Back Hair Removal

Having some extra body hair can be attractive for a man. Some chest hair looks nice and can combine well with a bit on your stomach. Some guys can even get away with a patch of armpit hair. However, back hair is an entirely different thing. Not even Brad Pitt can make back hair look stylish. 

Back hair is the bane of every man’s grooming ritual. Not only is it unattractive to look at, but it is also hard to remove properly and effectively. You need an added set of hands or a good friend that has your back(hair). 

We are aware of what men are going through and how they feel. We also understand the women’s side of things as almost none of them dig back hair. Therefore we are here to help with a detailed guide about how to remove back hair properly. 

Should Men Remove Back Hair

There is a universal agreement for both men and women that back hair is not that great. We, as men, style both our facial and body hair to look good and feel comfortable. But for some reason, we never do that with back hair. It is mainly because it does not look attractive, and it is challenging to reach for any stylizing efforts. 

But how do men get back hair, to begin with? It simply comes down to genetics. If your father was a hairy man, it is most likely because his father was the same, and his father before that. Guess what? This makes you predestined to be a hairy dude as well. 

But no fear. There are all kinds of ways of dealing with a hairy back nowadays. 

Benefits of Back Hair Removal

Looking more attractive is the apparent benefit of removing your back hair. But there are more to consider, which may also push you towards grabbing the world’s best back shaver and getting to work. 

Emphasizes Muscle Tone

The same way as shaving your chest will make your pecs look bigger; it works the same for your back muscles. 

Improves Athletic Performance

Less hair means less friction when it comes to competing in sporting events. Having your back hair removed will also add to the improvement of sports feats. 

Makes You Feel Comfortable

You are going to sweat considerably less and be feeling a lot better in your skin. 

Looks More Attractive

Self-explanatory. Back hair does not look good. 

Improves Self-Esteem

You are going to receive a confidence boost once your back is nice and smooth. 

Makes Tattoos Visible

If you want a tattoo on your back, you better get a trim back there. 

How Does Back Hair Removal Work

How Does Back Hair Removal Work

The rate of growing hair will differ from person to person. For example, the hair on your head can grow up to six inches in about a year. But different people have their hair growth rates and patterns, so you can never get an accurate assessment. 

But the bottom line is, no matter how hard you shave your body hair, it will grow back. So there are two solutions when removing your back hair – temporary and permanent. 

Temporary solutions include methods like shaving or waxing. This means that you will repeat this ritual from time to time, mainly weekly. So if you have gotten used to using a beard moisturizer from time to time, you will get comfortable with back hair removal treatments regularly as well. 

But if you want to get things done for good, you can opt for a permanent solution. These methods include laser removal or electrolysis. However, there are no real permanent solutions but only long-term. There is a possibility that hair will grow back again in the same places, but it will take a considerably long time to do so, years even. 

Pros and Cons of Back Hair Removal


  • Specific methods are really easy to apply, even by yourself. 
  • Choosing the proper method will help to avoid razor burns and ingrown hairs.
  • The right option will eliminate any follow-ups or maintenance. 
  • Doing it properly will help you look fit and feel fresh and comfortable. 


  • Even long-term methods do not guarantee permanent back hair removal. 
  • Some methods can be excruciating. 
  • Specific methods require repeating the process weekly. 

Methods of Back Hair Removal

We mentioned a few methods of removing back hair and it is time to tell you about them in detail. It requires more thinking than just choosing a premium cartridge razor, as each option comes with pros and cons. At the same time, it will cater to people’s own needs individually. 


You can probably guess on your own how shaving your back hair looks like. However, it is the last method we would recommend. Although it will leave your back nice and smooth, mainly if you use all-natural beard care products for care, the effects are only temporary. It means that you are going to have to repeat the process from time to time. 

Not only is it fleeting, but it is tough to perform. Even if you are flexible, reaching your back is a tricky feat to do. You may require assistance from a friend or a partner. But the good thing about shaving is that it does bring good results and is the cheapest method available. 

Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing or sugaring is a very fast and effective method of removing your back hair but is the most painful one of them all. The process involves spreading the wax on the hairy area you want to remove and pulling the wax in a single hand swoop. 

With this action, you yank out both the hair and its roots. This will leave your back smooth and shiny for a more extended period as it will probably take around 2 to 3 weeks for the hair to grow out again. 

However, besides pain, there is also irritation and possible infection to worry about. Like choosing a quality beard shampoo, you will also need to take some time and pick the appropriate wax for removal and products for post-treatment. 

Methods of Back Hair Removal


Threading is another really painful method of removing back hair. At the same time, it is nearly impossible to do it independently, so you better get an assistant to help you with it right away. Removing large patches of hair with threading is not recommended, as it will take a lot of time and result in more pain. It works best for dealing with small amounts of hair. 

You will need a 40 count cotton thread to start and cut the threads to a length of 30 cm. Tie the ends together, forming a loop and stretch the threads to form a rectangle. Start moving your hands in circular movements for about 10 cycles to form a jagged line. This method can be applied at home as it is cheap and can be done by anyone. But it does not guarantee long-lasting results. 

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are chemical substances applied to the hairy area allowing them to work on their own. Out of all methods, this one is the simplest to use. The substances found in these creams are supposed to formulate a harsh reaction once you touch your skin and remove all the hair altogether. You merely need to wipe the cream and the hair off and you are done. 

However, these creams can come with specific adverse reactions, particularly if you have sensitive skin. You can end up with a rash, irritation, or even burns. Also, you are only removing the hair superficially and not dealing with the root of your problem. This means that the hair will regrow in just a few days and you will need to repeat the action once again. 


Electrolysis is a hair removal method that uses heat or chemical energy to destroy the root of the hair. It is a permanent method that will destroy the entire root center and stop the hair from appearing in that place again. You have to be sure about this method before doubling down on it. 

This method can be used on all types of skin tones and is entirely painless. However, it is much more expensive and takes quite a bit of time to complete. When done correctly, you will be eliminating the need for regular maintenance. 

Laser Treatment

Similarly, as Electrolysis, laser hair removal is a long-term method that destroys the root of the hair. It is going to help you last for quite a long period without a need for a shave. Even though hair could potentially start to grow back at a certain point, it will take quite a bit of time. 

Laser removal does require a few treatments, but it will all depend on the thickness of your hair, the root of the back hair, your hormones, and the amount. You have to stir away from the sun for a few weeks before and after the treatment. But laser comb treatments are regarded as one of the most effective ways of dealing with back hair even though it is expensive. 

How to Choose the Best Back Hair Removal Method

So now that you know what your options are, it is time to determine how to choose one of them. Selecting an elegant beard brush is very simple, but picking the right back hair removal method will require thinking about a few variables. 

Pain Tolerance

If you have a low pain threshold or have extremely sensitive skin, be sure to avoid some of the mentioned painful methods. These involve waxing and threading. Post-treatment is extremely important with all back hair removal methods, but it comes into higher focus when using the ones that cause more pain. 

How to Choose the Best Back Hair Removal Method


Some methods come with a pretty hefty price tag. These involve electrolysis and laser treatment. Although they are highly effective, painless, and provide long-term effects, you will need to cough up a hefty amount of cash upfront. Alternatively, other methods are much more budget-friendly and can be applied at home with ease. 


Each back hair removal method requires a different time frame to complete. Shaving, for instance, is a quick way of getting rid of back hair, but it requires you to do it a few times a week. Other methods that come with more permanent results will require a lot more time to complete. Also, some of them, like laser treatment, cannot be done in one sitting. So you will have to go back and invest more time if you want things to be done properly. 


If you don’t want to spend time on maintenance and use the same ritual every week, a permanent method is a choice. Shaving and waxing only remove hair superficially, meaning that you will need to repeat the process from time to time. Laser removal and electrolysis are permanent solutions that last much longer.  

