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Liberty spikes are all about experimenting with the best men’s bleached hairstyles.

They have been the go-to hairstyle for punks worldwide. 

They may not be easy to create or maintain, but they are one of those hairstyles bound to turn heads wherever you go if you are into that kind of attention.

What Are Liberty Spikes Hairstyles

Liberty spikes separate hair spikes from the crown of the head outwards. Several variations include lining them up in a Mohawk pattern or exploding in opposite directions. The hairstyle originated in Ancient Britain, where warriors wore it as a badge of honor.

Following the Roman conquest of Britain, the Romans’ confined hairstyle became the new norm. Until the 1970s, the general public did not use spikes for centuries. The punk subculture began to rebel against the establishment through music, attitude, and fashion.

The subculture transformed the diadem on the Statue of Liberty’s crown to promote individual freedom into an anarchist-inspired style.

10 Most Popular Hairstyles

Here are some of the most popular spiky hairstyles for men:

Red Fire Liberty Spikes

There isn’t a more eye-catching color than red. If you want to achieve bold punk spikes that look like spurts of flame, a fire-red hairstyle and undercut is the way to go. You can also check out other cool punk hairstyles.

Dark Liberty Spikes

Those trying out a spiked mohawk for the first time may want to start small. As a result, this dark liberty spikes hairstyle is an excellent choice.

Green Mohawk Liberty Spikes

A spike mohawk is one of the most fashionable ways to wear liberty spikes. For added impact, dye it in bright and flamboyant colors. You can also try mohawk haircuts for black men. If you want to stand out, even more, go for trendy blonde hairstyles for black men.

Thin Liberty Spikes

We usually make pretty thick hair spikes. However, if you want your men’s hairstyles to stand out, make your spikes as thin as possible.

Short Bleached Spikes

While most hairstyles are styled on long locks, they can also be worn on short punk haircuts. To improve the look, bleach the spikes while leaving dark peekaboo roots.

Liberty Spikes Sunshine Style

Doesn’t a liberty spikes mohawk look like sun rays? If not, why not dye your hair yellow and achieve a genuinely sunny spiky hairstyle?

Smiling Man With Spiky Orange Hairstyle

Liberty Spikes Long, Thin and Pink

This thin pink punk spiked hairstyle exudes sharpness and boldness.

Silver Liberty Spikes

Spiked hairstyles go well with other popular hair trends, such as silver hair dye. You can look online for different hair color ideas.

Asian Mohawk Liberty Spikes

Spiked hairstyles look especially good on Asian men. Wear it with a head tattoo to impress everyone. You can also try the reverse mohawk hairstyle.

Hooked Look Liberty Spikes

Curl your spikes to create a hook effect that will make you look like the fashion icon you are.

How to Style and Maintain

How to choose the right hairstyle

Choose the color and style that would bring out your personality well.

Styling your liberty spikes

Style your liberty spikes with hair gel and dye. You can work with your hairstylist to help you dye and maintain the spikes.

How to maintain your style

While liberty spikes are incredible, you must keep them clean to enjoy the look. Clean your hair regularly with good shampoo and use quality products and tools.

Products you should use

First, you must find the best hair dyes to maintain your liberty spikes. Other products you can add to your grooming kit are quality hair pomade, natural shampoo to wash your locks and a deep conditioner to keep your hair soft and moisturized.


Do liberty spikes have a meaning?

Yes, they are a punk hairstyle that most men use to express themselves boldly.

Is my hair too long for liberty spikes?

No. You can still wear liberty spikes with long hair.

When did liberty spikes become a thing?

Liberty spikes became common in the 1970s.

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