Smiling Bearded Man With Square Face

28 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles for Square Faces

Gentleman’s Cut

This is one of the most impressive cuts of Colton Haynes, which many also refer to as the quiff. The focal point of this style is on top as it perfectly progresses from a short length on both sides to a long one on top.

Side Part

The side part also looks amazing on square faces. It features a puffed side sweep and tapered sides that also slightly show a fade. You will also love this style as you can pair it with any mustache or beard style for a square face.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a versatile hairstyle that suits almost all facial shapes. In other words, aside from square faces, the crew cut is also one of the best haircuts for round faces or any different facial shape. It also tends to fit regardless of your hair and skin color.

Modern Caesar

Go for the modern Caesar or the longer crop cut if you intend to showcase a solid silhouette for your square face. It highlights your jawline as it requires you to wear down the front of your forehead, which helps close your face’s topmost part.

Modern Comb-Over

This modern combover characterized by the forward swept is the famous style of American actor Elijah Wood. Note that this style is effective in hiding receding hairlines. It also looks great if you style it with a balm or cream, precisely the medium-hold type.

Curly Gentleman

The curly gentleman hairstyle is a version of the classic dapper cut, effectively providing volume to hair. You can also combine it with a scruff capable of framing your jawline. In addition, this is effective in highlighting your masculine facial structure.

Curly Pompadour

The curly pompadour also works well for those who have square faces. It is one of the perfect haircuts for men with oval faces. It is a good choice as it provides movement and volume to your hair. In addition, it features tapered sides that make your face look leaner.

Black Bearded Man With a Curly Hair

Disconnected Dollop

In this hairstyle, you will have to form the disconnected dollop from the sides that have a buzz cut. If you decide to wear this style, use a blow-dryer as it helps lock the shape in place and volumize the hair.

Grown-Out Modern Comb-Over

You can also choose this grown-out modern comb over as seen in Robert Pattinson, who is famous for having creatively disheveled hair. You can emulate his hair by styling it back from your face using a soft product for shaping and molding.

Continue trimming your sideburns in front of your ears.

High Curly Quiff

With this style, you can take advantage of your voluminous curls, especially in heightening your square facial shape. Add movement to the separation of your hair by applying light hair products, specifically those based on oil or cream.

Grown-Out Gentleman’s Cut

This hairstyle is tall because you will have to make it grow out. It also features a five o’clock shadow, which gives you a more defined square jawline.

Swept Pompadour

With the help of your swept pomp, you can utilize height and volume when balancing your square face. All it takes is styling your hair on top into the pomp. After that, sweep it to one side. It is the perfect hairstyle if your hair is thick and you wish to volumize it.

Side Swept Undercut

Photo @alan_beak

Longer Slick Back

Through the long, slick back hairstyle, which you can also see being sported by Daniel Dae Kim, you get the chance to give your cut a leaner and longer shape.

All it takes is to add length at the back, precisely behind your ear. The goal is to provide more emphasis on your jawline and bone structure.

Full Shave

You can also get a full shave or a bald head and complement it with your square and sharp bone structure. It would be best to apply the tonic spray to lower the risk of flaking and tone your scalp.

Bare-Guard Buzz

This hairstyle works for square faces. It features short hair, which you have to cut near your head. You can also wear it in various ways, like the buzz cut or the crew cut. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle, perfect for you if you do not want to deal with the hassle of styling.

Line-Up Buzz

Like the suitability of blonde hairstyles for black men, the line-up buzz is compatible with those with square faces. Any even and clean buzz can flatter and highlight your face, especially if it is square.

However, adding the line-up allows you to use clean and geometry lines on your cut’s interior. Make sure to clean this style up every couple of weeks so it will continue to look fresh.

Receded Buzz

What’s so impressive about the receded buzz is that it effectively balances your square-shaped facial features. What you should do is to keep your haircut at the back short and then the front longer.

This should help in making the style more defined and adding more volume. It is suitable for those with square faces as it makes their facial features softer and can make their face look less angular.

Buzz and Fuller Beard Combo

Combining a buzz cut with a full beard is an excellent way to give your square face a somewhat oval look. Like beards for a diamond face, a full beard is also ideal for a buzz cut and square face.

It features a timeless fade and a short and boxy hairstyle on top without worrying about it diminishing the sharpness of your jawline.