How to Remove Back Hair With a Back Shaver 

If you have opted for the fast method of removing back hair with a shaver, here is what you need to do. If you are flexible enough, you can try and reach your back by yourself. Or you can get a razor aimed explicitly at reaching back hair. But we suggest getting an assistant in the form of your partner or a friend to do it for you. 

Step 1 – Apply some shaving cream or gel to your back

Rinse off the shaver in some hot water. Shave the area closely and as thoroughly as possible.

Step 2 – Get a shower 

Apply a post-shaving treatment per your choice.

How to Remove Back Hair With a Wax 

Removing back hair with wax may also be done at home. But the same as with shaving, it is hard to do it by yourself. So unless you are going to a salon, have a friend help you out. 

Step 1 – Apply the wax to the back area 

Leave it for a minute to settle.

Step 2 – Pull the wax off as hard and as fast as possible

Apply some creams to treat burns or irritation.

How to Remove Back Hair With a Sugaring Paste 

Sugaring is a back hair removal method that involves using a mixture that includes sugar, lemon, and water. It is similar to waxing, but it is less uncomfortable and feels gentler on your skin. It is still a bit painful but works by removing the hair from the root and not disturbing the surrounding skin. It is also biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 

Step 1 – Prepare a paste

Mix some sugar, lemon, and water. Spread it on your back where you want to remove the hair.

Step 2 – Wait a few minutes to settle 

Yank the paste away as it solidifies with your hair.

How to Remove Back Hair With a Sugaring Paste

How to Remove Back Hair With Depilatory Cream 

If you can use hair cream properly, you can also use a depilatory cream as well. It is fairly easy and can be done right at home. But before you try it, you can test the cream out on a smaller patch of hair like your arm or elbow. 

Step 1 – Apply the depilatory cream to your back

Leave it for about 10 minutes or the time indicated by the manufacturer.

Step 2 – Wipe and wash the cream off 

Check for any unwanted indications or rashes. Get a nice shower and scrub well.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Back Hair Removal

Unless you want your back to look like some poorly manicured nails, you should stick to the proper usage of each method mentioned above. This means that you should keep to the following practices. 


  • Properly research any method that you intend to try. 
  • Use post shaving or waxing treatments once you are done. 
  • Always read how to use the product if you are using it on your own at home. 
  • Get somebody to help you if you can’t reach your back yourself. 
  • If you have sensitive skin, use a method that will not irritate it. 


  • Go into direct sunlight after laser hair removal. 
  • Do exercises or exert yourself after laser or electrolysis. 
  • Use creams or hair removal products on parts that they are not intended for. 

FAQ About Back Hair Removal

Is back hair unattractive?

It is left to a person’s opinion, but it is a general belief that back hair is not attractive. 

How can I stop hair from growing on my back?

You can’t stop the hair on your back from growing. The best that you can do is use a method that provides permanent results like electrolysis or laser removal. 

Is it bad to shave your back?

If you do it properly and apply the necessary treatment, it is not bad. But you should know that it will make the hair grow faster and thicker in time. 

Does waxing your back make it worse?

Waxing is painful and may cause irritation, rashes, or burns. Applying proper post-treatments will help to protect the skin. But the more you do it, the thicker your back hair will become. 

Is electrolysis back hair removal really permanent?

Yes, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method that targets the hair follicles and destroys them, preventing them from forming hair again. 

What should I expect from laser back hair removal?

You will need to stir away from direct sunlight before and after it. Also, it is not recommended to exert yourself physically in any way. You can expect long-term positive results without hair growth for several years even. 

Should I combine methods of back hair removal?

Only if you want to, these methods do not contradict themselves and can be mixed. Some of them can be combined to ensure improved results. 


Shaving your back does not have to be a chore. Yes, it is unattractive, but it will not make your significant other love you less. But to deserve that love, you can make it comfortable for the both of you by picking a suitable method for getting rid of your back hair. It is easier than you think and carefully considering one of them will ensure favorable results.

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