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A shaving scuttle refers to the advanced version of the shaving mug. It can be described as a ceramic-based container featuring two walls. Aside from having the best safety razor, you also need a premium shaving bowl or the best shaving scuttle as it helps keep the soap lather that you are using warm. With that, you will get to use it several times.

Benefits of Using One

Retains the Warmth of the Lather

A shaving scuttle can benefit you if you are using shaving cream. It is like you are using a shaving cream warmer dispenser as it works in retaining the warmth/heat of the lather. This is a good thing as a warm lather applied to your shaved face offers a high level of relaxation. The warm lather is also suitable for sensitive skin to prevent irritation.

Comes With Separate Spouts

The shaving scuttle has a similar design to the shaving mug. The only difference is that the scuttle also features a separate spout. This provides an advantage as it gives you a spout that you can use to hold well-chosen beard care products, particularly your shaving brushes.

Ensures That You Will Have a Sufficient Supply of Lather

With the scuttle around, you have the assurance that you will not run out of lather to use. There is no need to put down any razor you are using, whether it is an attractive single-blade razor or a precise straight razor so that you can make the soap lather up again. This can prevent your razor from getting contaminated as you do not have to put it down on the counter.

How Does They Work

The shaving scuttle works as a better version of the typical and traditional shaving mug. With its teapot design featuring two compartments, you will now have one compartment for hot water and creating the lather. The hot water in one compartment can help retain the warmth of the lather, so you do not have to dip the brush in the prepared warm water as a means of reheating the foam.

A Short History

Companies created the original scuttles to contain a separate container or compartment that you can use for the water. This is where you are supposed to dip the brush as necessary. Eventually, the designs of the scuttle improved.

Nowadays, you can find those featuring an open bay, which helps hold the water and retain the warmth of the lather. Earlier shaving scuttles also have vintage decorations, so if you find one with such a design, you have the assurance that they are one hundred percent genuine.

Pros and Cons


  • A functional and valuable addition to your grooming and shaving kit – Make sure to supply a razor that provides efficient shaving, too, and have your scuttle ready to guarantee positive results as you shave.
  • Capable of retaining the lather’s warmth.
  • Equipped with a separate spout.
  • Prevents the need for lathering again.
  • Ensures that your razor will not get contaminated, thereby preventing irritation and other issues.


  • More expensive than when using the typical shaving bowl.

Types of Materials

Materials of Shaving Scuttles

Stainless Steel

Shaving scuttles constructed out of stainless steel are among the least fragile and the sturdiest out of the different materials used in creating the item. It is so sturdy that it has a low chance of breaking or cracking even when you drop it accidentally.


You can also go for ceramic-based shaving scuttle. It is slightly more challenging than other materials, but many still consider it fragile. That said, be extra careful when using it, so you can prevent it from dropping. It is also prone to chipping, so be careful.


In terms of heat retention, porcelain is considered the best. However, note that it is also very fragile. This makes it necessary to be extra careful when handling and using it to prevent cracks.


You can also go for durable metal. The good thing about this material is that you can customize it based on your preferred specifications. However, one downside is that it is prone to dent over time. It may not also have enough textured surfaces, limiting its lathering capability.


If you prefer a material with a more elegant and luxurious appeal, go for wood. An advantage of wood material is that it has heat-retaining solid capabilities. It also can provide a creamy and rich lather within just a short period. The problem is that it absorbs water, causing it to warm and get misshapen after just a few years.


A shaving scuttle made of plastic is also a reasonably priced option. Many love this material as it cannot retain the fragrance of the soap, gel, or cream used for shaving. In addition, it has a lower chance of burning your skin, thereby ensuring that the lather remains warm.

Tools Used With Them

Safety Razor

Apart from ensuring that you take beard vitamins that work, it is also advisable to look for a safety razor suitable enough for your specific requirements. The safety razor features only one blade, which aids in significantly lowering the risk of skin irritation.

Another reason why you should invest in a safety razor, aside from a stubble trimmer with an ergonomic design, is that it allows you to switch blades. If you have sensitive skin, make it a point to invest in a sharp blade. Go for blades that are less aggressive when handling other body areas.

Shaving Brush

You can also experience a hot towel shave, which many find relaxing and convenient with a shaving scuttle and brush around. The brush is necessary as it can help create good lather, especially when the one you are using is a traditional cream or soap for shaving. Note that the brush is unnecessary in case the soap you are using has no lather.

Tools Used With Shaving Scuttles

Shave Cream or Soap

Of course, you also need to have a shave cream or soap in your kit. These two products are helpful as they can protect your skin from being directly in contact with the razor blade as you shave.

How to Choose the Best Shaving Scuttle


One thing you should remember about shaving scuttles is that they are available in various materials. Each material also has unique properties. They also have their feel, as well as some pros and cons, so assess them before making a decision. That way, you can choose one that benefits you the most.


It is also necessary to check the price as it tends to differ based on the brand, level of durability, and the material used in creating the scuttle. For instance, vintage designs are costlier than newer ones usually have minimal and straightforward designs. Decide on your budget to know which among your choices fits it.


Examine the shape and design of the shaving scuttle, too. That way, you can determine which one can give you the highest comfort level. You can go for the bowl variety or the original one.

One of them is shaped like a teapot – a side of which features a handle while the other features a spout. The other choice is shaped like a bowl that features a shole on one side and a thick and sturdy base. Decide which is the most convenient and easiest for you to use.


Check the texture of the shaving scuttle before buying. Note that a polished one may be incapable of providing you with a good lather. That said, spend time inspecting the inner parts of the scuttle during the shopping period.

Also, note that those with minor ridges and bumps on the wall can still be viewed as useful. The reason is that the inner surface is now uneven, thereby creating friction as you rub your shaving brush with the gel, soap, or cream. This further leads to a fantastic lather.


