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If you reside in the Las Vegas area and need a haircut, you might be tempted to start looking up some ads for hair saloons.

We advise you to stop doing that immediately and consider a barbershop instead.

You never know when you might need a trim for your beard to accompany the hairstyling.

We thought about this situation and decided to find out about the best barber shops in Las Vegas and put them all on a platter for you to see.

Plus, if you want to know more about barber salary and how to become a barber, we may also have something for you.

20 Most Popular Barber Shops in Vegas

To help you get the most out of it and learn about the Las Vegas barbershops, we’ve included a quick review for each one of them. So you know what you are walking into when asking for trendy hair highlights for men.

Goodtimes Barbershop

If the decorations inside the place are also essential, then Goodtimes barbershop has precisely what you need.

They have some true professionals at their craft and promise a relaxing atmosphere to anyone that walks in. Regarding prices, regular haircuts cost $35, while a beard trim is $25. If you fancy a razor shave, you will need to pay $35.

Henry Barbershop

Henry’s is a classic barbershop and looks exactly how you imagine it. They have about 15 people on board; each is a seasoned professional, so it does not matter who you book an appointment with.

Get your hair cut for just $30 and a bread trim for $20. A razor shave costs $30. They also offer kids cut for $30.

Noble Wolf Barbers

The Noble Wolf Barbers are unique in so many ways. It was founded by Roxy Collins, a barber and a cosmetologist.

It is a very unconventional barber shop that will provide you with more services than simply cutting your hair and getting your beard trimmed. Something like beard waxing is not off the table.

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The Gents Place

This is a place with a huge following and a long background. The Gents Place has been around for 15 years now and is a place that promises quality besides a long array of services.

What they are also able to do for you is add some male grooming services and also have spa services on demand. The prices are a bit higher compared to other places in Las Vegas, so that a regular cut will cost you $55.

A beard trim is available at $18, but a razor shave is $70. Kids’ haircuts cost $25.

Bluebird Barbers

The Bluebird barbers have one of the most authentic barbershop looks on this list. The style of the interior, the barber shop equipment, everything is done with perfect detail and it is also how they can do your hair.

The waiting list to book an appointment could be long as they are often stacked with customers. Their haircuts are a bit heavy as they cost $45. The same could be said for beard trims, which cost $40. A razor shave costs $40 and a kids cut is $45.

Faded Times Vegas Barbershop

The name is a bit on the nose, but Faded Times Vegas specializes in creating fades. It is easier to find them in the paper when they have such a name.

So, you can ask for any fade and they will do it for you, but you will need to make an appointment first. A classic haircut costs $25, while a beard trim comes at $25. A razor shave costs $35 and kids’ haircuts at $22.

Fino for Men

The exceptional results that Fino for Men can provide are due to the consultations you can take before getting anything done.

They offer a variety of grooming programs for men and can help you get the look you have been yearning for years. The price of their beard trims is $40, though.

Get a Haircut

Get a Haircut is one of the classic names that you could have for a barbershop. Not only that, but they go by conventional practices: no appointments, only walk-ins and no credit cards, only cash.

As simple as that, like in the old days. Their price list is also very attainable, as you can get a haircut for as much as $10. A beard trim and a hot towel shave both cost $7.

Rio Vista Barber & Style

Rio Vista may sound like a modern joining, but it is as classic as it gets. Nevertheless, besides those traditional cuts, they are more than capable of creating modern hairstyles.

All the people working there are licensed barbers and guarantee excellent results. A classic cut costs $19, while a beard trim comes for only $10. A razor shave costs $25 and you can have them do your kid’s hair for $17.

Iced Out Barbershop

The top-notch services that Iced Out barbershop can provide make it one of the best places in Las Vegas to have your hair and beard taken care of. Leading specialists even recognize them from around the world.

Their specialties are kinky hairstyles, so be ready to come out from out there looking your best. The price list is a bit high, though. A regular haircut costs $40 and a beard trim is $25. A razor shave goes by $35 and kids’ styling is $30.

Iced Out Barbershop Interior

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A Cut Above the Rest

This place tries to achieve exactly what the name suggests. A Cut Above the Rest is sometimes a whole level above the rest due to the specific nature they are capable of creating hairstyles.

They don’t do kid hair, but they can do a classic haircut for $25. Both a beard trim and a razor shave cost $20.

