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Contest Winners January

We are happy to announce the winners of our January BEARD contest. We need to thank our awesome community and the voters, this wouldn’t be possible without you. We asked winners these 3 following questions: Why did you decide to grow a beard? How long are you growing... read more

5 Sexiest Beards In Music

There have always been musicians whose beards were almost as iconic as their songs. Kenny Rodgers, late period John Lennon, all of the Bee Gees and of course ZZ Top all spring immediately to mind. And beards are still reasonable visible in music today. Some are rather... read more

6 Famous Goatee Styles and How to Achieve Them

Fast becoming the popular facial hair style for business professionals, college students, and guys in general, the goatee just seems to look great regardless which variation you choose. Knowing how to shave the facial hair and then maintaining specific goatee styles... read more

5 Sexiest Beards in Sports

Written by Melanie There are some epic beards in sports right now. Brian Wilson and his dyed and hair tied facial mane.  James Harden and his impeccably groomed even when driving to the basket bush of a beard. But these are not men usually considered to be hugely sexy... read more

Best Beard Balms For Your Beard

Regardless if you are growing a thick manly beard or a sculpted and cut goatee, when the facial hair becomes coarse and dry, it can be very challenging to maintain that desired look. The more dry your hair, the more itching and red patches will surface on your skin.... read more

The Growing Popularity of the Lady Beards

While you might not be sure how to feel about this, it appears that there has been a dramatic turn when it comes to beards. Women are getting in on the action and turning their long braided hair into the next great hair trend. Lady beards are real, and if you take a... read more

Power Of The Beard

Written and image by Arthur Kerr ‘The absence of beard is usually a sign of physical and moral weakness‘ -Thomas S. Gowing If you are one of our bearded readers, I’m sure that you will look like a baby in arms if you decide to shave, no acid test... read more

Bearded Warrior – Fitness Beast Lex Griffin

You only need see Lex Griffin one time to realize quickly he is dead serious about fitness and everything weightlifting. His sculpted physique looks like he was literally carved from stone, but he does have one unique feature that really sets him apart from his... read more

How to Grow the Ultimate Mutton Chops

Perhaps you are looking for a style of facial hair that is fun and will definitely have you standing out in the crowd. If this sounds like you, then the mutton chops just might be the perfect new beard style for you. This classic look still holds its powerful... read more
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