interestingly, it is for appointments only.

Barbers and Clients at Ollie`s Barber Shop

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GQ Barber Lounge

The GQ Barber Lounge may sound like a barber shop, but it is a high-end men’s salon. Nevertheless, you can get full services and get yourself in shape for any special occasion that you plan to go on.

The prices are a bit high, but for $42, you get everything from a consultant to a massage, shampoo and conditioner, a hot towel, and of course, a cut and trim. If you throw in $26, you get a full manicure and a quick facial treatment.

Salon Joa

Another place that is not a typical barber shop but does have the makings of one. They consider themselves a full-service day spa where you can also get a shave and hairstyle. The prices range from $25 to $35 and they specialize in Asian hairstyles.

Chuck’s Barber Shop

Chuck’s Barbershop has been in Denver for over 50 years. They were founded in 1963 by Chuck and his friend Dan Lee, and the pair are still cutting hair. They specialize in getting a straight razor close shave but even provide relaxing shoulder massages.

Alfani’s Barbershop

Alfani goes for a very friendly and releasing atmosphere to welcome their customers. They are also capable of giving you expert cuts and a range of services that even involves adding trendy hair highlights for men.

You can get anything from a fade to a leopard print dye if your heart desires it.

Al’s Barber Shop

If you are looking for a barber shop without a gimmick and one that concentrates on the basics, Al’s is the palace to go. There are no frills and tricks here, only experts that cut your hair and trim your beard.

Walk-ins are accepted, but it depends on whether they can be accommodated. A friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

The Usual

Is there a better phrase when you walk into a barber shop and simply say: The usual, please. But the Usual starts becoming very unusual regarding the variety of their services.

They provide you with a regular barbershop atmosphere but can do and go beyond. They also sell various quality products that can be used for your hair and beard treatments.

The Barber Shop

The name may not be innovative, but its services certainly are. They specialize in men’s and women’s haircuts and styles and can even provide you with a personalized haircut.

The store has a vast experience when we talk about hair as they have been doing it for ten years.

Spruce Barbershop

Men’s Journal named this one as one of the coolest barbershops in the US; Spruce is a place that wants to raise your confidence. A couple owns the palace and it is at the same time a style consultancy and a clothier.

The barbershop is there to reinvent yourself and empower you to be better. A basic cut is not even that expensive, starting at $30.

Spurce Barber Shop

Photo @sprucebarbershoplumberton

Tried and True Barbershop

Tried and True is owned by Scott, a retired US Army vet. He attended the Emily Griffith Barber College and decided to use his crafts to make a traditional barber shop store in Denver, Colorado.

The interior is made of wood, so you get the impression that you are in an old cabin. Also, Scott hand-picks every barber so you can be sure that your hair is being done by a professional.

Stans Downtown Barbers

Stans is a locally based and operated barbershop with various locations throughout the city. They are a family-owned place named one of the best professional barbers in Colorado a few times.

It has existed for over 35 years, and the people hired to do your hair are also hired based on their ability to spruce up the atmosphere.

Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon

You can pamper yourself at Frank’s Gentleman’s Salon. It looks like a classic barbershop but also helps in creating adequate mustache styles and haircuts and even has spa services. Also, they offer a variety of favorite products for hair, face, and styling purposes.

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Floyd’s 99 is one of the most known places in Denver and across the US. They have a traditional barbershop setting staffed with professional hairstylists armed with modern beard trimmers.

What they also do is to make you feel comfortable and they can create any haircut or beard style for you that you wish.

Legends Barbershop

You can walk out of Legends Barbershop with a legendary style. The idea is to help you feel relaxed with the atmosphere and content with your hair. You will also walk out of there feeling refreshed after a nice razor-shave.

Clipperz Hair Shop

Clipperz probably has the most fun names out of all the barbershops on the list. They are capable of doing much more than just a mere clipper cut.

They employ a variety of licensed professionals that can style hair, shave your beard, and provide care for it at the same time, thanks to an excellent array of products that they have.

Blank Barbers

Another intricate palace to go to in Denver to style your hair and beard is Blank Barbers. They have embraced the modern in how they represent themselves to the public and how they can provide haircuts and beard treatments.

You will walk out of there a happy man, and you only need to book an appointment.

Blank Barbers Barbershop

Photo @blankbarbers


How much is a haircut in Denver?

It depends on the place you decide to go to, but it ranges from $15 to $50.

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

Usually, a $20 includes a $4 tip to go with it.

Is it OK to tip the hairdresser 15%?

Yes, it is okay. Most tips range from 15% to 20%.

What are the most old-fashioned barber shops in Denver?

Some of them include Leetsdale Barber Shop and Tried and True Barbershop.

What are the most stylish barber shops in Denver?

These would be The Usual, Proper Barbershop, and Spruce Barbershop.


As you can see, there are many places where you can go to style your hair and get a beard trim in Denver. These are the best barbershops in Colorado, and going to each one of them will earn you a style that you will not forget anytime soon.

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