Speakeasy Barbershop LV

The Speakeasy Barbershop LV captures the essence of Las Vegas to a T. First, they are located within a casino, so you might notice some gambling memorabilia lying everywhere.

Secondly, and most importantly, they are exceptional at their work as they can offer premium quality hair and beard treatments. However, the prices speak for themselves.

A classic haircut costs a whopping $55. A beard trim will set you back $30, while a razor shave costs $65. If you bring your kid to a casino, you can have his hair done for $55.

Ballin Fades Barber Shop

The Balling Fades barber shop has a seven-year-long experience in creating all kinds of fades. If you walk in there, you can bet that you are getting out with an intricate fade style.

Classic haircuts go by at $35 and they are also very much capable of trimming your beard, at a price of $20. A razor shave goes by $40, while kids’ haircuts are offered at $40.

Boulevard Barber Shop

The Boulevard Barber Shop is a part of a bigger chain of stores spread out across the US. However, the one in Las Vegas captures the local vibe perfectly. It often seems awfully crowded, but you can play pool while waiting.

The prices are also very affordable. A classic haircut is available at $15 and a beard trim at only $17. A Razor shave costs $20; even kids can come by for a cut at $15.

Chops Barbershop and Shave Parlor

If you are looking for a place that you can call your home and become a regular over time, the Chops Barbershop and Shave Parlor just might be it. The warm atmosphere and the quality services are everything that one needs.

 The prices are also nice for the quality you get. A haircut costs $35; a beard trim is $25; a razor shave is $35; and kids’ cuts are $30.


The CuttyFreshd has been operating since 2005 and its founder and main barber, Favio Pimental, has more than 10 years of experience in the field. You can bet that you are getting the quality of services that you expect from a quality joint like this one.

They offer a wide range of men’s grooming services, but they also do a great job with regular stuff like haircuts and beard trims.

Diesel Barbershop

The barbershop is just one small part of what the Diesel brand is offering. Under it, you will find a mechanics’ garage, a record store, a vintage arcade, and even a tattoo parlor. Exactly what you would expect from a Las Vegas-based barbershop, right?

As far as those hairstyles services, they don’t only do your hair in all kinds of modern manners, they also provide relaxing scalp and shoulder massages for their customers.

Lady Barber Styling Cusotmer's Hair in Diesel Barbershop

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Elliott and Co.

If you want a master to do your hair, Elliot and Co. is the place to check out. Elliot Chester, the owner, has more than 11 years of experience in hair styling and has even taken part in various shows, films, and private events.

His barbershop can create standard sets of hair, beard, and mustache trims. Also, they can do advanced styling as they have product brands like First Hand, Xotics and Layrite that they use in the store.

Figaro’s Barber Shop

Figaro’s embraces the spirit of old-school barber shops. They have been around since 2008, but their staff combines a 45-year-long experience in hair care. They can do a simple haircut in a matter of minutes and an extravagant mohawk.

Additionally, while you wait, you can read a complimentary newspaper or watch something on the TV. However, you can also get your shoes cleaned and shiny at a very low cost. Their signature hot lather shave and scalp massage put them on the map.

Friendly Barber

The Friendly Barber is a family-friendly place. They provide services for the whole family, so besides men’s haircuts, they also do women’s as well as both the oldest and youngest members of your family.

They can quickly provide you with standard haircuts and shaves, including fades, head shaves, highlights, color treatments and more.


How much does a haircut cost in Las Vegas?

It goes to $10, the lowest, and can go up to $55, depending on the barbershop you choose.

How much should I tip a barber?

Tipping the barber should always include a 20% tip as is customary.

What are the most popular haircut styles in Las Vegas?

Depending on the time and the season, fades seem to be the most popular, as there is a variety of them.

What are the most common services offered at a barber shop in Las Vegas?

Most of them provide you with a classic haircut and a beard trim. All of them also have razor shaves. Also, new and modern barbershops offer various hairstyling services, grooming services, and massages, depending on the place.


You were completely wrong if you thought that Las Vegas does not have a good barbershop. They have a dozen of them, at least of the 20 that we’ve found.

They range from very traditional ones to modern and intricate barber shops that go beyond the regular services found in older places. Depending on your style and how you feel, you have more choices, which ultimately matter the most.

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