Longest Beards

As a beard aficionado, you probably wondered – how long could I actually grow my beard?

There isn’t a proven way of determining how long a certain beard may grow, but there are definitely ways of helping it get to its maximum length.

We actually created a list of people with the longest beards in the world.

These are true champions and pioneers of beard growth.

Some of the records they hold may never be broken.

But you can still try.

We analyzed their situation and the way they got the most out of their beards and came up with our own best practices for growing a long beard.

If you follow all of them, who knows, you may end up on one of the lists with men with the longest beards in the world.

Here are the do’s and don’ts, pieces of advice, and facts about growing a really long beard.

What Is the Longest Beard in the World

The honor of sporting the longest beard of all time goes to the Norwegian immigrant who moved to the US when he was a young man named Hans Langseth. He lived to be 62 years old and never shaved a day in his life.

His beard didn’t just go all the way to the ground. It came back up again and rested on his shoulder. It grew to an incredible 17 ft and 6 in. To keep it intact, Hans even kept the thing wrapped around a corncob so he could freely move around. 

The length of Hans’ beard has never been surpassed. He is the all-time beard champion who has kept his record preserved for over a hundred years now. His beard is kept safe in the Smithsonian Museum but hasn’t been displayed for the general public since the 1990s. However, his living relatives are allowed to see it whenever they come by. 

Benefits of Growing It Long

Having a long bushy beard does not come without its benefits. One would think that having a ZZ Top beard is more of a nuisance than an advantage. The actual truth is that there is more to it than you think. It can even be overly attractive if you stylize it right and suit your face and body shape. 

A long beard will keep you warm at night. It will keep you warm at any time, mainly if you live in a very cold area. A longer beard will be appreciated once the temperature hits zero and you don’t have a scarf at hand to keep warm. 

Growing a long beard will also protect your skin. Being exposed to direct sunlight can be damaging to a person’s skin, particularly on your face. If your long beard is bushy enough, it will help you drive away from the unwanted UV light that hits your skin. 

Believe it or not, a long beard also helps you protect yourself from bacterial infections. The beard acts as a buffer zone and prevents all those pesky bacteria from reaching your mouth, nose, and lungs. Thus, improving your beard growth and thickness can lead to a healthier lifestyle. 

Short History of the Longest Beard in the World

Short History of the Longest Beard in the World

The undisputed champion of beard length is still and forever will be Hans Langseth. He was born in Norway in 1865 and started growing his beard when he was 19. During his lifetime, he never shaved, not even once. Resulting in his beard reaching an outstanding 17 feet and 6 inches in length. 

The second-longest beard of his time was only, oooonly 12 feet long. For him to move freely, he had to keep his beard wrapped or knotted. But he did let it loose for photo-ops or showcases. 

Hans died in 1927 in South Dakota at the age of 62. His final wish was for his beard to be cut off and saved for posterity. His family kept the leftovers of his beard for years until his son Russell decided to donate the beard to the Smithsonian Museum. Even though it is still held today, mere mortals cannot see his beard in person anymore, as pulled from the exhibit section. Only his living family members are allowed to marvel at the sight of Hans’ beard. 

Pros and Cons


  • It gives you a unique look. 
  • Gives you a level of authority and respect from other men. 
  • A lot of girls like it. 
  • Has a variety of health benefits. 
  • Makes you warm during cold days. 


  • Really, really hard to maintain. 
  • Very hard to grow and even virtually impossible for some men. 
  • Can be a bit troublesome when you are trying to move about. 

Things to Avoid When Growing One

The idea of growing a long beard has wormed its way into your head. You have decided on it and are mentally ready to tackle all the hurdles that come with such a feat. But knowing is half the battle, and there are some things that you need to know to avoid. 

Chemical Beard Relaxer

Never use a chemical beard relaxer, and we are not joking with this one. This is considered a beard killer. Sure, you are going to get the results that you need and a straight, even beard. But you will be destroying it at the same time. 

Beard relaxers have chemicals that destroy the keratin bonds within your beard. It is what holds your facial hair fibers together and gives them elasticity and shape. Doing away with those will essentially mean the end of your beard. 

So you can blow dry your beard, use the best beard oil, and apply all kinds of magic to it. 

Trimming a Neckline

Trimming your neckline is a perfect piece of advice when you are growing a shorter beard. But it is absolutely the worst if you want a long one. The hairs on your neckline support your beard. The volume at the bottom comes from those neckline hairs. 

If you decide to trim them away, your beard might look good when somebody looks at you from the front. But if somebody ganders from the sides, they will notice a hollow part that seems weird.

How to Grow It

How to Grow a Long Beard

Step 1 – Patience

You may not be planning to grow a long beard as Saruman and call upon the hoards of Uruk-Hai warriors. But you will still need a plan to grow it properly. Just letting things fly doesn’t work. Remember, it does take time and a lot of patience. It takes a good six months to grow an excellent thick beard. 

Step 2 – Stop trimming for a while

What you should do is stop shaving and trimming for a while. It takes time, but after a while, you will see the benefits of your patience. Be sure to condition your beard to keep it soft and thick. Long beards do require more oil. Getting a good beard oil will help eliminate dry skin under your beard, prevent dandruff, and lessen beard itching. 

