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24 Coolest Barbershops in LA

Blind Barber

If you are looking for a barbershop with highly professional and expert services, then visit Blind Barber. The place has a very sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere.

You can enjoy a complimentary cocktail in the barbershop regardless of the shop service you avail of. They also have a bar or back room where you can grab more drinks and socialize after being groomed.

Shorty’s Barber Shop

Here, you can ask your barber for advice regarding your best haircut and style. Shorty’s has a competent team composed of experienced and professional barbers and stylists.

They can even handle those complex textures of hair and provide various services, like haircuts, hair coloring or treatment, and shaves.

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

The barbers here provide customers personalized services depending on hair and skin type. It has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere and uses the best equipment, including functional barber chairs.

Aside from haircuts, you can also avail of the gentleman’s facial, including a massage.

Bolt Barbers

Bolt Barbers make their clients enjoy their experience at the barbershop through fun and games. They would like you to experience being pampered while indulging in a shuffleboard game at a location downtown.


You can also visit DTLA cuts, a barbershop that operates on an appointment basis only. Here, you can avail of every traditional haircut or barber service you can think of. They also offer additional services, like facials and electronic shoulder massages.

Felix Omar Grooming Studio

It may be one of the most expensive grooming studios for men, but you are assured of the quality of their services.

For example, they have this full-service haircut, which comes with an individual consultation to determine the best haircut for you, especially your lifestyle and preferences.

Flower Street Barbers

Offering an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, you will surely enjoy your visit to Flower Street Barbers. You can deal with their professional and expert barbers who provide quality haircuts, beard trims, hot towel shaves, and line-ups.

You can also request a customized or personalized haircut or design.

Flower Street Barbers Hair Salon and Barber Shop Interior

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Gornik and Drucker

As one of the barbershops operated for so long in Beverly Hills, it won’t be a surprise to see Gornik and Drucker drawing a significant number of the service’s fan base.

It was built in 1936 and continues to deal with the requests and demands of its loyal clients daily.

Hollywood Classic Barbershop and Salon

This barbershop and salon can cater to the needs of not only men but also women. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to pamper yourself through professional and relaxing services, including haircuts, beard trimming, and shaving. It even offers haircut services for kids.

Jag’s Barbershop

You can also have the best experience if you visit Jag’s Barbershop. You can get professional services from an expert barber or hairstylist here, including haircuts and hot towel shaving. The good thing about this barbershop is that it puts a lot of premium on customer satisfaction.

Legends the Barber Shop

It was already over ten years since Legends barbershop started offering its services, but it continues to satisfy its wide range of clients. It is famous for the positive atmosphere it imbibes and the high level of customer satisfaction it never fails to provide.

The shop also offers high-quality grooming kits and products and helps you identify the desired style that truly works for you.

Luxury Mobile Barbershop

Luxury Mobile Barbershop tends to excel as their professional barbers or hairstylists and quality barbershop equipment will be the ones that will come to you. They have a mobile van that will visit you upon booking an appointment.

This means getting the haircut, clean shave, or trim you need anytime.

Manly and Sons Barber Company

Operating not only in LA but also in Oregon, Portland, Washington, and California, this barbershop continues to wow its vast clientele through its attention to detail and the expert use of traditional techniques in terms of barbering.

Every time you visit this barbershop, expect nothing but the best service. It is even likely for you to start to wonder how to become a barber and be part of their team.

Master Barbers

The Master Barbers may have a humble start, but they boosted their reputation throughout the years through their quality and professional trimming and styling services.

All their services are also reasonably priced, plus you will be greeted with a unique and relaxing ambiance every time you visit the shop.

Master Barbers Barber Shop in Los Angeles

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Rosewood Cutters

Being in operation for a long time, you have a hundred percent assurance that this barbershop will meet your needs and demands.

It now offers services in various locations, not just LA, and provides clients with grooming products. Here, you can avail of multiple services, including haircuts, straight razor shaves, and beard trims.

Svelte Barbershop

Svelte Barbershop takes pride in its three locations across LA. It provides a masculine retreat by offering the best barbering services for men. All it takes is to book an appointment through its official website.

You can also access some grooming merch and products on their website – one of which is probably a high-quality pre-shave oil.

Sweeney Todd’s Barbershop

This barbershop is also one of the places that come to the top of the minds of many men who want to improve their looks and confidence. The reason is that they have several talented barbers and grooming professionals who truly know what they are doing.

They even work effectively in finding a style that emphasizes your best physical features.

Telegraph Barber

With its wide range of professional haircut services, Telegraph Barber can cater to the needs of almost everyone.

Some of the services you can get here are haircuts, hair coloring, trimming, and shaving – all of which will be given to you by expert and experienced stylists and barbers.

Barbershop Club

This one operates on a membership basis. This shows that you will only be getting premium services here. You will also be able to enjoy their comfortable atmosphere. Aside from grooming services, the Barbershop Club also gives tailoring, coaching, and counseling services.

New California Barbershop

If you are looking for a fun and engaging environment for your haircut and shaves, New California Barbershop will never let you down. All its services also have affordable prices, which is all the more reason why visiting the place is fun.

New California Barbershop Professional Hairstylist Styling Men's Hair

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Proper Barbershop

Another of LA’s most trusted and reputable barber shops is Proper Barbershop. This place spells class, elegance, and quality services. In addition to its nice atmosphere, you will also be greeted by friendly and professional barbers.

You can even chill with Netflix shows and maybe a beer or two while in the place.

Trendsetters Barbershop

You will never regret booking an appointment in this barbershop as they are among the most experienced in the area. They have barbers who know exactly what to do with different hair types.

Vinny’s Barbershop

You may also want to visit Vinny’s to get the best barbering experience while unplugging. The reason is that while in the place, you will not be allowed to use your gadgets, even your mobile phone.

Combine that with the retro theme of the place and you will surely enjoy a unique experience.


If you prefer a more modern vibe, you can visit Saints. The shop has a modern design and a professional and expert team capable of offering the best haircuts for men. You will surely get a premium haircut and an elegant and posh experience in this place.


How much do barbers charge in LA?

This varies depending on the place you decide to visit. The initial cost, however, is around $45. This may increase depending on the skills and experience of your chosen barber or stylist.

How much should you tip a barber in LA?

The baseline for tipping in Los Angeles is around 20% of the total cost of your availed service. This may vary depending on how satisfied you are with the service.

How to find a good barber in LA?

The best way to find a good barber in Los Angeles is to read reviews and ask for recommendations. Find out which one continues to receive positive reviews from the public.


With the many barbershops swarming around Los Angeles, you must be very careful when researching the best one.

Find out which barbershops continuously receive good feedback and determine whether their environment can make you feel relaxed and at ease while receiving their services.

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