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If you want a contemporary men’s hairstyle and can’t find a suitable hair salon, transitioning to a barber shop is the perfect way to go.

Don’t think barber shops are just a hipster trend and are meant for a specific group of people.

Almost anyone who walks into a barber shop can find a suitable haircut for them and get a unique style.

So if you are in the San Diego area, you might be wondering: Where can I find barber shops in San Diego? The answer is: Plenty!

To help you shorten your search, we did it for you, so you only have to pick the one closest to you or the one that offers the most suitable men’s haircut prices.

20 Most Popular Barber Shops in San Diego

There are more barber shops in the San Diego area than you think. We found 20 good ones and you are welcome to try every one of them. However, each one has something that makes them unique.

Barber Craft

Barber Craft was founded by Tony Costa, who got the idea based on the barbershop culture he grew up around in New Jersey. The staff there is exceptionally trained and is more suitable for creating detailed cuts and unique styles.

You can opt for beard crafting or simple shaving and even create a beard routine with a hot lather and towel. Of course, you can get a classic haircut for $40, while beard trims cost $30.

Leftys Barbershop

You will be able to find a few of Leftys barbershops in San Diego as their chain is starting to gain momentum. Leftys has existed since the 50s and is one of the oldest barbershops in the Golden State.

Their staff is highly professional and you can expect a very friendly atmosphere each time you walk in. A classic haircut is priced at $40, while a beard trim is $20. A razor shave is a bit pricy, though, offered at $50.

Dame and Dapper Barber & Shave

This one can already be labeled as a hipster barber shop. Dame and Daper is a vintage-style establishment that holds its position in the barbershop industry in high regard.

The people that work there are hand-picked, so you can be confident that the fade haircut types they provide are done by professionals.

Their price list is not as high as you think, as you can get a classic haircut for $35. A beard trim costs $20 and a razor shave is $45.

Dame and Dapper Barber & Shave

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Pappy’s Barber Shop

Pappy’s barber shop is unique as it has a styling product section, which not many others do.

They have earned the privilege of being called one of the best shops in San Diego and have earned that monocle by having several professionals on staff that you can consult with to get the type of hair or shave you wish or learn how to often to get a haircut.

 You will need to pay $35 for a classic haircut at Pappy’s, while a beard trim comes at $35.

OB Barbershop

OB Barbershop has existed in San Diego since 2005. The story behind the establishment lies behind the idea that was born in the mind of local surfer Darin Wright, who decided to settle down and create a business.

They offer all kinds of hair treatments and beard-trimming services to the locals. Their prices are not bad, as you can get a haircut for $27 and a beard trim for $20.

Freshly Faded Barber + Shop

Black men in San Diego can look to Freshly Faded Barber + Shop for their hair styling needs. This certified black barbershop does not accept walk-ins, so you better get an appointment.

Expect a detailed discussion while sitting in the barber chair and waiting for your hair to be done. The price for a haircut starts at $40, while a beard trim costs $20. They also accept kids, so you can have your child’s hair done for $35.

Barber Side Barber Shop

Marvin Attiq managed to convert a basic startup into one of the most successful businesses in San Diego. His Barber Side shop developed faster than the speed of light and is now one of the sought-after joints in the area.

Besides all kinds of hairstyles offered, they also promote their cruelty-free product series. They are one of the few that style both men’s and women’s hair and the cost for a classic haircut is $25. Guys can get a beard trim at $15.

The Cutt’n Edge Barbershop

This is another black barbershop that does an excellent job for clients in San Diego. Cutt’n Edge is a family-owned business started by Tony Ganaway in 2013.

Tony invited many of his friends to work for him, who are masters at their craft and provide excellent haircuts. You can get one for $40 or a beard trim at $15. They also offer a razor shave at $25, while kid’s cuts go at $30.

The Cutt’n Edge Barbershop

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Floyds 99 Barbershop

The O’Brien brothers opened up their family business because they couldn’t find the best barber in San Diego. So their idea was to open up one of their own. They have about 120 barbershops across the US, and business is booming for them.

They can provide you with a haircut or various hair color ideas for men done by skilled professionals. A classic haircut costs $35; a beard trim is offered at $14, and a razor shaves at $40. They also cut kids’ hair and are priced at $29.

Park Boulevard Barbershop

The Park Boulevard barbershop caters to all age groups but specializes in senior cuts. Nevertheless, you can still get a contemporary style here, whether it’s a mohawk, a simple scissor cut, or a hair conditioner treatment.

Also, compared to other establishments in the area, their prices are the most affordable. You will need to pay $17 for a simple haircut, while a beard trim costs $12. A razor shave is priced at $21, while kids can have their hair cut at $17.