Step 3 – Brush regularly

As it grows, be sure to brush it regularly. Your beard will appreciate the care and the grooming. After a while, you are going to need to trim it down a bit. Shave and trim the edges to keep your beard even. 

Step 4 – Use beard shampoo

Finally, to keep your beard clean and fresh, use beard shampoo daily. Good hygiene and cleanliness are essential and are what will keep your beard and yourself feeling healthy. 

How to Trim a Long Beard

You have to give your long beard trim from time to time. You will have to keep things in check as hairs will start to grow wild and things can get very Castaway very fast. So you should: 

Step 1 – Use a wooden beard comb.

Make sure to use an anti-static wooden comb to brush the beard. After that, shave and trim around the beard.

Step 2 – Use sharp scissors or a trimmer 

Shave your cheeks and trim your sideburns. Don’t forget to trim the mustache as well and trim the beard in a desirable shape

Step 3 – Moisture with beard oil 

You should trim your beard every three to five days for perfect maintenance. 

How to Maintain It

Step 1 – Trim down excess hair strains 

Growing the beard is half the battle. After allowing your beard to reach the desired length, you will need to maintain it as best as possible. Sometimes maintenance can be a tedious task, but it is the price you need to pay for having a good-looking beard. 

Step 2 – Wash your beard regularly 

10 Longest Beards in the World

Hans Nilsen Langseth

Hans Nilsen Langseth is the record holder with officially the longest beard globally, coming at 17 feet and 6 inches. He was born in 1865 and started growing his beard when he was 19 years old. He died in 1927 and has assumedly never shaved a day in his life.  

Sarwan Singh 

The Canadian resident Sarwan Singh is the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest beard of a living person. He officially set this record in 2011, when the beard achieved a length of 8 free and 2.5 inches. 

Shamser Singh

Shamser Singh is another record holder and the proud owner of one of the world’s longest beards. Singh is a native Punjab from India and has been grooming his beard all his life. His record was established in 1997 when his beard, measured from the chin to the end of the tip, stretched an incredible 6 feet. 

Paul Wright

One of the world’s longest beards also hails from Britain and belongs to Paul Wright of Swanmore. Paul admits that he started his beard-grooming hobby when locked inside his home due to a dislocated knee. His beard grew to 2 feet and 2 inches and he has been growing it ever since. 

Michael Legge

Another Great Britain native and another owner of one of the longest beards in the world. Michael Legge is the proud owner of a 2-feet long beard that he groomed for two years. He is the winner of a multiple-beard competition as he has 10 victories out of 12 outings from various beard competitions. He is also a collector of multiple facial hair grooming kits. 

Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson, also known as Chops Johnson, is a multiple-time beard competition winner. He has 12 titles under his belt that also include five first-place finishes. In total, he attended 35 beard competitions and hasn’t shaved for the last seven years and counting. 

Sean Z.

Sean Z. arguably sports the best beard in metal. Sean is the lead singer of the American metal band Daath from Atlanta and a keyboard player in Chimaira. His beard has grown to an impressive length of 12 feet and his peers say that he has the best beard in the business. 

Madison Rowley

10 Longest Beards in the World - Madison Rowley

Photo from Instagram: @maaddogg

A native of Portland, Madison Rowley is an actor, director, and cinematographer. He rose to fame while documenting the growth of his legendary beard on various social media sites. He also took home the trophy from the World Beard and Mustache Championship held in Portland.   

Shavo Odadjian

Shavo Odadjian is known in the music industry for being the bass player of the Grammy Award-winning band System of a Down. But around the world, he is known for having one of the more unique beard styles and a 1-foot long tail of a beard that goes all the way down to his chest. 

Vivian Wheeler

The Guinness Book of World Records records Vivian Wheeler as the woman with the longest beard. The Oklahoma native sports a 10-inch long beard that she usually has to keep tied to do chores around the house. She is also known by her alter ego, Melinda Maxie, which she uses when she decides to showcase her impressive beard.  

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be patient, be very patient. 
  • Brush your beard daily. 
  • You need to use more beard oil for a longer beard. 
  • Develop your beard care regime and stick to it. 


  • Never trim your neck hair. 
  • Don’t use a chemical beard relaxer. 


FAQ About Longest Beards in the World

What is the world record for longest beard?

The world’s longest beard belongs to Hans Nilsen Langseth, who sported a beard of 17 feet and 6 inches. 

How long did it take to grow the world’s longest beard?

Hans Langseth grew the beard the whole of his life, which lasted 62 years. 

How can some people grow such long beards?

Some people have genetically robust beards and with great care and tactics, they can grow a long one. 

Who has the longest beard (living man) in the world in 2021?

Sarwan Singh is the current living record holder of the longest beard globally at a length of 8 feet and 2.5 inches. 


Boy, these are some long beards. As you can see, some treat it as a challenge while others view it as a hobby. For some, it is a way of life, while others groom it to stand out. Whatever the case is, if you want one, you have to be patient. 

Michele Antunes

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