Regular Man Having a Regular Haircut

Are you craving a regular haircut?

With all of the quirky and extravagant styles you see nowadays; some would think that everyday hairstyles for men have died out.

The answer is that they are still very much alive; it’s just that they don’t get noticed as others do.

Some think they are boring, while others dub them too plain.

Sometimes going regular and keeping things essential works better than having flashy hair.

If you are nostalgic for a regular hairstyle and do not like frizzy hair in men, then you came to the right place.

We have some old-school, plain, but attractive hairstyles to show you.

20 Most Popular Regular Hairstyles

If you are concerned about remembering haircut names of regular styles, don’t be. They are not as extravagant and can easily be described to a barber. For inspiration, we’ve created a list you can look at.

Regular Buzz Cut Fade

Getting a buzz-cut fade is like ordering a vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It is clean, low maintenance, and works every time.

Normal Comb-Over

Going for a classic comb-over is an elegant way to start your day. It is timeless, looks suitable for any occasion, and looks incredibly well for pretty boys.

Short Spiky Regular Haircut

Add some spikes on the top if you want to spice up your regular haircut. Keep things short, as we don’t want to get too wild here.

Young Man With Regular Haircut

Wavy Slicked Back

If you have wavy hair, the best thing you can do is slick it all right back. The slicked-back style is a very popular one and works on all types of hair as well.

Regular Crew Cut and Tapered Fade Haircut

Combining a crew cut and adding a tapered fade does not sound boring. It is a low-maintenance haircut that is easy to pair with any style and for each occasion.

High and Tight Fade

Instead of going for a low fade haircut, you can bring things closer to the ground with a high and tight fade. The top should be longer but not high. Just a bit on top is all that you need.

Clean Comb-Over Fade

A comb-over is a classic style that you regularly see worn by men. To spruce things up, add a comb-over fade that’ll help you stand out from all the regular haircuts.

Brushed Back Regular Haircut

This one is easy and requires you to do only one thing – Brush it all back. It works best on mid-length hair; you will need a bit of hair spray and a good hair brush to get it to stay put.

Faux Hawk Fade

A perfect faux hawk will add the confidence that you need. It has a bit of a rocker vibe and will put you in the spotlight, among others.

Ivy League Cut and High Fade

Ivy League haircuts are as classic as they come. There are no surprises with these, but you can add a high fade to make it more 2020 and less 1920.

Pompadour With Tapered Sides

A pompadour style has been around for ages and graced the heads of men of all age groups. Today, you see it best worn with tapered sides as it is subdued and functions perfectly as a regular hairstyle.

Regular Textured Crop

This one does require you to have the jawline and the face angles for it. It is a magnificent and all-around style.

Wavy Side Swept

Having waves in your hair does look sexy. Keep them side-swept to add intrigue and mess them up a bit as well.

Man With Wavy Regular Haircut Smiling

Long Hair on Top With Short Sides

This type of hair may not be as regular as you think, but it is soon becoming one. You can leave more on top than usual and create short sides. You are in for a treat with this one.

Hard Side Part With Fade

A hard side part is a modern haircut that many people are going for. It looks very formal, but you can add a bit of casualty to it with a fade.

Slicked Back Undercut Regular Hairstyle

Some would argue that slicked-back hairstyles are top quiff hairstyles. While that is true, we want to say that it works best when paired with an undercut, as it emphasizes the wearer’s natural features.

Small Pomp and Taper

A smaller pomp with tapered sides is a subdued haircut compared to the original pompadour. You will need the best hair powders for this one, but it will give you back a lot more.

Burr and Undercut

A short burr on top is nothing extravagant and is relatively easy to style. Pair it with an undercut to make it more stylish.

Regular Fade With Brush Up

A simple fade on the sides and some length on top are very attractive. Brush the top of your hair upwards for added appeal.

Curled High Volume

If you have curly hair, you should use it to your advantage. Keep the high volume on top and shave the sides a bit.

What Is A Regular or Normal Haircut

If you go to a barber and ask for a regular haircut, chances are you will get some short sides and a trim on top. That is it. There is no added science to it. A regular haircut requires no special effort as a low fade or high fade does.

The only deviation you can look for is choosing the style based on the shape of your head. If you are used to going to the same barber all of your life and just saying: “Give me the regular,” you will not make a mistake.

How to Style and Maintain Regular Haircut

Styling a regular haircut and keeping it is a piece of cake. Not only is it easy to get one, but you will not require any specific effort to keep it long-term.

Step 1 – Choice time

As with any haircut, you should start by choosing one based on your facial features. It works best when you figure out the shape of your head and face and go with your strengths.

Step 2 – Shorten the sides and top

The basic way to style a regular haircut is to shorten the sides and take a little bit off the top. Nothing too extravagant is needed, you may only decide to add a part or to comb over your hair in a specific direction and that’s it.

Step 3 – Touch-ups

You are still going to need some regular touch-ups. A lot fewer of them than you usually need to do with some different and more extravagant hair.

Step 4 – Style a bit

With regular hair comes regular maintenance and product use. You can shampoo it two to three times a week and you may decide not to add any products. If you want to style it a bit, gel or hair clay will do the trick.

FAQ About Regular Haircuts

How do I ask the barber for a regular haircut?

When you enter the barbershop, you can either show your barber a picture of the haircut or tell him the name of the hair and he should know immediately what to do.

What does a regular haircut look like?

It is nothing too extravagant, as it only requires shorting the sides and the top a bit. It does not have too much length on top and is a subdued type of haircut.

What is the most basic haircut?

Even though there are more of them, the regular haircut, which does not have much longer either on top or the sides, can be dubbed a basic one.