The Foremost Barber Chair

Barbershops have always been in fashion, and they are unlikely to wan in their appeal any time soon.

With that said, barber’s tools and barber shop equipment have flooded the markets in recent years with the advent of online shopping.

Now you can simply find the resources for your shop all online and have them shipped directly to you.

Top 5 Barber Chairs (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most ComfortableBestSalon Classic
  • Doesn’t tear or rip
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Most affordable
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sample-table__image Fully ReclinableBarberPub Hydraulic
  • Fits natural body shape for extra comfort
  • Increased weight capacity
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
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sample-table__image Entirely AdjustableBarberPub All Purpose
  • Supports lower back completely
  • Increased feet support
  • Easy to clean
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sample-table__image Merax Reclining
  • Adjustable, fully reclining backrest
  • Removable and adaptable headrest
  • Conforms to any body shape
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sample-table__image Artist Hand
  • Footrest and adjustable headrest
  • Height adjustment with hydraulic pump
  • Durable, double reinforced saddle sticking
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Choosing a good hair trimmer, beard brush, or any other part of the necessary repertoire can be a daunting task at best.

The barber shop is not like a standard hair cutting company – it is about the experience one receives during the trim and clean up process.

Many barber shop patrons come to enjoy the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

With that in mind, one of the first things they look for is a comfortable place to sit. If the seat is uncomfortable, it could be a reason to frequent another business.

Furthermore, a good chair needs to accommodate the barber. It should swivel, raise, lower, and recline in a way that helps the shopkeeper provide their customers with a quality experience and a satisfying trim.

The chair should also be able to withstand the pressures of daily use and constant long-term weight.

Finding a barber chair for sale that stands apart from the rest will take time and effort.

With that in mind, this article will go into the details of finding your glorious throne for you – helping you become well informed on what types of kits and what indicators of quality you should look for and expect.

What Is a Barber Chair?

Quite simply, a barber chair is a special stool or chair that customers sit in while receiving a haircut or trim.

The biggest differences come in what the chair can do. It has the ability to move up and down in order to adjust for the height of the customer.

Some barber chairs come with the ability to swivel. This allows the barber to cut, trim, or style from different angles without having to move around.

This is especially beneficial in shops or homes with tight spaces as it prevents the need to move all the way around the chair’s location.

Barber’s chairs started becoming more popular during the 1850s. At this point, hair fashion was becoming more ubiquitous among more and more European and American citizens.

It was in the 1860s, during the American Civil War that companies started manufacturing these devices on a larger scale.

As time went on, the abilities and conveniences of these chairs had become more sophisticated as well as more comfortable.

To this day, the barber chair is perhaps one of the greatest symbols of community dialogue in the 20th and 21st century as it is well recognized as the place where men often sit and catch up or air their woes with the barber.

Benefits of Using a Barber Chair

Benefits of Using a Barber Chair

The benefits of a shop owner having and utilizing this unique chair are probably more obvious.

It is ultimately a necessity for the previously discussed customer experience as well as vital to the very function of a barber, whether he is giving a full haircut or applying the best beard oil and trim.

These comfortable thrones are not only available to regular shops. Men and women who operate their business out of their home can also own one of these wonderful chairs.

Here are some benefits to owning a barber chair:

Look More Professional

Maybe you are trying to start your own business and need to operate out of your home. Imagine what customers will think about your skill as a hairdresser if you have them sit in a kitchen chair.

Owning a barber chair will give the customer a more comfortable experiencing while also boosting your reputation as an up and coming professional in your community.

Wouldn’t you want to be comfortable, too, if someone were trimming your beard? It gives the impression that one has taken the tradecraft seriously and with professionalism.

Longevity and Quality

It is likely that if you have not bought a professional chair that you are still looking to use something for those daily trims.

The benefit of investing in one of these great chairs is that they will last and are designed to handle the workload.

Types of Barber Chairs

Types of Barber Chairs

Vintage Style Chairs

It should be noted that here “vintage” refers to discontinued or restored chairs. The distinction is important because there are many brand-new chairs for sale that have that “vintage look” about them.

The defining difference between the two is that the knowledgeable patron will know and appreciate that you might have a restored chair.

It adds to the spirit of your career as a barber and expresses that passion you have for your tradecraft and art.

The vintage barber chair is like when you buy the best beard grooming kit with a wooden beard comb.

It should have the warmth and old-fashioned appeal of a turn of the century barber shop, or perhaps an old 1950s style barber chair will do the trick.

These chairs are great because they are what most customers have come to associate with the barbershop experience.

The most popular vintage chair is a brand called Koken. The Koken barber chair has become a symbol of a golden era in barbering and is in popular demand.