You also have to consider the size of the scuttle, which will be a matter of preference. Some favor larger scuttles as they provide additional room for you to swirl your shaving brush. You can do it without having to touch both sides of the scuttle.


Make sure that the weight of the scuttle is not too much. It should be just enough to be comfortable enough for you to use. If possible, it also has to be lightweight and bring it anywhere.

Warm or Cold Froth

It is also essential to consider whether warm or cold froth is what you will be using. You can choose from hot or cold based on your personal preference. If you prefer a warm froth during the entire shaving process, buy a shaving scuttle equipped with thick walls. This can help in delaying the froth’s cooling.

Integrated Shaving Kit

How to Choose the Best Shaving Scuttle

If possible, you should invest in an integrated shaving kit – one that has almost all, if not all, of the things you need for grooming and shaving. If you invest in an integrated shaving kit, you have a high chance of taking hold of a quality shaving scuttle together with other tools for shaving, including a safety razor and trimmer.

How to Use It

Step 1 – Prepare hot tap water

Use this in filling both the outer and inner bowl. Use the topmost bowl as a means of thoroughly soaking and wetting your brush. Let it stay there for several minutes before the complete saturation of the brush.

Step 2 – Empty the bowls once the brush becomes wet

After that, fill the bottom part of the bowl using hot water. Get rid of all excess water you can find at the topmost bowl. After that, get your preferred cream or soap and use it in loading up the brush.

Step 3 – Form a thick lather

Do this in the topmost bowl. Pour additional water if necessary. Once done, you can start lathering your face as you usually do.

Step 4 – Shave then lather again

Re-lather every time you shave again. Do it regardless of the number of passes needed in obtaining your desired shave.

Step 5 – Rinse your face thoroughly

Clean and rinse all your shaving tools and equipment, too.

How to Clean a Shaving Scuttle

Step 1 – Use water

To clean your shaving scuttle, you should wash it using water. It just involves picking up your scuttle then bringing it to the sink.

Step 2 – Rinse with water in the sink

With the help of a cloth, scrub your shaving scuttle after each use. Keep in mind that the entire cleanup process is quite messy. That said, it would be best to do this outdoors and use the hosepipe.

Alternative Methods

When using your shaving scuttle, one effective alternative method is to put it on your coffee warmer. Once the water in your scuttle’s inner compartment gets warm, soak your brush in liquid for several seconds. This should make the brush wet.

Use a cork as a means of trapping the steam. This is a wise method as it forms a warm lather capable of remaining heated throughout.

Another popular method is bringing the scuttle into your bathroom every time you plan to shave. Have it loaded with the help of warm water while bathing. Let your soap soak in water – after which, expect it to foam up, making it ready for use when grooming your hair.

You should then put the razor along with your shaving brush into its faucet for heating. Aside from preheating your razor, this method also helps in soothing the hairs found on your shaving brush.

Shaving Scuttles vs Bowls vs Mugs

Shaving Scuttles vs Bowls vs Mugs

Shaving bowls and mugs differ from shaving scuttles in several areas. Many find the bowls and mugs easier to access while also being cheaper to own. Both are more affordable than the scuttles, which signifies one significant difference. The bowl and mug also have the advantage of lowering the amount of soap and cream you use.

As for the shaving scuttle, you will notice its price is higher than the shaving bowl and mug. This will also depend on the kind of scuttle you decide to buy. Moreover, the scuttle features some ridges in its bowl. This works in easily creating a lather. It also works wonders when it comes to retaining the heat of the lather.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Generally, the shaving scuttle is more expensive compared to the mug or bowl you decided to use for shaving. Note that the higher price is worth it, considering its overall quality. If you want your investment to be worth it, then you can also invest in an integrated shaving kit – one that contains almost everything you need for this function.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Prepare the scuttle before each use. You can do that by running your scuttle beneath hot water as you are still waiting for the water you will be using to boil. This move is enough in preparing your scuttle before use.
  • Stick the brush and razor to your scuttle’s spout. This tip works in a couple of ways – warming your razor and the shaving brush while softening the bristles. The result is ease of use.


  • Do not forget to put back your brush in the compartment again after applying the lather to your face. This should ensure that it will remain hot.
  • Do not neglect the cleanliness of the scuttle. You have to commit to cleaning it after each use to continue serving its purpose for a long time.


Are shaving scuttles worth it?

Yes, this is especially true if you consider the overall quality and performance of the scuttle. It is worth investing in because of its overall functionality. The scuttle is even a great addition to any wet shaver toolkit.

What is the best material for shaving scuttle?

The answer to this is a matter of your unique preference. It is mainly because each material has its benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you which one of the different materials used for a shaving scuttle will work effectively.

Probably, the best choice for shaving scuttle material if you are looking into durability and overall performance is stainless steel.

Can I adjust my shaving scuttle in a layered container?

Yes, you can. It is mainly because of the two compartments that the scuttle comes with. You can even find complete scuttle sets that have three compartments – one is for the basin that you can use in maintaining the moisture of the brush, the scuttle itself to preserve and form a lather, and the last container, which you can use in holding a puck where you can stack your shaving brush. All these compartments promote ease in adjusting the scuttle even in a container classified as layered.

How do you hold a shaving scuttle?

If you get a shaving scuttle with a handle, you can hold it using the handle, then start swirling with your high-quality shaving brush so you can develop a thick lather. You may also put the scuttle on top of your coffee warmer to ensure that the lather you formed will stay warm.

Do you leave shaving soap in a scuttle?

It would be best not to leave any leftover shaving soap in your scuttle once you’re done using it. The reason is that you need to clean up the scuttle after each use to preserve its quality and excellent condition.

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