Trimming Man's Hair on the Sides With an Electric Trimmer

One of the most stunning hair trends for men is a beard and a fade cut.

If you are thinking about spicing up your look and can grow a great beard, it’s worth a try.

25 Most Popular Hairstyles

Low Fade

It is entirely up to you where you begin your fade. This low style features a two-inch-long fade around the ear. The overall effect is subtle, but it has an undeniable sharpening effect.

High Fade 

High-fade haircuts are ideal for creating the ultimate contrast between your long hair on top and faded detail on the bottom. A beard, a high top fade and a tight hairstyle like a crop top fade are ideal for round or square face shapes because it elongates the face.

Mid-Fade Hair 

In terms of length and style detail, short haircuts with full beards have a lot of leeways. Mid-fade hairstyles are trendy but one-of-a-kind. To achieve a shadow fade haircut, taper your fade from the sides of the head to the middle of the forehead.

Black Men’s Fade With Chinstrap

A burst fade haircut with a chinstrap beard looks great on black men with textured hair. This is a clean-cut, so pair the precise beard pruning with an excellently maintained fade hairstyle.

Black Man With a Fade and Chinstrap Beard

Skin Fade With Faded Beard

Skin fades are fade hairstyles in which a section of the hair is cut so close to the skin that it is essentially bald. The look is particularly striking, with a thick, faded beard and long, textured hair on top.

Bald Fade With Faded Beard

This bald fade is similar to a skin fade but more intense as it fades to zero or 0.5. We especially like this effect around the ears because the fade is tapered into the beard.

Taper Fade With Stubble

A stubble look is popular and adds something to your hair by emphasizing the fade while serving more style.

Zero Fade With Long Stubble

A zero-fade hairstyle combines a low, medium, or high fade with long hair on top. With angled bangs and a scruff a quarter down the neck, this medium fade haircut looks cool. Fade details add a vital pop of freshness here.

Faded With Short Beard

The fade is subtle and concentrated near the temples. This is ideal if you want a slight fade highlighting your long hair on top and a healthy beard on the bottom.

Slick Fade With Long Beard

If your beard is particularly long, fades can help to open up your face. It gives you a modern and slightly edgy appearance. If your hair is long, slick it back to keep your handsome face open.

Fade With Long and Full Beard

Full beards are becoming less popular, so why not add a modern touch with a sweet fade at the temples? This look works well with solid hair but is enhanced by the salt and pepper vibes. Furthermore, a long, full beard balances out the pompadour.

Man With Fade And Long Beard Looking Himself in the Mirror

Short Fade With Goatee

Goatees look great with a smooth, faded hairstyle. It’s up to you to style your goatee; keep it neat.

Spiky Fade With Stubble

Fade haircuts look just as good on short beards with stubble. Even if you decide to grow your beard, this length looks great with a tapered fade hairstyle.

Asian Fade 

This mid-fade haircut is ideal for Asian men with angular face shapes.

Fade With Van Dyke

Van Dyke beard is distinguished by a small goatee beneath the bottom lip. This look is ideal for the creative man who wants his beard and hair fade style to stand out.

Bush and Coif With Faded Haircut

The mustache is a work of art, and you can altogether avoid it, but this is possible when you combine an elaborate mustache, a long beard, and a faded haircut.

Faded Heavy Stubble With Skin Fade Curly Hair

You don’t always need a long beard, especially if you have curly hair and skin fade. A faded, heavy stubble connecting the skin fade beneath your curls can make you look just as good.

Long Strands With Bald and Heavy Stubble Fade

You may believe there aren’t enough hairstyles to go with heavy stubble, but this isn’t the case. Long strands of hair with a bald fade complement a beard fade or a nicely trimmed, heavy stubble.

Bald Fade With Ponytail and Long Beard

A long beard complements any style but looks especially good with a bald fade ponytail. Given how easy it is to grow and maintain this look, it should also be yours once you try it.

Skin Fades In Sides and High On Top

A faded, heavy stubble with a disjointed mustache connected to a skin fade is a great beard look for faded haircuts.

Bald Faded With Slick Back and Long Beard

The long beard is left untrimmed and unruly, giving the wearer a rugged appearance. Combine that with bald faded sides and a slicked back center, and you’ll look like a badass.

White With Tapered Fade and White Curly Long Beard

Maintain a neatly trimmed mustache and stray hairs, and complement the beard with tapered sides and a short top.

Afro With Faded Sides 

A faded side with a beard could be the perfect style if you have an afro with dense and deep beard growth. This is also ideal for mohawk hairstyles.

Black Man With Fade Dreadlocks And Beard

Short With Faded Sides and Goatee

One of the best low-maintenance beard styles is short hair with faded sides, a clean cheek and neckline, and a goatee on the chin.

Dreadlock With Side Fades and Long Beard

One of the beard styles that demonstrates strength and character is a center dread with side fades and a long beard.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing the right style

Pick the right style that fits your lifestyle and head shape. Also, consider your face shape when choosing a type.

Step 2 – Styling 

Talk to your hairstylist and explain the look you want to achieve.

Step 3 – How to maintain 

Keep your beard and hair clean, and only use the best tools to trim and maintain it.

Step 4 – Best products

Use excellent products such as shampoos, hair relaxers, hair creams and oils.


Do fades look good with a beard?

Yes, fades are great with a beard.

Where should a beard fade start?

It depends on the style you hope to achieve.