It is worth noting, however, that a restored Koken could cost thousands of dollars. There are many unrestored Koen chairs available for as low as $100 if you are up to the task of restoring them.

Modern Style Chairs

Modern chairs are where comfort starts to meet a better price point. You can find even basic chairs brand new for as little as $250 while the top of the line newer chairs could cost anywhere from $700 to $1,000.

Modern chairs tend to be sleeker and more minimalist in their design, but still perform the same function with the same efficiency as a vintage chair.

Modern chairs are what you would typically expect from a present-day hairdresser or salon. They are not bad to sit in, but most of the time those places are designed to get you in and out quickly.

An added benefit of choosing a new chair over a restored nearly century old one is having the option for warranties and even parts replacement.

In contrast, a vintage chair may not have an aftermarket availability for parts.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Barber Chair

Management and cleaning will greatly depend on the materials your seat is made of.

For example, if the upholstery is made of leather, you will want to treat and dress it with the leather conditioner from time to time, even if it is not particularly dirty.

If it is made from vinyl, then a vinyl finishing agent like Vinylex will get the job done.

Do not confuse the two, especially for leather. Leather conditioner will not hurt vinyl, but Vinylex should not be used on leather upholstery.

Sometimes hair products and oils can build up on the chair and get into hard to reach spots.

For this, a degreaser is good for spot cleaning, but again do NOT use degreaser even for spot cleaning on leather and vinyl. In most cases, merely damping a rag and wiping the gunk away will suffice.

If the chair has nice chrome or polished metal finish, you can use chrome or steel polish to keep a nice coat on the metal and protect it from corrosion or rust.

White lithium grease is good to have on hand for keeping the chair’s mechanisms and adjusters well lubricated and protected from decay.

Additional Features Available on Barber Chairs

Depending on what style of chair you have, accessories may be available for it. Newer chairs may come as a base model and have additional options sold separately.

Things like headrests or even footrests may be sold separately. Be careful when you buy a chair and make sure it has everything you are looking for included.

Some chairs may have upgrades to certain attachments available for sale. For example, instead of a standard headrest, one with more of an ergonomic contour may be available.

Be aware that vintage and restored chairs may not come with certain features, and it will be unlikely that you would find parts for them, especially if they were never designed for the chair, to begin with.

Things to Consider

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Barber Chairs for Sale

Whether you like it or not, one of the first things potential customers are going to notice when entering your salon is your furniture and above all, your barber chair.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a fortune on it though.

Fortunately, there are many affordable, but still quality options these days and equally that many places to purchase them.

Ranging from custom vinyl to modern, entirely customizable models, you just need to spend some time picking the color that matches your unique style, there are a lot of places where you can find barber chairs for sale, especially if you’re just starting and your budget is tight.

Depending on your preferences, you can shop for barber chairs online or offline.

If you prefer seeing the quality of the chair for yourself, a good place to start looking is your local salon furniture warehouse.

Chances are you’ll find exactly what you need. If not, pay a visit to your local Walmart store or some similar shop if you live somewhere outside of the United States.

Nevertheless, if you’d instead look for online options and shop from the comfort of your home, that’s also completely fine.

Amazon, eBay or some other bigger online shop also have numerous barber chairs for sale and their price is more than affordable without sacrificing the quality.

Best barber chairs listed in this article are a good starting point and will help narrow down your search, but by all means, feel free to look for more available options out there and there’s no doubt you’ll find the barber chair made just for your needs.

5 Best Barber Chairs Reviewed

There is a lot to take in when it comes to barber chairs. Your client’s comfort and relaxation should come first, of course.

With that in mind, we have reviewed the top 5 barber chairs that will make your salon or home-based barber shop look more professional, elegant and above all, stand out from the competition.

1. BestSalon Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

A lot of features in the BestSalon Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair qualify it as one of the best barber chairs currently on the market.

The features are what you should look at first. For instance, one of the crucial stuff to pay attention to is the saddle.

It has to be comfortable for your clients to sit in it, and this product meets the expectations with its high-density foam and double-reinforced saddle sticking that prevents tearing and ripping.

The round base is made with premium chrome, while the frame is made of high-duty steel. You can easily adjust the height with the hydraulic pump that supports up to 250 lbs.

Don’t worry about buying the separate hydraulic oil because it is already inside the foot hydraulic pump. One thing you may find odd is that the lift is on backward.

Setting the chair up won’t take you more than 20 minutes. Finally, if you care about the price, although the quality should come first, this chair is a great and the most affordable choice for you.