The Barberos

Barberos was founded by their main barber Omar, who has been in the industry for a long time providing fades and hot towel razor shaves.

Therefore, Barberos is notoriously known for its traditional hot towel shaves and handcrafted haircuts. So if you don’t know who to visit, a barber or hairstylist, you can get both services here.

Normal Heights Barbershop

Normal Heights is a very classy joint where you can only get your hair done after making an appointment. They specialize in highly modern cuts, so you can expect their main clientele to be younger than most other places.

Barbers are skilled and friendly and know what they are doing, so you can expect quality results here. The price for a standard haircut is $30, while the beard trim price may vary on the design. A razor shave is valued at $40.

Classic Cuts Barber Shop

Classic Cuts is not called like that because they can only provide you with some classic haircuts. Their list of services includes some very intricate trending cuts provided by skilled professionals.

They gladly accept walk-ins and even offer a complimentary drink while you wait in an overtly friendly atmosphere. The price is challenging, as a basic haircut costs $50.

A beard trim comes at $35 and a razor shave at $30. Kids can also get their hair done here, but it costs $45.

Rawknykz Barber Shop

If you genuinely want a haircut from a friendly and talkative barber, go to Rawknykz Barber Shop. They are also very good professionals adept at making all kinds of hairstyle choices a reality for you.

They also offer some facial cleansing products and a variety of appliances, like dandruff shampoos. Not to mention that a cup of espresso will be there for you as you wait for your appointment.

The price is not as high as you think, as a haircut costs $30. A beard trim is available at $15, but a razor shave comes at $40. Kids’ cuts are also possible at $25.

Rawknykz Barber Shop

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Vince’s Barber Shop

You will be able to find a unique barbershop atmosphere at Vince’s. This is because the place has been around since 1952. The preserved old-school barbershop has served men for decades and is still doing its thing.

The authentic atmosphere is one of the reasons why men seem to be coming back for more here. Their prices start at $40 for a basic cut, $30 for a beard trim, $55 for a razor shave, and $40 for kids cut.

Cut & Dry Barbershop

The Cut & Dry barbershop is a unique place not only in the type of services it can provide. Men of all ages can get a cut or a beard trim in whatever style they wish.

However, what speaks volumes about the place is that they are known for offering free shaves and cuts to homeless veterans. Their price list starts at $40 for a cut and $25 for a kid’s cut. A beard trim costs $20 and a razor shave is $30.

Black Market Barbershop

Go to Black Market and have seasoned professionals like Kurt, Haley, Rube, Riley or Molly do your hair. Their services range from beard trims and hot towel shaves to basic trims and advanced stylings.

They even have a very user-friendly app that you can use to book your appointment.

Goodfellas Barbershop x Shave Parlor

If you are wondering where Ray Liotta used to have his hair done, it is probably down by North Park at the Goodfellas Barbershop x Shave Parlor.

They originally started in Bonita in 2008 but moved to North Park in 2014. What they do is not only offer exceptional barbershop services, but they are also there for your grooming needs.

The Ritual Experience

The Ritual Experience is a place that makes every customer feel welcome. You need to book an appointment, but you will have your hair done by a certified professional.

All of the staff members can provide you with a detailed hairstyle and will dedicate enough time as they need to do it.

Tailored Hair

Tailored hair may have the word hair in its name, but they are capable of prodigy you with the best straight razor shaves you have probably had.

You can sit back and enjoy an elevated barbering experience as this establishment could be tailored-made for you. It is by appointment only, but well worth the wait.


How much is a men’s haircut in San Diego?

Depending on the individual barbershop, it goes between $15 and $50.

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

It is traditional to leave a 20% tip, so a $20 haircut warrants a $4 tip.

How much do you tip for a $60 haircut?

A 20% tip is in order, so a $60 haircut should include a $12 tip.

What are the best barber shops for men in San Diego?

There are plenty of them and you can choose between Barber Craft, Classic Cuts, or Park Boulevard barbershops.

What are the best barber shops for women in San Diego?

One of the best barber shops that cater to women is Barber Side Barber Shop.

What are the best barber shops for kids in San Diego?

Many barbershops cut kids’ hair in San Diego; some of the ones to visit are Classic Cuts, the Cutt’n Edge or Park Boulevard.


San Diego, CA’s people are spoilt for choice regarding barbershop establishments. There are quite a few available, and the people seem to have taken a liking to the culture and the whole barbershop experience.

You can easily find one which will do everything you need and offer a suitable atmosphere at the same time.

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