How to stop beard itch

One of the most popular reasons why guys give up on growing that luxurious beard, they simply can not stand the constant itching.

The first weeks that you are trying to grow that beard also comes with itchiness that can literally become so severe that you swear you will never grow that beard again.

Even though the itching is temporary, most men can not power through that stage and get to the other side where a full beard awaits them.

If you have tried and failed to grow a beard, here are some simple techniques to help stop beard itch.

1. Cleaning Your Beard

Keep your beard and face clean by washing it

During the first few weeks of trying to grow a beard, you are going to experience the most discomfort as far as itching because those new sharp hairs simply irritate the skin surface.

Each day, thousands of dead skin cells are being shed from the face, but your new beard catches those cells and then simply holds them close to the surface of your face.

By not letting the skin fall away, it causes irritation and itching to occur.

Don’t use regular hair shampoo on your beard, instead you should try a beard shampoo that will help with the flaking of the skin.

Medicine Man Beard Wash was designed to help soothe the skin and remove the dead cells, eliminating that irritating itch.

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2. Repairing Your Beard

Chances are that if you already have an established beard and it still itches, it can be damage to the hair from heat styling or harsh soaps causing the discomfort.

When you beard hair is damaged, it will then spread from the tip to the root.

This damage will slow down the growth of your hair and cause the hair to irritate the follicle when it emerges.

Using a product like Bluebeards Wonder Repair can heal damaged hair by absorbing the proteins of the product and providing moisture to the strand. This healing process will repair the beard hair and help stop beard itch.

3. Conditioning Your Beard

Similar to the hair on your head, your beard needs to be conditioned if you want that downy and soft feel. The hair conditioners for your scalp contain harsh chemicals that can easily irritate the sensitive skin on your face.

The best beard conditioners contain anti-tangling agents that coat the hair and ensure they become resistant to knotting.

One of the oldest beard conditioners on the market is Beardsley Conditioner, it contains a unique formula that will make the hair in your beard more silky and smooth.


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If your beard is just starting, then consider a beard stubble softening product to help stop beard itch while the hair is still growing.

The newly growing hairs will not scrape the follicles and irritate your skin.

Best solution:

– Keep it moisturized. Hydrate your beard daily with some premium beard oil. Not only will this keep your beard hydrated, it will also add a great manly smell.

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Here is what our customers are saying about beard itch:


beard oil review on how to stop a beard itch

Grooming and combing yout beard can also help with ingrown hair that irritates the skin.

Last resort:

If you have tried just about everything to stop beard itch and you are still scratching every minute, consider using a product called T-Gel Stubborn Itch Control as a last resort to shaving off your beard.

This product is basically a coal tar, and will help you get through the itching stage so your beard can continue to grow.

Continue to moisturize your face before bed and when you wake each morning to help alleviate the itching. The itching will not last forever.

With a combination of washing, moisturizing and repairing the beard, you should be able to stop beard itch and get back to enjoying your thick and manly beard!

How to stop beard itch

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