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After trying out so many styles, it is normal to run out of ideas.

Why not go for a haircut with a hard part?

You need your barber to create defined and clean parts on your hair.

This haircut is the natural opposite of the combed-in part.

We can give you an idea of how a hard part looks and how to combine it with many other styles.

20 Most Popular Hard Part Hairstyles

Compared to side-part haircut, the hard part is pretty similar. The hard parts are very much noticeable compared to usual types of haircuts. It makes for a bold new look and an exquisite choice for various occasions.

Classic Fade Hard Part

A hard part and a fade go together like peanut butter and jelly. The crips edge that goes into the fade allows your face to seem softer. Not only that, but it will also enable an uneven hairline to appear softer.

Gentleman’s Hard Part Cut

A hard part will add a sleek look and make you seem more gentlemanly. Create a traditional barbershop style with a pomade or hair oil for men to add shine.

Hard Part With Pushed-Back Skin Fade

Go for this one if you have a diamond face shape. You will keep your head symmetrical as it adds volume to your hair as you push the longer hair on top.

Short Hard Part Haircut

Adding crisp lines around the temple will accentuate the hard part even more. Some hair tonics will keep the protruding strands in place and add texture to the hair.

High and Tight Haircut

This one is very useful as it does not require so many regular touch-ups as other hard part haircuts. You can leave it be for even a week or two and it will still look exceptional.

With the help of some clippers, the short hair is brought up high, just below the part, allowing it to grow and only improve the haircut with time.

Hard Part With Curly Hair

A hard part will give a lot more prominence to curls. Creating a clean definition between the hard parts and the fade will push the curls. You can also use curl cream or gel to keep them up.

Man With a Bleached Curly Hard Part Hairstyle

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Asymmetrical Hard Part Haircut

Pulling the part away from the top by a whole inch and using a thinner part will create a unique asymmetrical hairstyle. It is a type of shaved sides haircut that looks attractive and cool.

Hard Part And High Fade Haircut

When contemplating a low fade vs. a high fade, you should try combing a high one with a hard part. It also helps to sharpen your features, particularly if you have a round face. You will get a crisp look that creates angles on your face.

Hard Part Pompadour Hairstyle

Get a pompadour and give it a modern makeover with a hard part. While leaving some length on the top, keep the wish with a hard part. It makes for an exquisite balance between the taper and the tight fade.

Diagonal Cut

Adding a diagonal line to create an asymmetrical part is a style that cannot be compared with others. It will create a retro look that subtly goes from a high fade to a flat top.

Mirrored Hard Part Hair

A hard part and a design line go together hand in hand. You can say that they mirror each other for a bold fashion statement. This type of haircut is high maintenance and will require you to make regular corrections.

Short Hard Part Haircut

While growing your hair, you will have to go through that awkward phase that no one likes. A short hard part can make all the difference and allow the transition to move seamlessly. It looks pretty refreshing.

Kennedy Cut

The Kennedy cut is a classic style for those with thick and strong hair. A shaved-in hard part will update the classic Kennedy look and adapt it for the modern age.

Hard Part Quiff 

If you are looking for blowout haircuts, then the quiff is the right option. Combined with a hard part, it offers a classic yet bold look. To keep the volume on top, add some hairspray and keep it together.

Man With Quiff Hard Part Haircut

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Hard Part Razor Undercut

You might consider getting an undercut with a hard part if you have long hair. The part is actually the show’s star here, as it will be the most noticeable part of the haircut that people notice.

Deep Asymmetrical Hard Part Hairstyle

Guys with thick hair appreciate going for haircuts with a long top and short sides. You can asymmetrically distribute the hair with a hard part, controlling the comb-over part. It also allows the longer hard parts of the hair easier to style.

Hard Part Wavy Hair

The contrast in textures and the added volume, all with a subtle hard part, will help the somewhat conservative look blow out. The faded sides are also pretty good here, but you will need some product to keep the top steady.

Modified Straight Edge Gentleman’s Cut

With this type of gentleman haircut, the challenge lies in fading the skin into the hair at the crown. The hard part adds edginess to the look, making it distinguishable compared to other classic haircuts.

Modern Greaser Comb Over Hard Part Hairstyle

Compared to the 50s traditional greaser look, this one substitutes the volume with a hard part. The hard parts should be curved along the head, enhancing the hair’s softness.

Long and Asymmetrical Hard Part Hair

This one may require a little more styling than you would expect, but it pays off in the end. You must incorporate a low-shine pomade to keep this slicked-back haircut in place. That way, you add texture and make it malleable as well.

How to Style and Maintain Hard Part Haircuts

Step 1 – Choose your style

To start with, you will have to go through the list of the styles we highlighted. Go through them carefully and consider each based on what you want to achieve with your hair. 

Step 2 – Create

Now that you know what to get and have chosen something like a tapered comb-over hairstyle, it is time to create it. Gather up the tools and the products that you need and style accordingly.

You may also explain everything thoroughly to your barber or stylist so he can perform the necessary styling techniques for you.

Step 3 – Perform some regular touch-ups

Depending on the style you decide to go with, you are going to have to perform some regular touch-ups. Some require you to do it every week, while others are less demanding, as once in two weeks will be more than enough.

Either way, start planning regular trips to the stylist as soon as you get your new hairstyle. If you decide to go with longer hair, you will need some products to keep it steady. Hair balms or some gel are usually enough.

If you have longer hair, then a touch of hairspray is also what you will need.


Is the hard part a good idea?

Yes, it is. It is a good idea as it can add a flare to your regular hairstyle and revamp your look.

Is the hard part haircut popular?

It very much is popular. Many guys are getting it now and combining it with all kinds of looks for a unique one.

What is a hard part fade?

It is a shaved line on the side that separates two different hair lengths, usually between a longer top and short or shaven sides.

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