French Mustache

With a variety of mustache styles now sported by men worldwide, it is hard to pick a unique one that will make you stand out.

So, why not get a French mustache.

A French mustache is an old-school type of mustache that has been around since the 16th century but has apparently never gone out of style.

And with various types of French mustache circling around these days it becomes hard to pick just one.

What we propose is reading our article first, to get as much information about this exquisite mustache style before deciding to try it.

You will be able to view how different variations look, how to style one yourself and what you need to do to groom and maintain it.

The read will take only a few minutes of your time, but you’ll be rewarded with so much knowledge that will help your new mustache last for a lifetime.

Get your D’Artagnan grove on with a stellar French mustache.

15 Most Popular French Mustache Styles

Long Mustache and Short Beard

You can achieve this classic French mustache style by permanently separating the beard part from your mustache.
Here, you will witness a total growth of beard that flows into your sideburns.

Long Mustache and Short Beard

Pencil Mustache

If you want a neat and well-kept mustache then you may want to give this style a try. You will surely love the minimalist look of the pencil mustache. It has a clean-shaven appearance overall and does not feature any beard.

Despite its simplicity it still looks classy, which is easier to care for and maintain overall.

Pencil Mustache

Royal Mustache

Despite being imposing and somewhat creepy, the royal mustache still constantly receives recognition because of how unique it looks.
Note, though, that it is a high-maintenance style, which needs constant care and maintenance.

This is necessary for keeping up with its twirls and curls properly.

Royal Mustache

Photo @alitheebarber

Petite Handlebar Mustache

If you want your mustache to look elegant and masculine then the little handlebar mustache, which also comes with an almost squarish beard, is an ideal choice. This mustache delivers a hugely suave image that does not undermine your masculinity.

This style requires you to grow your natural beard across your jawline.

Petite Handlebar Mustache

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Lampshade Mustache

Generally, this is a clean-shaven style that only features a small but recognizable patch of the mustache guaranteed to make a statement. Overall, this style has a combination of being understated and imposing. It is also low-maintenance while still displaying class and elegance.

Lampshade Mustache

Photo from: s_bukley/

Pyramid Mustache

As the name suggests, this French mustache style resembles a pyramid. You can achieve this by trimming the natural growth of your mustache towards all the edges.

It is also advisable to remove stray hair to guarantee a more symmetrical and uniform appearance around the entire patch.

Pyramid Mustache

Chin Curtain Mustache

This specific French mustache style prioritizes natural growth above anything else. Here, you need to maintain the natural line of your mustache.

It is also crucial to pair it up with a patchy facial hair or beard that you can see along your jawline while it serves as a cover for your chin. What’s great about the added patches is that they help in making your entire look appear natural.

Chin Curtain Mustache

Chevron Mustache and Sideburns

If you love a more classic look then the Chevron mustache that comes along with sideburns is a perfect choice.
This style requires you to form a mustache with a double line that starts from the middle part of your lip then grows outward.

You can then complete the entire look with sideburns that can complement this style’s level of intensity.

Chevron Mustache and Sideburns

Photo @alitheebarber

Thick Mustache With Soul Patch

What’s great about this style is that it beautifully combines modern and old-style looks. The added soul patch is a significant advantage as it helps in highlighting the natural line of your mustache, which makes your face obtain a more rugged charm.

Thick Mustache With Soul Patch

Natural Mustache and Goatee

One advantage of this style is that it is low-maintenance, which is good if you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your mustache.
In this style you can make your natural mustache line grow.

You also have to remove stray hair only. On your chin is a small beard patch, which contributes a lot to emphasize the overall look.

Natural Mustache and Goatee

Hipster Mustache

This style combines the classic curled mustache of the French with a beard. It allows you to wear a classic style, which is also rugged enough and capable of making a statement.

With that, you have an assurance that it can emphasize your machismo, no matter how understated it is at first.

Hipster Mustache

Walrus Mustache

This specific French mustache style is the meeting point between being stylish and being indifferent. One fact about the Walrus mustache is that it has a width and length that almost resembles that of Einstein’s.

It also has a desirable level of unkempt charm. It also features a tiny and dark soul patch, which works in accentuating your entire look.

Walrus Mustache

Imperial Mustache

Another of the classic French mustaches sported by many, the Imperial mustache can showcase both your masculinity and charm with the help of the twirls that you can find at the end.

Note, though that this style is high-maintenance, so you may have to tend to and care for it constantly.