Squared Quiff

What’s great about the squared quiff is that it works well with your jawline. It’s great for those with square facial shapes, as the quiff focuses more on height. Style it with a matte or classic pomade.

Actor With a Squared Quiff Hair

Close-Cropped Curls

This style is perfect for you if you prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle. It is also suitable for you if you have thick hair. It features short curls capable of framing your square facial shape while boosting texture and volume.

The hairstyle also works well during the summer if you prefer not to let some hair on your neck.

Modern Flat Top

You can also go for the modern flat top. It features a square cut on top, which is good as it will not have an inverse contrast with your square face’s bone structure. The reason behind this is that the sides have a high fade, which ensures that the cut remains tall and narrow.

Dyed Flat Top

In this style, you will have to grow your upper sides and combine them with the lower fade. Make the top fuller and dye it based on your desired color to form a visually appealing disconnection.

Side Swept With Part

Go for this unique side-swept version that perfectly suits those with square faces. Take the usual side part to the next level by combining it with chin-length hair.

The hairstyle is asymmetrical, with one side having long hair while the other is kept short. It is perfect if you want your hairstyle to look bold and adventurous.

Brushed Back Undercut

You can also find an undercut hairstyle fitting for square-shaped faces as it contributes to softening your sharp facial angles. Here, you will have to brush back the hair at the top. Cut this hair shorter, too. Keep the hair at the back and on your sides longer.

Ivy League Haircut

This popular hairstyle for square-faced men features a short and neat cut. It complements square faces well, adding width while keeping your angular facial features balanced.

It looks classy as it features a cool side sweep and a minimal brush-up. As for the sides, do not make them look overly faded. The fade should be just enough to retain the hair’s texture and volume.

Top Knot

This style also provides balance to your square face. It works in softening your angular features. It requires you to put a high bun or knot on your head. After that, style your hair smoothly and sleekly.

Short Back and Side

Here, you will have to cut your hair short at the sides and back. Leave a bit of length on top. It balances your square-shaped face as it provides more curves and angles.

Hairstyle for Gray Hair

You can also find a hairstyle for gray hair that can complement your square face. One impressive style is that which features a side parting and razor undercut. Keep the other side longer and neatly brushed back. Pair this with a grey beard, too.

Hairstyles to Avoid

It is advisable to avoid hairstyles and haircuts that provide more volume on your sides so you can continue balancing your square-shaped facial features.

Do not style your hair with a middle part, too. Instead, choose a side part. It also helps to wear a hairstyle with height and fullness on top.

How to Get and Maintain Haircuts for Men With Square Faces

Step 1 – Choose the hairstyle

Pick a style that will bring out your best facial features. Make sure that it perfectly suits your personality, too.

Step 2 – Bring the best out of your square-shaped face

Keep your sideburns short and your fade high. It helps to style it with a high undercut or skin fade to prevent your sides from becoming thicker than usual.

Step 3 – Visit a barber or stylist

While barbers charge a fee for their service, it would still be better to get their opinion on what hairstyles suit you best and how you can maintain them.

Step 4 – Use the appropriate hair products 

For square-face hairstyles, it is possible to style and maintain hair with a matte or classic pomade. You may also apply a medium-hold balm or cream.

Male Celebrities With Square Faces

To give you inspiration on what hairstyle to wear, you can emulate the ones worn by celebrities with square faces. Among them are David Beckham, Nick Lachey, and Tom Cruise.


Can men with square faces have long hair?

Yes. In fact, a lot of long hairstyles are appropriate for square facial shapes. It also comes with sharp edges that make you look masculine.

Is short hair suitable for a square face?

Yes. Short hair tends to look great on those who have square faces. Short or medium-length hair is also the key to making your face appear longer.

What are the best men’s hairstyles for square faces with thin hair?

If your hair is already thinning or your hairline receding, opt for the crew cut or buzz cut. If the thinning is apparent at the crown, it is ideal to go for the pomp or quiff. It would help flatter your face’s shape while hiding the bald area.

What are the best men’s hairstyles for square faces with receding hairlines?

The crew cut or the buzz cut. It helps hide your receding hairline as it features more length on top than on the sides. You can also choose the combover.

What are the best hairstyles for men with square faces and beards?

The pompadour is one of the trendiest and most stylish hairstyles for those with square faces and beards. Choose the short pomp as it makes your face more appealing and your beard style more identifiable.