BestSalon Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair



  • High-density foam for the extra comfort
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump for height adjustments
  • Double-reinforced saddle sticking
  • Premium chrome round base and heavy-duty steel frame
  • One of the cheapest barber chairs on the market

  • The chemical smell is pretty strong
  • The hydraulic lift is on backward

2. BarberPub Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

Modern,  sleek and luxurious design of the BarberPub Hydraulic Barber Chair distinguishes this chair from the others and makes it one of the best things every barber should get for his salon.

From the base that features 360-degree rotation and easy locking at all positions to 150-degree backrest reclining ability, this barber chair is fully adjustable to suit all your needs.

Crafted to fit the natural body’s shape, this product provides comfort and support for the lower back, feet and head thanks to the foot and headrests that are adaptable.

Another thing that you can adjust is the heights and you can do this via a heavy-duty hydraulic pump that goes up and down in a range of more than 6 inches.

Wide, thick foam padding provides superior comfort, while a heavy-duty steel frame lasts for a very long time and has an increased weight capacity of 330 lbs.

The material is stain-resistant, waterproof and very easy to clean. One of the most important things one seeks in a barber chair is the stability, which is on this chair achieved with a premium chrome round based.

BarberPub Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair



  • Fully reclinable with an adjustable headrest
  • Thick foam padding and an ergonomically shaped backrest
  • Footrest that allows support and comfort for the feet
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump for quick and easy height adjustment
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to clean

  • Quite expensive
  • Available in one color only which some may not like

3. BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair

A professional look and feel, along with a superior comfort are what the BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair stands for.

High-quality, textured faux leather material from which this product is made is very easy to clean but is also stain resistant and waterproof, so you won’t even need to clean it often.

Extra comfort is ensured with a thick foam padding, adjustable headrest and footrest and ergonomically shaped backrest.

While at it, it’s worthwhile mentioning that this char is fully reclinable for up to 140 degrees and fits the natural shape of human’s back. This allows it to support the lower back completely.

The footrest looks really elegant and allows smooth rotation while giving your customers the best possible support for the feet. You can also adjust the height via a heavy-duty hydraulic pump.

Although the manufacturer claims that the height can be adjusted for 6 inches, this is not the case and many buyers have noticed that the chair doesn’t raise up that much.

BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair



  • High-density foam with the adjustable headrest
  • Ergonomically shaped and fully reclinable backrest support
  • Extra support for the feet with the comfort footrest
  • Durable and strong heavy duty steel frame with an increased weight capacity

  • Very difficult to put together because there are no instructions
  • Doesn’t raise up as high as expected

4. Merax Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair

In classic red and black colors and made with premium grade PU leather Merax Hydraulic Barber Chair adds a flair of elegance wherever you place it, whether your salon or home-based barber studio.

Even though it seems to be really small, this barber chair is able to withstand men who weigh up to 380lbs. The feature that helps with this is a heavy duty steel frame.

One of the things that are especially useful is the reclining backrest design. This being said, the backrest on this product reclines to almost 160 degrees angle.

You can also adjust the back to multiple locking positions by using the integrated gas-piston release mechanism. Headrest height can also be adapted, or you can remove it completely.

For increased versatility, there is also an option to swivel the chair for 360 degrees. This is enabled thanks to the heavy-duty hydraulic pump with chrome round base.

What this mechanism makes possible is work with your clients at any angle because you can easily adjust the seat height up to 6 inches.

Merax Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair



  • High-density foam cushioning conforms to human’s body shape
  • The fully reclining backrest can be adjusted to multiple locking positions
  • The headrest can be removed or adjusted in height
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and hydraulic pump with chrome round base

  • The chair is very small
  • A bit hard to assemble because some screws are off track

5. Artist Hand Black All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair

If your goal is to make your clients fully relaxed and comfortable, the high-density foam padding of the Artist Hand All Purpose Barber Chair will help you achieve this.

The back seat that can be reclined up to 145 degrees will just add the extra comfort, one of the features your customers would love as they can relax while you work.

With a loading capacity of 440lbs, this barber chair is one of the strongest on the market.

The footrest is there to provide the relief to your client’s feet, while the headrest can be adjusted to fit any men’s height.

The heavy-duty hydraulic pump will make the height adjustment even easier. Also, there is a convenient 360-degree swiveling feature.

After some time, most barber chairs tear up, but that won’t be the case with this one as the double-reinforced saddle sticking will prevent rips and tears.

Artist Hand Black All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair



  • Back seat can be reclined up to 145 degrees
  • Footrest and an adjustable headrest
  • Height adjustment with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  • Double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents tears

  • More on the expansive side
  • Can be hard to put together

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