Imperial Mustache

Photo @alitheebarber

Van Dyke Beard

You will also love this classic style, which features a beard shaped into the letter W. Nothing can beat the definitive statement that this style can exhibit.

Van Dyke Beard

Ginger Chevron

This one is also a classic but with a new twist or dimension as it comes with a clean-shaven and rugged look that does not feature any beard.

Ginger Chevron

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Benefits of Growing One

Unique and Distinctive

The French mustache holds a unique and distinctive style, which you can bring out with the twist and shape procedure you can use when styling it. It is kind of different from the usual clean, well-groomed and styled look that many men sport.

You will, therefore, feel good knowing that you are bringing out something unique in your appearance.


Another fantastic benefit of the French mustache is that you can customize it based on your taste. The fact that it is a vast family revolving around various hairstyles means that you can style and customize it in a way that will suit your facial shape.

Iconic Style

Nothing is more iconic than the French mustache. It has been a fashion symbol by the French for several decades now, so wearing this style can surely boost your confidence and make you feel more masculine.

How Does It Work

The French mustache works by giving any man who decides to wear it a more unique and distinctive look. It serves as one of the best beard or facial hair styles anyone can wear.

You can make this famous mustache style work for you regardless of your facial shape, as it is a versatile style. Just make sure that you have enough patience and commitment to maintaining a good hair density on the upper lip so you can bring out the best in this style.

A Short History

The French mustache was first introduced in France in the 16th century. It was said to be popularized by King James as he was known to exhibit a lot of pride in the thickness of his mustache.

This specific style was further modified by King Charles, the one who made the handlebar style famous. It was him who improved the handlebar combination too.

After several centuries the French continued to develop different variations for this mustache. They exhibited innovation and finesse in their chosen styles of mustache that many countries tried to emulate but to no avail.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of French Mustache


  • An iconic style of the mustache with great history.
  • Unique and distinctive style.
  • Customizable, making it fit various facial shapes.
  • Allows you to grow it based on your preferred length.
  • Can improve your confidence as it looks good on anyone.


  • Requires commitment and patience as it is kind of hard to maintain and care for. To have an easier time maintaining and managing your French mustache ensure that you invest in ultimate beard care products known for their incredible quality.



One thing that you should prepare yourself for before growing a French mustache is bushiness. Note that this style is a bushy mustache as it is where you will create various styles.

The bushiness of the French mustache makes it easier for you to manipulate the styling and how it will look on you.
With this bushy mustache you may need to apply a beard softener every time to keep it smooth and easy to manage.

Pointed Ends

The pointed ends of the French mustache are also among its most distinctive features. This feature is characterized by the shrinking of the bush while getting into all facial edges. The pointed ends resemble the form of a water drop lying horizontally.

You have to make your mustache as bushy as possible as it will help you shape the edges in a way that they become pointed.


The French mustache is also very long. This style is unbelievably long that you can immediately sense the dislike of the French to get connected to just minimal mustaches.

The long mustache is necessary for enhancing and adding an element of being French to your face. To make this bushy and lengthy style more manageable you may want to use the world’s best beard comb and premium beard oil.

Upward Curve Extremities

Aside from the pointed edges, expect the French mustache to be curved upwards. It would have a solid resemblance to bull horns as well as a traditional bicycle’s handlebars.

What to Consider When Grooming Your French Mustache

What to Consider When Grooming Your French Mustache

Undeniably, the French mustache requires a lot of grooming and maintenance to hold the particular style you want.
In that case, it is also necessary to consider a few key factors you have to consider when it comes to the proper grooming of your mustache.

These include the following:

Hair Type

Note that your mustache is still composed of your facial hair. With that in mind, you have to groom it so that you also consider your hair type. It could be that your mustache or facial hair is thick or it could be scanty.

There is also a chance that your hair type is so soft that using certain products or touching it constantly will cause some damage.

Consider this factor and ensure that the grooming steps you undertake, as well as the products you use all work together in maintaining the optimal health of your mustache or facial hair.

Thickness of the Mustache

It will also do you a lot of good if you groom your mustache based on its thickness. Consider the level of thickness that you are aiming to achieve too.

Also, note that you may need to use plenty of grooming products and substances such as wax if you have a thick mustache since you will have to deal with the volume.

The good news is that having a thick mustache is also a significant advantage as it promotes ease in styling.
Just make sure that you are gentle when grooming if you have a goal of growing a thick mustache.

