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After spending a lot of time growing your beard, grooming it, and nurturing it, you are left to bask in its awesomeness as other people envy you. Your baby is finally grown to the length it should and looks great on you.

Proper maintenance is still needed from time to time, so you need to use a trimmer to keep it looking as magnificent as it should. However, here is where the problem lies. Not every trimmer is made to accustom long beard styles.

If you are doing it with the wrong trimmer, you will not get the results you need and might even end up destroying your splendid beard. Therefore, we want to help you and explain how to get proper beard trimmers for a long beard.

After reading this article, you will know strictly which one to look for, the needed characteristics of such a trimmer, and where to buy one.

Here we go.

How Does It Work

Growing a long beard is a lengthy process. If you have decided to grow a lumberjack beard, you should mentally prepare for a journey that will take you through the ups and downs you have never seen before.

You will not only need time and a lot of patience, but you will also need to incorporate a variety of quality products like conditioners, beard balms, beard oil, and more. As your big beard grows, you will maintain it along the way.

So besides the products that help your beard grow nice and firm, a variety of tools need to be used. We are talking about combs, beard brushes, and trimmers. Getting the quality and specific ones for the job is the main trick here.

A good trimmer is probably the most important part that you have to think about. So make sure to immediately throw away your stubble trimmers, and replace them with a suitable one that will be able to cut and, at the same time, maintain the long beard that you have been able to acquire and stylize.

Man With a Long Hair and Beard Holding a Trimmer

How to Choose

Most beard trimmers sold today are not good enough to handle a long beard or goatee. What you need is a suitable one that will at the same time be able to do the job and keep your beard intact.

Therefore, when shopping for a trimmer to accommodate a long beard, you need to constantly think about a few characteristics that need to be met.

Sharp Blades

Be sure to look for a trimmer that has sharp and durable blades. They are usually made out of titanium, plastic, or chromium. The metal ones are the ones that last longer and are also sharp enough to deal with your beard.

Avoid plastic ones and go for stainless steel blades. If you have sensitive skin, sharp blades can cut the beard better, allowing you to avoid irritation, bumps, and cuts.

Powerful Motor

A trimmer with a weak motor is no good for a long beard. The motor has to be powerful enough to endure the tackle of handling a lengthy beard. You don’t want it giving up on your mid-trim and causing pain as it snags your beard. Besides pain, you might also end up with uneven cuts.


Battery life means everything to a person who is trimming a long beard. Since you have a lot of hair to deal with, you will want a trimmer that can do the part for the needed time.

If you are using a cordless trimmer for convenience purposes, it is best to pick one that provides an extended runtime, good enough to trim even the longest beards in the world.

Corded vs. Cordless Use

Both the corded and the cordless options are a double edge sword in a certain way. The corded one does not require you to charge it fast, it is more powerful, and you can trim while charging. However, the cable makes it hard to maneuver around a long beard.

The cordless option is convenient because you can make a beard fade without the cord getting in the way. However, while gaining maneuverability, you are sacrificing a bit of power and ensuring that the trimmer is always charged.


A waterproof trimmer is suitable for convenience purposes. Those who want to trim in the shower right after they are done or prefer trimming while the hair is damp will benefit from this type of trimmer.

It also makes cleaning much easier and faster; you only need to run it under some water fast.

Waterproof Trimmer

Combs and Attachments

When purchasing a trimmer for your long beard, why not one which you can use universally for other grooming needs? If you get a trimmer with added attachments like added combs, a stubble beard attachment, or a nose trimmer, you can easily use it for various grooming needs.

Besides grooming other parts of your body, you will also be able to create different beard styles with long hair.

How to Use Properly

Using your trimmer is not as hard as you may think. The trick is when and how to apply it. When you notice that you are getting stray hairs or split ends, you will need to use the trimmer and even the beard, making it straight and neat.

Step 1 – Plug and charge

Plug the trimmer in or make sure that it is fully charged. You can wash your beard, but that part is optional.

Step 2 – Set the comb and start trimming

Set the trimmer by adding the needed comb to keep it to the desired length. Carefully trims the part that you want to even out.

Step 3 – Final touches

Comb your bead or brush it to get rid of excess hair. Add some beard oil to keep it shiny and neat.

How to Maintain

To ensure your trimmer’s longevity, you will have to maintain it properly. This means cleaning it out every time you use it. You can take it apart and brush all the hairs out. For those that are waterproof, you can even run under a stream of water to clean them.

To ensure that it stays sharp, you can add silicone oil to the blades and the moving parts. Once you clean it, set it on a towel, so it dries. When you are not using it, be sure to store it in a proper place where it is not damp.


How do you trim a long beard?

Trimming a long beard, even beard styles without a mustache requires a specific trimmer that is sharp enough and good enough to trim that type of beard evenly. One with a stubble trimmer attachment will not do the trick.

Should you trim a long beard?

Yes, you should. You should trim the hairs that stick out or split ends. It is also suitable to even out the beard and style it in your desired direction.

How should I trim my beard for a full beard?

You should shave the parts you don’t want to keep and trim the regions where the hair sticks out. Adjust your comb, so you don’t shave too much of it.


Growing a long beard takes time, but while not having to shave it during that time, you will have to trim it from time to time. However, any old trimmer will not do. It would be best if you had those that are specifically created or have elements that will help you tame a longer beard.

If you think thoroughly when purchasing one and follow the necessary characteristics, you will have no problem choosing a good trimmer for a long beard.

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