The reason is that too much pressure or misusing grooming combs may only lessen your mustache’s thickness.
Applying excessive amounts of beard balm that eliminates itch and dandruff may also cause the thinning of your mustache.

That said, it is advisable to monitor how your mustache responds to or reacts after applying the wax or oil to know what step you should take.

Desired Style of the French Mustache

The way you groom your French mustache should also be based on your preferred look and styling. Note that, unlike other mustache styles that you can easily and quickly achieve, the French mustache is a style that you can only attain from hard work.

You must get an idea about where and when you should split your hair. You need to gather the required grooming products and materials and master the techniques you should use for styling.

Moreover, you have to exert effort in maintaining your mustache based on your preferred shape. It is also advisable to look for a style or variation of the French mustache, which perfectly matches your facial shape or character.

Personal Preference

Your personal preference should also matter in the way you groom your French mustache. It is what will have a say on the specific style of grooming that you have to adapt. If you prefer styling to be quite oily, you may have to use a different set of products and waxing procedures.

You need to utilize grooming products depending on the type of skin and hair you have too. The ultimate look you prefer to achieve should be based on your personal choices.

French Mustache and Different Face Shapes

French Mustache and Different Face Shapes

The French mustache is probably one of the most versatile styles of mustache that any man can wear. It is versatile in that you can form it into different hairstyles.

The reason is that you can easily customize it based on your taste and preferences, as well as the shape of your face.
That said, expect this type of mustache to fit you perfectly regardless of your facial shape.

You have to identify your facial shape to customize the typical French mustache and make it suitable for it. The goal here is to determine how you should style this mustache so that it can have a positive impact on your entire face.

How to Grow One

Step 1 – Let your mustache grow

Be patient enough while waiting for it to grow. Avoid shaping or trimming it for a minimum of six weeks.

Step 2 – Comb your  mustache 

You may want to comb the hair sideward. Start at the center and follow a unidirectional combing on the two sides.

Step 3 – Wait for the mustache to begin coming to your lips

In that case it is already ready for the first steps of shaping.

Step 4 – Start shaping your mustache

Make it a point to cut the hair to make longer outer mustache hair than the middle part.

Step 5 – Twist the mustache to go upward

This upward direction is necessary for giving your French mustache an outward pointed handlebar look.

How to Style Your French Mustache

Step 1 – Start with a nice mustache

It is also fine for you to have a walrus mustache and a disconnected beard found on your chin, which many consider a creative way of wearing the French beard. Determine if you intend to connect the mustache to the remaining parts of your beard.

Also, note that you are allowed to choose between having a complete and clean-shaven look or retaining a light stubble.

Step 2 – Style your beard into a soul patch

This is another creative idea of styling a French mustache or beard. Here, you will have to style a soul patch on your chin and pair it with your mustache. This can result in a French beard or mustache style that showcases elegance and fashion.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Comb your mustache thoroughly before trimming or twirling it. Doing so helps in keeping the rough edges smooth and ensuring that the entire look is uniform.
  • Let your hair grow first. Note that you can only attain the French style if your facial hair becomes long and bushy.
  • Ensure that your hair and skin are in excellent health. This should help in preventing breakage that may only ruin and dismantle your overall style. If possible, use quality products designed for the mustache and beard like a moisturizer or beard balm.
    An oil-free moisturizer will not clog the pores, so it also helps make it a part of your beard grooming products.


  • Do not use grooming products, materials, and substances that are of substandard quality. For instance, when choosing some woody scent of beard shampoo it is necessary to check the quality of your options before buying.
    You have to use high-quality grooming products and materials, including beard oils and wax, as those can significantly affect the strength and thickness of your strands and bush.
  • Do not forget to put on the wax. Make it a habit to put some wax into your mustache. This is a big help in strengthening the strands of your facial hair and ensuring that your mustache will get your preferred shape and style.


Do French people have a mustache?

Most French men wear a mustache. The French mustache has become an iconic fashion symbol for them. This mustache even serves as a distinctive feature that immediately signifies their French heritage.

Who are the celebrities with a French mustache?

With the overall popularity of the French mustache, you won’t be surprised to see a lot of celebrities also displaying and wearing it.
The most famous and iconic celebrities who wear it are Van Dyke, King Charles and King James.


Although growing, styling and maintaining a French mustache requires a lot of patience, hard work and commitment, the result will all be worth it.

You will surely love this style, knowing how unique it is and how it can bring out your best features regardless of your facial shape and overall personality.

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